You’re probably wondering where this blog title came from and how a day trip to NYC relates to dental care. And since I’m based 1.5 hours from NYC, you may also be thinking “are there no dentists near her?!?”

Well, there are. But nothing like Floss Bar. So let’s start with a bit of background.

Floss Bar invited me up to New York to check out their Union Square location and enjoy an on the house teeth cleaning. I made a day of it, because NYC in December? Sign me up! So festive and fun to explore the city this time of year.

My friend Jen works with the founders of Floss Bar, Jay and Eva. She helps them out with their marketing and social media. She filled me in on the concept of Floss Bar, knowing I’d love that it is rooted in making health more accessible to all. 

So off to NYC we went, and made a pitstop at Cha Cha Matcha for macadamia nut milk lattes (no coffee before a teeth cleaning!) and they were incredible. The space was absolutely adorable, with palm trees all over, pink everything, and plenty of photo opps. We followed that up with a quick lunch of burrito bowls with cauliflower rice and green juice at Hu Kitchen, and then we were ready to head over and meet the woman behind Floss Bar, Eva!

floss bar review

Jen and I walked in and were immediately welcomed by Eva and Brittany – both cheerful and NOT holding a big pile of paperwork on a clipboard for me to fill out. Ever notice you’re alway stuck in the waiting room for a while at dentist appointments? Not this time. We used that time to take some silly photos with Instagram signs reminding us to “Stay Flossy”.


floss bar review


I don’t usually have anxiety about visiting the dentist, but I certainly don’t feel at ease while I’m there. Usually, I feel a little pressured, as if they are upselling me or shaming my floss habits. Isn’t that the worst??

Not the case here. I felt totally chill, can ya tell?

Floss Bar took care of the logistics and paperwork all via email – super easy. I was able to complete everything from my phone on the commute there as well as manage my appointment time.


floss bar review

Brittany was the hygienist who did my cleaning.  She was knowledgeable,very thorough in her evaluation and initial consult, and also hilarious. Seriously she had me laughing so hard when tools weren’t in my mouth, safety first. 

floss bar review

 Ways Floss Bar Does Dental Differently:

In addition to all the sweet perks I listed above…

Floss Bar totally caters to the #hustlers out there.

Everyone who’s working outside (and possibly far beyond) the 9am-5pm schedule can fit their late night and weekend appointments into their routine. No more sick days or vacation days needed to take care of routine appointments, you can go to the dentist on YOUR time and actually chill on your precious week days off.

No Insurance, No Issue.

I have to bring up this perk, because as I turn 26 in less than a month, I had to secure my own health insurance for 2018 as I will no longer be covered by my parents. 

While being self employed absolutely has it’s benefits, and I truly wouldn’t wish for any other career, there is a level of security that a 9-5 job brings that I just don’t have. Knowing there are reasonably priced options like Floss Bar available to those who don’t have access to dental insurance is incredible in my opinion. A cleaning costs just $95 dollars . 

Dental health = overall health.

My trip to Floss Bar also taught me a lot about the impact my oral hygiene has on my overall health. My father has been ADAMANT about getting my 6 month cleanings ever since I was young, and while I always went reluctantly, now I understand his reason for it!

Did you know…

  • Over 80% of Americans have gingivitis, a preventable condition which causes our gums to swell and bleed and for us to walk around with open wounds as we eat, speak, kiss our loved ones, bite our finger nails, etc.
  • Our mouths have over 500 species of bacteria, which can enter the bloodstream through these wounds and cause damage over time to our pancreas, heart, lungs, immune system, and even unborn children. Remember, your mouth is the largest funnel for intake of all the harmful parasites in your environment.Read more on Floss Bar’s Blog: The State of Dental Care in America.

They’re young entrepreneurs making CHANGE to an otherwise stagnant industry.

Again, this could just be my passion for cool business concepts and entrepreneuship, but I enjoyed supporting Floss Bar knowing they are a start up working hard to bring a fresh perspective to their industry. Making change to an otherwise stale business model isn’t easy and I’m sure they’ve received some push back and had their haters! I’m so excited for them as they continue to open more locations. My fingers are crossed that Philly’s next on their list!

You can also read this blog post from Eva about her experience as a female entrepreneur in a male dominated industry. I loved her tips!

floss bar review

Back to the grind…with pearly whites.

We wrapped up the day with a lap around the festive Holiday Market in Union Square Park, a quick dinner and glass of vino at ABCV and a SPRINT to our bus…which we missed by one minute. But oh well, luckily there was another the next hour and we made it home safe and sound… with clean teeth, of course.

You can check out Floss Bar’s Services here, as well as their locations! Be sure to follow them on social media as well. 


This post was sponsored by Floss Bar, however all opinions are my own.