work with me.


want to work together?

I’d be happy to discuss ways we can collaborate…


recipe development + product reviews.

I love partnering with brands I believe in. I would be happy to work with you on a sponsored post to include an original recipe including photos of you product, an honest product review, and original food photography.

I love healthy, wholesome, plant based food products, but also enjoy working with brands that are committed to natural, eco friendly, sustainable and consciously sourced products. feel free to contact me for more information!

food styling + photography. 

I’ve become obsessed with food photography and styling. if your brand needs food photos and content for social media or other web materials- contact me. check out some examples below. 

social media features.

want to be featured on my social media? let’s do it! so long as your brand fits with my message and beliefs, I would be happy to discuss opportunities for sponsored posts, social media takeovers and/or giveaways for my followers.

find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

freelance + contributing writer inquiries.

I’m interested! my greatest passion is writing about all things health and wellness. whether it be recipe development or lifestyle focused, I would love to contribute! browse my blog and check out my press page. 

meal planning + self care support.

could you use some help with meal planning tips, figuring out how to incorporate more plant based dishes into your daily life, and feel you could use the support of a tribe?? do you want to feel healthy and GOOD, all year long??

check out the GOOD Society– it’s an online seasonal membership for wellness loving women that I created with my friend, and holistic health coach, Jessica Baumgardner. We wanted to give you all the tools to feel your best, at a low cost (like…3 dollars a week) and create a community of women who share your goals! Check it out here!



 social media management.

my background is in social media marketing. need help with developing a strategy, appealing to your intended audience, or building your following? I can help!

thanks! I look forward to working together!