5 ways I soothe a winter cold… naturally! with Traditional Medicinals

Ahhhh the dreaded chill of winter. I find that post-holidays- the brisk air is no longer festive and fun, it’s just draining! January and February tend to drag and although I get sick far less often then I used to (hey, probiotics thanks!) I do find they when I come down with something -it’s usually this time of year. 
The old me would just grab some cold medicine, cough drops and throat spray over the counter. Yuck. Not only is everything in those temporary remedies unnatural and unnecessary- it doesn’t cure anything. 

The body speaks to you- constantly. Feeling under the weather is the body’s way of saying “excuse me!!!” And asking for the rest and care it needs. That said, we live busy lives and being sick can really suck. So I wanted to write about a recent bug I caught and how I choose to react when winter decides to run its course on my immune system. 

Here are the five things I do to beat the winter bug…


Sleep is incredibly powerful for your energy (obviously) moods, immunity, and more. It’s the OG medicine. Pray you get sick on a weekend, don’t set an alarm; let yourself skip your workout, and just sleep. If you can’t take off work or sleep in, make it an absolute priority to shut down earlier for another hour or two of zzz’s. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

I really can’t say it enough. DRINK FLUIDS. I remember growing up my mom always responded with “drink water” or “have a cup of tea” when I complained of ANY ailment. Even if it was a twisted ankle, she just knew hydration cured all. 

The beverages I crave?… 

Warm water with lemon and ginger and raw honey. Amazing for sore throats and the lemon has plenty of vitamin c. 

Green juice. Go for super green blends with low sugar for all the nutrients. 

Raw coconut water. I almost always drink coconut water when I’m sick. I just feel it instantly rehydrates me and gives me some energy and electrolytes my body is craving 

Seltzer water. Bubbles feel soothing for a tummy ache, but that doesn’t mean grab some soda (insane amounts of sugar and chemicals)

TEA! Probably the number ONE soothing and healing beverage I crave when I’m not feeling well is tea. Like the Traditional Medicinal’s teas I picked up recently at Walmart. 

Find some of Nature’s Medicine.

This idea of mother nature’s medicine cabinet brings me to my favorite tea brand, Traditional Medicinals. They use only the best ingredients.

Traditional Medicinals is 100% non-GMO and 98.9% of the botanical raw ingredients used are certified organic. Because would you want your blend of tea to be previously sprayed with tons of pesticides and chemicals? No thanks. That doesn’t feel healing at all.

When I woke up with a sore throat and aches I decided to head to Walmart. Super easy as it’s down the street and let’s face it, accessible to pretty much anyone, anywhere. 

I knew they carried Traditional Medicinal’s tea, and by the way, props to Walmart for stepping it up with their healthy food game- I also grabbed a bottle of kombucha and some organic apples and oranges to snack on. 

I head to the tea aisle to find these quality teas at a reasonable price. I went with throat coat – a blend of licorice root, slippery elm bark and marshmallow root. Every ingredient in this tea is certified organic. SCORE. I felt better knowing I skipped the pharmacy section for a more natural remedy to soothe my scratchy throat.

I also grabbed Echinacea Plus, because it’s a great immunity-boosting blend of Echinacea and I figured it would be a great prevention for the next time I start to feel under the weather. 

Eat well.

clean green smoothie

When you’re feeling sick, always up your green smoothies and eat whatever whole foods your body is craving. I’m always sure to eat plenty of healthy fats, too. If it’s a stomach bug- do your best to still eat throughout the day and stay fueled. Eat light but often to keep your body from feeling weak. And refer to #2 above.

Comfort / Care for yourself.

Fuzzy socks, a good movie and a cute dog go a long way when it comes to comforting yourself when you’re sick. Wrap up in the coziest clothes you can find, get some magazines, fire up a new Netflix series  and chilllll. 


Be sure to check out Traditional Medicinals in Walmart – they have amazing varieties for not only immunity and colds, but detoxification, and more.

And if these natural remedies don’t help comfort you during a cold, a little giveaway might….

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**This post was sponsored by Traditional Medicinals, however all opinions are my own**


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  1. March 1, 2017 / 1:51 pm

    Great suggestions, thank you!!! I love me some tea- always makes me feel better, whether I have a cold, a broken heart, or anxiety!

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