about me.


“i no longer want to feel as though i am living around this world- but rather that i am participating in it fully, whole-heartedly, + joyously.”

i wrote these words. my favorite risk i have ever took was pursing this particular want and making it reality.

hi! i’m kate. 

I’m a lover of plant based foods, keepin’ things real, and living mindfully. 

I’m also a soon to be plant based chef, a yogi, a wannabe traveler (someday) and a big time cold brew coffee drinker. I share my personal story, wellness obsession, and the recipes I develop here at Kalein It.

here are the things that get me “fired up”:

real food, ripped jeans girl

heart opening yoga flows,

holistic health,

and ending the stigma around mental illness.

what you’ll find on this blog:

plenty of my plant based recipes as well my take on yoga, recovery and feeling your best…all wrapped up in a judgement free zone! yes, judgement FREE, we have plenty of judgement on the internet already!

you’ll also find a great deal of natural, cruelty free beauty tips, self love/care topics, and content around living holistically.

my goal? make the “crunchy” stuff chic, the “hippie” stuff hip, and show that this wellness stuff can be for everyone. 

here’s how it started…

i started my instagram account, @she_be_kale_in_it and this blog to share my healthy lifestyle with an intention. my intention to stay positive and accountable on my journey to recover, while celebrating the progress I’ve made.

I blog to connect with others who want to celebrate themselves, their uniqueness, their health, their strength, and participate in this thing called life rather than let it pass them by.

in regards to wellbeing, i’m working toward “kaleinit”.

“kalein it” is my silly credo. to me it means nourishing your body through whole foods, balancing your mind, and thriving in life as a result.

today i am perfectly imperfect and determined to stay that way. it took a couple tries and some years to feel secure in myself…so let me (briefly) elaborate.

here goes my 3 sentence “history”:

in 2011 i received treatment for anorexia. in 2014 i received treatment for my depression, anxiety and PTSD. today, I feel happy, healthy and whole.

a lot of labels? yup, but they sure as hell don’t define me.

now about YOU!

you deserve to feel a sense of peace and security in yourself.

we all do. i’ve done this by creating a life that incorporates what bring me joy and makes me feel whole.

i say this so genuinely…

i want others to feel amazing in their skin, love themselves, love their bodies, feel good, feel proud of what they have gone through, and celebrate it. i want my readers to feel ready to eat pure food, reap the benefits of a balanced life, and thrive

to put it simply…

through humor, grace, (good food!), and joy, i want us to “kale” it.