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ever wonder what us bloggers do all day??

I’ve heard that one before, so this post is to provide you a glimpse of my typical day! News flash- it’s not all that glamorous, but I do try to prioritize my health and fitness every day, no excuses!

I partnered with Amazfit to show a day in my life (there’s a lot of food, a lot of typing away on my computer, and some fitness involved). Amazfit offers fitness trackers that are the lightest on the market, making them super comfortable and easy to wear all day. I truly don’t notice it on my wrist as I go about my day. 

8:30 am: step on my mat.

amazfit kaleinit

I’m NOT a morning person. Far from it.  I definitely don’t do my intense workouts in the AM – but I envy those who can. The past couple weeks I’ve been waking up with cold brew (that’s a given), a green smoothie, and a little yoga at least 3 mornings a week. It’s made a world of difference for my productivity and overall focus for the rest of my day. When I jump immediately into emails, I’m scattered and disorganized. Yoga is therapeutic for me. 

I turn on some great music and improvise a yoga flow for about 15-30 minutes. Just enough to stretch, throw in a few sun salutations to warm up, and most importantly have some fun because I’m starting my day with an activity I LOVE.

I like to close the yoga practice with a short meditation on my mat. Sometimes, if I’ve been overwhelmed or uncertain about something I repeat a basic mantra. This brings more positivity to my morning, especially helpful if I work up anxious or hyper-focused on my to-do list.

10 am: start in the kitchen.

I love styling and taking photos for the blog at around 10 am. I really love the way the natural light streams into my living room, aka photo studio, mid-morning. I feel the most creative in the morning, and have been known to cook a savory dinner dish at 9:30 AM. THAT is how important light is! And, then there’s leftovers, so I can’t complain.

In addition to a lot of cooking, I do a lot of dishes. Hey, it’s the stuff we don’t show on Instagram! For this silly reason alone, I love that the Amazfit is water resistant up to 30 feet so I don’t have to remember to take it off when doing dishes. It might not be a feature you look for in a product, but I do!

If I’m not working from home on my computer or in the kitchen, I’m probably in meetings in Philly for the upcoming GOOD Festival I’m planning! If that’s the case, I’m definitely getting in some steps toward my daily goal since I take the train over to center city and then walk to my meetings and work sessions.

a day with amazfit

12 pm: step away from the computer.

Brain Break!! Time to get away from the computer with my buddy, Ralph. We love long walks. It’s the time I get to listen to my favorite podcasts and he smells… everything. I think it’s important to step away from work multiple times a day. Plus you know what they say about sitting all the time… it’s the new smoking. So get up, grab lunch,  and drink water every time you take a brain break (in addition to sipping throughout the day). Then take a lap. If I have a phone call for work, sometimes I’ll leash Ralph up and multi-task. Isn’t that the beauty of working from home??

5, or 6, 0r 7 pm: check amazfit, head to the gym.

amazfit kaleinit

I say 5 or 6 or 7 because it totally depends! Sometimes I hit the gym earlier and then come home, enjoy dinner and wrap up the day. Other times I eat first, finish work a bit later, and sweat it all out at 7 or 8 pm. 

I go to the gym near by (and no, I did not want to do photo shoot there, sorry) and I like to check my Amazfit first, by linking it to the app on my phone, and check out how active I was that day. I can see steps, distance, etc. Then I choose a class or activity that balances out how active I was, and I listen to what my body is calling for.

I’ve been really spicing it up lately because for such a long time I was only taking yoga. My body got used to it, and as much as I love yoga I got a bit bored.  And since working from home I now crave a more intense workout. Barre and Pilates two favorites of mine, but I’ve also been enjoying the intensity of intervals, kickboxing, and spinning as well. It feels good to sweat.

wanna know another class I’ll do when I’ve been taking life way too seriously?? zumba. trust me- so good for the soul. and for a laugh…

It really doesn’t matter how you move- it’s about getting in the gym or studio consistency and with the right intentions. I love that the Amazfit trackers doesn’t show the calories on the face. this way I can’t obsessively check what calories I’ve burned or the distance I’ve gone, but rather enjoy the work out for not only the physical benefits but the mental clarity it brings. 

9pm-LATE: wrap it up and get some (good) sleep.

during this time I come home, have a snack, definitely open the laptop again, and enjoy some good Netflix and chill. I also like to write down anything that MUST be completed the following day so I can leave it on the pad of paper. I browse my google calendar for any musts that are time sensitive  like meetings or phone calls and prepare for them.

admittedly, I’m a total night owl. hence why I probably have a slow start in the morning. I can stay up pretty damn late if I don’t commit to a bed time. What am I, five? Over the past couple years I’ve put together some tools that allow me to fall asleep faster, and sleep more soundly.

Amazfit is now a tool in my sleepy-time-toolbox. one of my favorite features of their product is that it can track my sleep! It’s really interesting to take note of how sleep conditions effect my sleep quality (like temperature, if I had magnesium before bed, etc), and then how I feel the following day. Interested in a sleep post with my tips on how to (naturally) get more shut eye?? Let me know!

amazfit kaleinit

what else do I love about the Amazfit products??

I love that there are 8 accessories available, including 8 other wristband options and even 2 necklaces. The sleek ceramic design is simple and understated, perfect to wear alone or with your everyday jewelry. I like the equator band because it’s so thin and easy to wear, but also love the moonbeam for days I’m wearing “real clothes” and I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a fitness tracker.


amazfit kaleinit

do you have a similar “typical” day?? are you a fan of yoga in the morning, or a more intense workout to start your day? I’m always curious how everyone else finds a way to balance a healthy diet and fitness with other life responsibilities- so fill me in!

If you think that Amazfit trackers could help you to lead a more fit and balanced life- check them out! Use the code, MYAMAZFIT for 40% off any product! 

And have a very happy, and fit, Friday!

this post was sponsored by Amazfit – but like always, opinions are my own. 


amazfit kaleinit


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