a fully plantbased graduation party

grad party hair flip .jpeg

hair flip. she did it.

what a weekend! if you were wondering what my weekend was like, I’m here to tell you! I was prepping and planning for an entirely vegan party celebrating my friend, Carly.

Carly graduated with a degree in nutrition and dietetics this month, and I’m so excited for her. She fully pursued her passion and her knowledge in the field of nutrition impresses me daily.

She’s been vegan for years, and it’s inspiring to see her stay firm in her beliefs, and strive for a cruelty free lifestyle.

not only that, she’s a great friend.

background check.

Carly and I go WAYYYY back. so, our mamas were very close when we were growing up and we quickly were forced into a friendship. in the best way!

i saw her on thanksgiving, christmas eve, every weekend by the pool, etc.

you get the point. we saw each other through awkward adolescence, the angst filled teenage years, and everything in between.

she has witnessed my growth and change, and I have watched hers.

so, I am excited to announce that while she travels (more on that), continues her work in Philly, and is my right hand girl in the kitchen/ #1 vegan recipe taste tester, Carly is going to be popping in around kaleinit.com to help me out with some nutrition FACTS.

i know the basics. the good stuff. but for those of you really want the ins and outs and the breakdown of nutrition (from that science perspective), she’s got you.

look out next week for her first lesson. iron. why we need it, where to find it, how to know if you’re not getting enough. quick sidenote: this girl is obsessed with iron. I hear it constantly, so now you all must hear too….

time for the party recap. we cooked, chopped, cooked some more. and in true carly and kate fashion, kind of procrastinated. however, every guest filled up on vegan tacos and snacks.


carly doesn’t drink, and I can’t remember the last time I did. of course we went full out with a mocktail bar.

first, green juice mimosas made with a freshly juiced cucumber, celery, lime juice, some fresh mint and san pellegrino. refreshing and healthy.

next was a strawberry basil lemonade, also paired with san pellegrino. or as Carly says, “the fizzy water”.

yes, some guests chose to spike these, but we still got them some veggies in!

the sides.

we went with a garden salad of …

  • romaine
  • cherry tomato
  • bell pepper
  • purple cabbage
  • sunflower seeds


  • jalepeno poppers: aka, braised jalepeno with cashew and sunflower cheese. I might need to add these to the blog. so spicy and so damn good. I adapted the recipe from The Lookbook Cookbook and couldn’t believe how quickly they went.

when I didn’t have enough raw cashews, sunflower seeds came to my rescue. fitting due to the decor.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

  • cabbage and carrot sweet and tangy slaw. (as a salad or a taco topping.)
  • chips and guacamole/salsa. OBVI.

grad party 9

the grad requested sunflowers. and so loved ones delivered. awww.

the tacos.

3 kinds! yes, three. the first was a recipe from the blog. the others were crafted by Carly (adapted from Isa Does It) and she killed it.

  • crispy cauliflower tacos with a chipotle mayo. recipe found here. 
  • oyster mushroom and pinto. soooo good.
  • ancho lentil – spicy and fantastic.

cauliflower tacos kaleinit

the cake isn’t pictured. but it was a vegan strawberry shortcake with “if you’re reading this you’re a graduate” written on it in handwriting that looked like a five year old’s scribbles.

100 bucks (ok, really just a high five) for anyone who knows the Drake reference there.

not my idea- I’m not cool enough to write a Drake reference on my cake, but my friend is. quite possibly the best cake I’ve ever had as well. yay whole foods!

I need to stop reminiscing about this party because I’m now starving, night everyone! and let’s make sure we give Car a warm welcome when she’s sharing her wealth of nutrition knowledge!




  1. May 18, 2016 / 1:11 am

    What an incredible collection of plant-based snacks! The cabbage slaw and chips and guac are TOTALLY staples at any party!

  2. Sapana
    May 19, 2016 / 1:32 am

    Sounds like the sweetest party. That spread is making me HUNGRY!! Congratulations to Carly and I look forward to learning more about iron. It’s so awesome you guys have shared a special bond since you were babies.

    • Kate
      May 19, 2016 / 1:26 pm

      Thank you!! It’s amazing how much our bond has strengthened since becoming “grown ups” and finding we shared similar passions around health. And yes, I can’t even look at this food without wanting more!

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