5 healthy drinks to start your day.


hey kale-ers! yes corny, but I feel somewhat rude not greeting readers when they join me for a blog post. so, awkward greeting aside, welcome.

this post is a little glimpse into my daily routine as well as a chance to shed light on the benefits of some healthy ingredients.  i often joke with friends and family that my liquid rotation is almost as important as my choice of foods. i am always trying new drinks and adding new ones to my daily lineup. green teas, wheat grass shots, iced coffees, smoothies, juices, i pretty much always have some kind of beverage with me (or running to make/buy one).

morning routines are a hot trend to discuss on blogs these days. i’m always fascinated by what other successful women do to set the tone for their day and live their best life.

today i’m going to go through 5 healthy drinks I suggest before noon- but no rules or pressure! I don’t fit all five in everyday, but I try to hit three per day at least. try one, then add another when you’re ready. test what works for you!

having this rotation of healthy drinks/elixirs keeps me feeling balanced and vibrant. i hope you feel the same. let’s get to it…


apple cider vinegar:

a tablespoon in a glass of warm or room temperature water is my morning routine. tip: when purchasing make sure it is organic, raw, and has “the mother”. i love the brand braggs.  apple cider vinegar has a list of benefits that goes on for days. it’s amazing for so many reasons. the top reasons i use it? immunity boost, digestion aid, detoxifies body, fights allergies… it does it all!  I will say that it tastes like…well, vinegar. i’ve gotten used to it over time, but if you prefer to get it over with- pour in a smaller amount of water and take it quickly as a shot. bonus points if you add cinnamon or cayenne pepper to the drink. hello, good morning world!

 warm lemon water:

we’ve all heard this one. it’s tried and true. warm lemon water is great for detoxification and alkalizing the body. it’s soothing, and warm. i especially love to add ginger or a bit of fresh mint to soothe the stomach as I find my belly is most sensitive in the morning.

blackstrap molasses:

okay, not a drink, unless you choose to mix into warm water. i just take a spoonful and get this one over with. it’s much more bitter than regular molasses, the taste is a strong one. let’s say this… it’s worse than a teaspoon of sugar but i would take it over a teaspoon of nasty over the counter cough syrup. and if you struggle with iron or magnesium deficiency- it’s great! naturally high in both, i found it made me feel better after taking it routinely in the morning. i’ve always watched my iron levels and worried I was deficient, so this is a great answer for me.  it is also high in potassium and b6. when researching the benefits of blackstrap molasses I was impressed by not only the vitamin and minerals, but the claims that it helps everything from arthritis to pms symptoms to balancing blood sugar levels.

lemon chia fresca:

when i run out the door i always have the following in my bag….camera, check. phone, duh. and a ziploc bag of a few tablespoons of chia seeds and a water bottle. if I remember before leaving, I squeeze lemon juice in the water bottle along with some chia seeds and shake shake shake! in about fifteen minutes the chia seeds expand with water and become tapioca like. it’s not for everyone- but i love that i’m staying full and hydrated with a superfood that is packed with fiber and plant based protein. i keep extra seeds in case i want another round in the afternoon.

power green juice or kombucha:

usually around 10 am, I will have a kombucha or a coldpressed green juice before lunch. I try to drink kombucha everyday, but it’s expensive! I absolutely love the probiotic benefits and I genuinely love the taste. Gut health is crucial- and having foods filled with probiotics such as kombucha, tempeh, or kimchee, are amazing for your body! I’m in the process of brewing my first batch of kombucha! anyone ever tried to brew it? you’ll see a detailed review of that experience here soon!

i also love cold pressed juices with a hint of sweetness. i usually reach for blends that include greens, celery, lemon, ginger and a bit of apple. cold pressed has the highest nutritional content because the juice is never heated, hence the name! healthy modern girl tip: try starbucks. they have a cold pressed juice from Evolution Juices called sweet greens that I love when options are limited. you can’t tell me you don’t know where to find the nearest Starbucks! just be sure to check calorie and sugars of juices. sweet greens is fairly low.  see if a green juice helps your energy before going for a latte.

what do you do as your morning ritual? have you found any of these drinks work for you? i’m open to suggestions- because what’s one more drink to add to my routine???



  1. April 8, 2016 / 4:05 pm

    Hello! Thank you for this list of drinks. I used to be in the lemon water habit. I enjoyed it, but did not feel a definite benefit. Would it be something that one would be aware of? Do you ingest all of these healthy drinks every morning? Thank you! Cynthia

  2. April 11, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    I love making my own smoothies too–great way to have breakfast and start the day! I also love adding some lemon juice into my green tea for extra antioxidants and detox effects!

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