3 signs it’s time to focus in and prioritize.

Well guys, there’s no denying I’ve been absent lately. Like, I missed all the awesome obligatory New Year reflection post opportunities which I was genuinely pumped to write.

That said, it’s always goal of mine to BRING MORE to this blog and to produce more content.

But that’s the thing…we are always looking at our output. What we can produce, give, contribute, and accessing how to be everywhere all the time.

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My energy to post has been lacking for the past few weeks. I’ve been feeling kind of guilty about it, and telling myself I SHOULD be posting. I SHOULD be able to juggle all these projects, and I SHOULD make the blog more of a priority.

I pretty much SHOULD’ed all over myself the month of December.

My lackluster attitude toward blogging has nothing to do with a lack-luster love for Kalein it or my readers- actually quite the opposite and that’s why I decided not to beat myself up about it.

To put it simply, I didn’t want to give you half ass content.

Half ass content doesn’t come from the heart. In fact it doesn’t even come from a full ass. It’s not inspiring to read and it’s not helpful. So, why??

I waited until I had something to say instead, and and I realized while waiting for something to come to mind, that maybe OTHER bloggers or creatives were feeling this exact same way. Maybe they too were getting overly fixated on what they should be doing on top of everything they ARE doing as they chase after a new project or goal unrelated to blogging.


That’s why I’m back with 3 signs it could be time to focus in, prioritize, or streamline… for real.

ONE: When you’re overwhelmed but continue to give back in other ways.

Maybe you coach others, or sell products with your blog, or write books. Maybe you’re speaking at live events, on a podcast, or hosting small workshops in your community.

Blogging is about providing value through creative content.

It’s about giving something back to your readers no matter how small or large the audience, readership or “reach”.

During this blogging break I’ve tried to kick it up a notch and still provide help, value and support. I’ve done this by remaining consistent on social media, and have tried to throw some smoothie and salad recipes in captions to give followers a chance to remake my dishes. I had a chance to collaborate with Christina Rice on the Actually Adultish Podcast about a topic I am so passionate.

I hosted a couple (unsponsored) giveaways through IG cause who doesn’t love some free stuff? I offered a QA via IG stories about recovery, all the while keeping up with The GOOD SCTY and very exciting planning of the first GOOD Festival in April.

So long as you’re providing value to your audience, responding to readers and followers, reaching out to other bloggers in the community, and planning new ideas (for when time does free up) – you’re doing enough! 

TWO: When your heart is pulling you in another direction (for now)…

Woah, woah let’s not get ahead of ourselves, my blog is like a baby to me. It’s my child, I love it.

It wasn’t easy to make this thing. It’s not a breeze determine what my brand was and then to make mistakes and learn from them. Create content, try out recipes, learn to take the photos, figure out what SEO is, decide how to monetize through collaborations with brands and so on and so on and so on. Woah. HOURS (like a shit load) and hours have gone into creating Kalein it and I’d never abandon it.

That said, it’s a more mature baby of mine. Ugh, sorry can’t think of another analogy.

The GOOD brand is a newborn, something so new it needs an incredible amount of attention to nurture and get right. If you are a blogger or creative who’s planning to expand on and build your brand, or has ever launched a new area of your brand/business- say a podcast or a book- it definitely takes over the majority of your time while you LEARN the process of raising a new baby all. over. again.

That’s when you have to make a hard decision…

Because if your heart is practically singing because you have a NEW idea that excites you in the same way your blog did when that idea was first born, you better go for it.

Follow that idea, think about the BIGGER picture, and the longevity of your brand, and know that your cool, teenage, totally quasi-independent blog can handle a break for the time being.

Breaks, burn out, or lack of posting will never change the fact that the blog is your baby, or a message to your readers that you don’t care. Just refer to #1 above. Kalein it has led me to new friends, new opportunities, new challenges, and a new definition of myself as a creative and entrepreneur. I’m SO grateful for it, and that will never change. 

THREE: Your creativity is at a standstill… DON’T force it.

No half-ass content. No filler posts. No nonsense. Less is more sometimes, and maybe it’s the new year getting to me, but rather than over-extending, over-promising, and over-scheduling, slow down.

less is moreI’m moving in two weeks, I have freelance work I do BTS, I have an average of 3 calls a day for the festival alone… like, I’m still working everyday. Not having the ability to develop 3-4 new recipes and posts a week doesn’t mean I gave up or got “lazy”, feel me? However, because I have other projects in the works that I’m always trying to think creatively and strategically about, I’ve learned over the last month that it’s tough to have that same brain power for the blog and new content here.

All that OVER-ing I mentioned above would only lead me to under-preforming, under delivering, and underwhelming my audience with content that wasn’t.. special. Boooooringggg.

Again, give back in other ways, don’t keep giving half ass conteyoga and green juicent.

FOUR: Last thing, You. Are. Human.

You can’t be everywhere at once. Blogger Burn-Out will happen sometimes. That’s ok, give yourself the time to breathe, re-focus, restructure to come back stronger then ever and take care of you every day. Go to yoga, make yourself delicious meals (even if you don’t have time to blog about them) and live well, everyday. ESPECIALLY important if you blog about WELLNESS!


So, while you’re in this transitional phase remember two things…

Your worth. I’ve been more selective with partners, less worried about pleasing everyone with a prompt reply to the emails in my inbox and more aware of MY reality right now. You need to get realistic with what is feasible and (realistically) possible to accomplish in a day.

& You are still a good mom (LOL)- No, really as a blog mom. To the kid moms out there you rock, too! But your blog is an extension of YOU and the fact that you created an audience is pretty damn special, no matter how often you post.

Oh, and join me at The GOOD Fest, so you can see where the hell I’ve been and see ALL the work I’ve been up to! xoxo


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  1. January 16, 2017 / 2:44 am

    I really love that you shared this, Kate. I’ve been going back and forth about starting a second blog for the longest time and held off because I knew it would take time away from my food blog. Eventually I had to sit myself down and figure out how to make it happen. I ended up having to cut down on my SM presence a little but I made room for a new passion and I’m so glad that I did!

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