Podcasts: 4 Reasons You NEED to be listening // + my favorites.

The podcasts I listen to don’t take themselves TOO seriously. The women (+ Micheal) who host the podcasts may tackle serious topics on occasion, but above all they keep it real, relatable and entertaining.

That’s why I’m hooked on podcasts.

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Podcasts get me away from the TV and computer screen. They don’t feel the same as a flood of Pinterest articles that constantly remind me of all the things I could still be doing to improve my blog. Sidenote, does anyone ever get overwhelmed by all those??

I now get as excited to listen to the latest episode of my 5 favorite podcasts (listed below) as I used to get about my shows that I would record on the DVR. But the awesome part about podcasts is that I don’t need my eyes on a screen or my ass on a couch while enjoying them. 

4 reasons you NEED to be listening to podcasts…

it’s entertaining.

I’ve noticed podcasts make me actually laugh out loud. TV shows don’t. Like when did you last chuckle at a sitcom? And reality television is tough to laugh with when you know NOTHING is real. Although laughing AT reality TV cast members, like on the bachelor… that’s very different. But that gets old too. Because it’s not bettering you in anyway.

Listening to the banter between two people on a podcast while they share personal stories, opinions and their knowledge in a conversational way, feels more authentic.

when it comes to content, people like it authentic. Keep it spicy, throw an F bomb in there, say what you really think (and what you really mean), chances are I’ll keep listening to your podcast.

this entertaining style of podcasting make it feel like you are THERE, with them, around the table just shootin’ the shit.

why you need to listen to podcasts kaleinit

it’s informative.

I learn so much when I’m listening to podcasts. I listen to them for the knowledge. the person featured or speaking certainly doesn’t need to have a phd. every single person in this life has knowledge to share that could be of incredible value to another individual. everyone has a story. it’s not cliche because it’s true!

podcasts put you in a room with a person you thought you’d NEVER get the chance to.

it literally allows that question of “if you could go to dinner with anyone who would it be??” to become attainable.

i’ve had the ability to “go to dinner” with cook book authors, bloggers I adore, entrepreneurs I admire and yoga teachers who have amazing stories. how much fun is that??

I crave the knowledge I gain from hearing podcast interviews and I do feel that podcasts have helped me tremendously as a blogger. 

it’s productive. 

like I said, you can do ANYTHING and listen to a podcast simultaneously. it’s the best hobby. my absolute favorite activity to do while podcast binging is to walk my pup, Ralph. he loves when I start up a new episode cause he knows he’s getting his steps in for about 45 minutes. wait, how crazy would I be if I stuck a fit bit on his collar??

I also like to fold laundry while listening, or do dishes (aka clean up after the aftermath of a day of recipes/food photos).

find your most mundane activity and make it your podcast time. 

because you deserve to do things that better you, teach you, make you laugh, or provide you another point of view.

who are we/ what are we if we aren’t constantly learning and evolving? seriously, though. we are intricate and unique. surround yourself (or listen to the thoughts of ) other unique, successful and interesting people out there. there is an incredible wealth of knowledge in this world, and with the beautiful world of social media, smart phones and wifi – why the hell wouldn’t you? you work out to exercise the body, you eat right to keep your body feeling whole, feed and exercise that brain. 

the four favorites.

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast 

I can’t with these two. in a good way I can’t. I haven’t missed an episode yet, I sing along to the intro, and I have to thank Michael and Lauryn for being the FIRST podcast I loyally tuned into. you guys know the obsession with Lauryn’s brand and blog, read a review or her body guide here.
The Him and Her podcast is hilarious, it’s different every single week, it’s helpful as a blogger and business woman, and it’s above all REAL. each episode provides valuable content to the listener and I appreciate their commitment to the podcast since it’s as well done as every other facet of The Skinny Confidential brand.

subscribe to Him and Her Podcast here. – NOW.

One Part Plant with Jessica Murnane

Jessica inspires me in so many ways. for one, she believes in food as medicine. YASS. She also puts together a podcast (6o episodes!) that teaches me something. And I keep returning for that reason.

Originally I fell in love with the podcast because of the many bloggers, recipe developers and cookbook authors she interviewed.

Jessica is also in the process of  publishing a cook book herself titled One Part Plant Cookbook, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the plant based and gluten free recipes when it’s released.

Recently she’s pivoted her episodes to include a little less cookbook talk, and plenty more REAL-ness. Think a clairvoyant, a doctor who says prescription drugs for depression are bullshit, an expert in Chinese medicine, and more. Jessica provides interesting, out of the box content that you have to check out. 

Look for the episodes here! 

this insane recipe found on Jessica's blog!

Actually Adultish with Christina Rice, Kailyn Glass, and Janina Lamoglia

These three ladies are students at UCLA and they make me LAUGH. They love bad TV, and shamelessly recap the episodes of Bachelor. Expect episodes about backstabbing bitches, tinder, and really cool insight on college life. They are themselves, and the authenticity (and their adorable friendship) shines through my ear buds. 


subscribe to Actually Adultish here.

or, check out my recent Q+A with Actually Adultish’s Christina Rice on her blog Addicted to Lovely, here.

WELL/AWARE Podcast with Lindsay Mueller

Lindsay has created a beautifully unique and inspiring space with her podcast, WELL/AWARE . WELL/AWARE focuses on mindful living, conscious consumption, cultivating a positive body image, minimalism, and MORE. 

Lindsay shown here with a guess of WELL/ AWARE, Alex Sharry.

Linday hosts wicked smart, fearless and inspiring guests who are killin’ it in health and wellness. She is an NYC based content strategist.  She has a chic, savvy, and authentic tone which remains the common thread in each episode. I love it!

Check out the episodes of this podcast here.

Now, get your earbuds out and get “casting”! Find the topics that bring you joy, whether philosophy, music, business, or art. 

I promise you theres a podcast dedicated to the content you crave, with a more authentic spin than Netflix or a Google Search can provide!


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