kale-in chips: 5 tips for a perfect kale chip

5 quick tips focused on my favorite green!

the kale chip. once a phenomenon, still well known and extremely overpriced in grocery stores. i walk by small packages of kale chips for 8 dollars! say whaaaa?

buy a bundle of kale and bake some!

well, when i first made kale chips i did it all wrong. they were soggy, burnt, or just too weird. through many batches of kale chips i have discovered my 5 tricks to follow when on the pursuit of the perfect crisp.

kale chip kaleinit


1. dry as a bone.

after washing the kale and removing stems, be sure to make the kale as dry as possible. by leaving water, it creates a soggier kale chip because the moisture steams in the oven.

2. less is more.

with olive or coconut oil a tiny bit goes a long way. remember you can always add more if after covering them they still seem too dry. i make small batches at a time, therefore i add about 1/2 a tbsp. same applies here for the amount of kale on the baking sheet. try not to pile them up but rather one layer on the sheet per batch.

3. give it some love.

“massaging” kale is a thing. ridiculous sounding perhaps, but by massaging kale and making sure every bit of the leaf is covered with a bit of oil, the crispiness of the kale chip will be even and delicious.

4. don’t overheat.

300-ish degrees. slow and steady to dehydrate the kale chips. about 20-25 minutes of baking remembering to rotate the baking sheet and shake the chips a bit midway through.

5. tis always the season.

nutritional yeast, himalayan sea salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika. keep trying mixtures of seasoning until you love them. because even though Iadore kale, i know these chips need a little somethin’-somethin’ to make this healthy snack more satisfying.

aren’t you just “chipper” knowing these tips? i’ll stop while I’m ahead.


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