Has anyone noticed lately that crystals are… trending?

I swear, I see a new gorgeous flat-lay of crystals, Palo Santo and some Mala beads everyday on social media. Gorgeous? Yes. Confusing, or dare I say, intimidating to someone who doesn’t know how to incorporate these items into their spiritual routines? Yup!

I used to think I was pretty with it when it came to wellness trends, but lately I feel I’m missing out on this untapped new trend and I wanted to challenge myself to learn more. I enjoy meditation, and grounding exercises because they help with my anxiety levels, and bring me a sense of peace and balance. 

So, I was ready to give crystals a shot. What is the fun of working in wellness if I don’t get out of my comfort zone and evolve, right?

energy muse kaleinit

How do you use crystals??

When my crystals arrived, I started reading the materials that came along with them to get started. Energy muse suggests first cleansing your stones by either…

  • Placing them in soil or branches of a houseplant for 24 hours
  • Placing them outside under the sun or full moon for at least 4 hours.
  • Immerse in the smoke of burning Sage or Palo Santo until they vibrate with energy.

I chose the houseplant route! It was a rainy day – so I definitely didn’t want to bring that dreary energy to my new gorgeous crystals.

Then, choose your first crystal to use. Again, this is a entirely personal choice. I found recently I’m drawn to the Selenite, the Blue Lace Agate (inner peace crystal – go figure!) and Citrine Stone. Of course you can switch crystals depending on your needs.

Next, set your intention.

Hold your stone in your hand and visualize your intention for it. After setting an intent, carry them with you or meditate with them. It’s that simple!

The “power” of the crystal is really up to you  – the intention, stone, and belief in the possibilities is what YOU choose.

About Energy Muse

Energy Muse was founded by two incredible women (and dear friends, how sweet!) Heather and Timmi. They’re proud of their business they’ve built which began literally in the trunk of the car while sporting their flip flops and yoga clothes.  

And they have GROWN. These ladies have built an incredible brand that highlights crystals (read more about the process they go through below) and beautiful jewelry that combine healing properties and promote intention.  Now, they are are even working on a book to help debunk this crystal trend, and make it something more accessible and simple to add to readers everyday, modern, busy lifestyle. 

They discuss what it’s like to own a female-owned and operated business (hell yes to that!), creating a spiritual routine that grounds you, and “starter crystals” – think of them as training wheels for your spiritual practice. 

energy muse kalein it

KV: How did the two of you meet? What inspired you two to start Energy Muse?

HA: We grew up together, and have been childhood friends since the single digits. And then we started what I call an “accidental business.” Our business started out of the trunks of our cars in Manhattan Beach, California. We were known as the “flip-flop girls” who sold “energy beads” because early on, we did business in our flip-flops and yoga clothes!

 I came up with the Prosperity Necklace, combining my knowledge of Feng Shui and crystal energy. This “formula” consisted of 3 Chinese coins tied with red thread, combined with a string of jade beads, which are known to bring prosperity. I gave this necklace to 10 of my most skeptical friends to try for 10 days to see if there was some sort of shift in prosperity in their life—Timmi was one of the 10. All 10 of them came back and said there was!

 Word spread like wildfire around the South Bay and even to Los Angeles, and everyone wanted to know where they could get this necklace. At the time, Timmi was in the garment industry, and I knew she would be able to help me figure out how to produce product. We decided to team up, and our business of Energy Muse was born.

energy muse founders kaleinit

KV: Before starting Energy Muse, what were you working on? What is your background?

HA: My background is in sales and marketing. Before I entered the crystal world, I sold high-end real estate in Manhattan Beach. I am also a Feng Shui expert and I used those powerful principals to differentiate myself from the market and to maximize my success.

TJ: I was in a transition phase having just left the garment industry after 15 years. I was taking some time to myself to figure out what I wanted to do during my Saturn Return. Before, I was selling to all the major big box retailers—Sears, JCPennys, Walmart etc. I had a strong knowledge of production and how a business should be run in all aspects.

KV: What is a great “starter” crystal? What’s the FIRST crystal you’d suggest to someone who’s beginning a spiritual journey or interested in?

HA: Clear Quartz is a must. Being crystal clear is the ultimate super power! The more clear we are with who we are, what we want to create in this world and what stands in our way, the easier it becomes to manifest results and bring goals into reality.

energy muse kaleinit

KV: I’m so fascinated by the process your crystals and jewelry go through before they are sold to consumers, can you tell us more?

HA: All of our crystals and jewelry are always cleansed, cleared and charged before they go out to the customer. They go through a “cleansing spa” process where they are purified with incense + herbs, sound, sacred geometry and color to clear them of all previous energy so that they can vibrate at their highest level and maximum potential. We do this step so that when people receive their products, all they have to do is give it a purpose and they are ready to work with it!

KV: What would you suggest (crystal or otherwise) for someone who needs more grounding in the modern, fast-paced society we live in today?

HA: Allow yourself to stop for 3 minutes or whether it is breathe or just do nothing. AKA don’t look at your phone. Hold onto a crystal—your touchstone—such as Fluorite, because it holds the state of peace and tranquility. Tap into the stone’s energy! The crystal is gentle reminder of who we are. You can truly shift your mindset in a mere 3 minutes.

TJ: For grounding, I love to use hematite. As a mom and business owner, it is easy to let your mind and body go a million miles an hour. It is important to stay grounded into the energy of the Earth because the more grounded we are, the more focused we are and that helps put everything into perspective. Holding hematite or keeping it with me at all times helps me get there.

KV: I saw a video on your site about finding stability and creating a routine to remain centered – tell us about yours and how it centers you?

HA: One of my non-negotiable routines is starting my day with at least an 11-minute meditation, holding onto the Selenite harmonizers. I usually do Kundalini Sadhana at 4am. I write down in my notebook what my intentions are for the day and mentally visualize myself going into those experiences. This way, I set my energy in those places before I arrive to create positive and harmonious outcomes.

I also usually pick a piece of jewelry that I will wear for 40 days. I wear crystal jewelry to have a transformational breakthrough. When I give my crystals a purpose and focused intention for 40 days. It gives me the opportunity to energetically work with the energy of the Earth on my body for an extended period of time.  This helps me to release anything that is blocked or stuck in my mind, body and spirit and allows new energy to be infused into my life.  I am able to shift and transform when wearing the jewelry for an extended period of time and gain greater insight into myself so that I can grow and evolve. 

I end the day with gratitude, thinking of 3 things I am so thankful and grateful for.

TJ: My routine varies day to day, but there are a few staples I always try to follow. Meditation comes first, along with warm lemon water and my jewelry rituals usually follow, where I pick specific pieces for certain intentions. For example, if we have an interview or a podcast, I won’t leave my house without a blue lace agate piece to open my throat chakra and I always wear my Energy Cleansing Necklace and Sacred Quartz Crystal necklace from John of God. To close my routine, I usually will go for a walk and read a few positive excerpts from Guru Singh’s Spiritual Pavement.

KV: What would be your advice to someone who is skeptical of using crystals? How do you make crystals and spirituality feel more approachable, and something that anyone can benefit from?

HA: Crystals are tools to help us connect with the earth, to become to grounded and centered. Don’t try talk yourself out of why you’re drawn to crystals. You may be drawn to them because you think they are pretty or because they simply feel calming. Don’t judge your experience. Hold a crystal and get out of your head. Just feel it. When we truly start to feel, you can heal. To feel is to heal. Keep it simple!

 TJ: Well, I think that Heather and I have worked to demystify the “reputation” crystals have. Because we do not come off in the esoteric kind of way, we can relate to a lot of different people. Crystals are a form of Earth’s energy. They come from Earth and the Earth is the one thing we all have in common. They are here to help us along our journey.

energy muse 2

KV: What have been the most fulfilling and exciting parts of working together as partners AND/OR in starting Energy Muse and building a community around intentional living?

HA: I feel very grateful that we have achieved success as a women-owned business in a many times male-dominated crystal industry. Having all women working in our establishment is amazing! Being able to inspire other women to do the same – if we can do it, anyone can. It is the every day stories of real people that have had a transformative experience and their lives turn around for the better – these are the reasons why I continue to do what I do and why our business is so powerful.

TJ: For me, on a daily basis, what we do helps people and this inspires me to continue down this path. As with anything, there have been a lot of ups and downs, but the satisfaction you get from helping others is beyond rewarding and soul-filling.

energy muse founders

KV: Lastly, you have a book coming out this fall. Tell us more about it!

TJ: The book is called Crystal Muse and is available for pre-order on Amazon now! The official launch date is Oct 17th. We are excited to share our stories about how we’ve used crystals in our lives to get through the ups, the downs and all the in-betweens.

HA: With Crystal Muse, we wanted to “demystify” the crystal world. Think of it like a crystal recipe book! We want to teach and educate people on how they can use crystals everyday to get results in their lives through simple, practical rituals in 11 minute or less. And we have personally used these “crystal recipes” over the last 17 years and with our community – they truly work!

Where can readers find you?

Our website is www.energymuse.com and our blog can be found at http://www.energymuse.com/blog/. You can find us on social media @energymuse on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Also, stay tuned for our upcoming YouTube channel!

Curious which crystals I’m using??? 

Citrine Stone: “Stone of Light”

– Happiness, Wealth, Manifestation

Shungite Stone: “Stone of Fruition”

– Healing, Detoxifying, Relieves anxiety and insomnia


–  Removes Blocked Energy , Cleansing, Protection

Amethyst Stone: “Stone of Contentment”

– Intuition, Spirituality, Relieves Stress

Rose Quartz: “Stone of Love”

– Opens the heart, reduces stress and grief

Clear Quartz: “Stone of Clarity”

– Amplifies, Activates, Energizes

Blue Lace Agate: “Stone of Inner Peace”

– Calming, Soothing, Stress and Anxiety Relief


ok, let me start by saying I’m by no means a “beauty blogger”. However, I have tremendous respect for beauty bloggers because they search far and wide for the very best bronzers, blenders and more. 

I mean… have you seen their mountain high stacks of eye shadow palettes and YouTube contouring tutorials? For real- mad respect. Those how-to videos take time and help a hell of a lot of ladies (like myself) who don’t know a thing when it comes to applying, blending and highlighting.

Makeup is an art, I’m just no artist.

It’s definitely a beautiful way for women (or men) to express themselves while confidently playing up their natural beauty. I’m 100 percent behind that, and therefore I’m not a beauty blogger, nor a makeup hater.

But I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that makeup just isn’t my thing.

I’ve spent countless hours applying and searching for the right makeup for years because I felt I HAD to. Dropping an entire paycheck at Sephora was never, euphoria. But I was so concerned with what I looked like, if my pimple was showing through my concealer and if I looked tired or run down, that it was a necessity. 

Back in the day I didn’t want to go to the grocery store, class, or (helllll no) out to dinner without a hefty layer of concealer, foundation, and bronzer. I mean, I’d do it sometimes, but I always felt super uncomfortable in my skin, and would come armed with a huge pair of sunglasses to divert attention. The “ugh I’m bare-faced and look like crap” thought was in the back of my mind the whole time I was out. 

Let’s rewind to college days, AKA during the days of heavy foundation and concealer. I was on the largest campus in the country. There were like 70k students so let’s say 45k females. You know, just a few of us. And let me tell you, Arizona State lives up to its reputation that ASU girls are, pretty, pretty. 

I saw fellow female Sun Devils wearing false eyelashes and extensions to class and thought to myself- “WTF?! How have I not figured out how to do that / make it look good / make it look even semi natural / not like a Halloween costume?!?!?”

I felt like I was missing some “girl gene”. I felt like because I never knew how to apply these make up and beauty hacks,  I was just a plain Jane. Or, the fact that I had no interest in learning how to meant that I was doomed. (Don’t worry, that’s not the truth if you’re feeling the same).

But despite my lack of interest in all things super-girly, I laid the concealer on thick, took to tanning beds (let’s not even talk about that right now), and only caused myself more blemishes in the process, and created the cycle of…

1) break out 2) breakout leads to need for more toxic makeup clogging my pores / “covering” my blemishes 3) leading to more breakouts. 4) Repeat. 

Needless to say, this comparison trap where I was looking at other’s makeup routines and effortless contours was doing NOTHING for my self-confidence and I was starting to resent the whole makeup thing because it wasn’t about art or creativity or self expression. It wasn’t even that fun or a “hobby” I enjoyed.  

Fast forward to today…

Below I’ve listed EVERYTHING I own makeup wise. Every single thing fits in one, yes ONE – small bag. I mean come on, that’s pretty minimal right?? 

I use:

  • mascara
  • bronzer / blush duo + a brush
  • CC cream
  • eyeliner (when I’m feeling REAL fancy)
  • 1 Anastasia Eyebrow filler-inn-er thing < told you, not good at this stuff> 

I only have 1 mascara, 1 bronzer / blush, 1 cc cream, 1 eyeliner, and a couple tinted lip glosses. 

I’m. Not. Lying. 

Well, I also have like two lipsticks and 1 small eyeshadow palette from my mother – but those don’t reside in the bag. Talk about freeing. I remember when I had drawers in my bathroom full of so many random bottles and expensive products. 


Well, I did. And my outlook did.

Now, I choose to focus on the ROOT of the “problem”.

I hate to use the word “problem” or “problem area” to describe my skin (it’s only your largest organ, so why don’t we give it some props) but my acceptance of my skin started when I looked to the source rather than the reaction. I now try to be proactive-  through my diet and skin care routine.

My lack of confidence around my skin and dependence on makeup was rooted in the insecurity and fear around my face breaking out. So, let’s stop (or lessen) the breakouts and let our true skin shine through, shall we? 

Below is how I broke up with makeup + my everyday skincare routine…

  1. Environment switch: Well; I’m not going to say that moving away from college didn’t help get me out of the constant comparison trap and ground me a bit. But if you’re not able to pick up your life and  relocate OR start fresh in a new place .. see step two below. 
  2. Surround yourself with people who don’t give a shit: No, not people who don’t give a shit about you, people who care so freaking much about you they don’t think twice when you show up to happy hour without any makeup on. They’re to excited to spend time with you, hear your jokes, share their stories with you, etc. 
  3. Prioritize your diet, exercise, water consumption and sleep: The drugstore skincare aisle won’t tell you this while looking at acne-fighting scrubs. They’ll tell you nasty ingredients like benzol peroxide can fix anything. Try some sleep, some veggies and tons of water and then….
  4. Invest in your skincare : Now that you’re not investing hundreds in concealers and eyeshadow palettes, stick to the purest, high-quality, non-toxic skincare imaginable. I like Frank and Whit, more about them and my routine below.
  5. Believe in nature’s (skin) medicine:  Do you know charcoal, rosewater, matcha green tea and oatmeal can do WONDERS for skin? Stick to REAL ingredients – things you can pronounce or recognize if you saw it on a shelf.

use KALEINIT for 40% off all Franklin and whitman products until SUNDAY 4/2 

**KALEINIT for 40% of ALL Franklin and Whitman Products Through SUNDAY!**

Here’s my weekly skincare routine…

Everyday: Cleanse

Everyday: Moisturize

Scrub: 5x per week with Franklin and Whitman

My FAVORITE of ALL the new Franklin and Whitman products? The scrubs. And that’s a bold statement, but I’m sayin’ it. 

I used to be sooo into the Fitler Square, and I still use it once a week or so, but the Midtown Village has won me over. I honestly have seen a huge difference in how even my skin tone is, and the glow after using this scrub is unreal.

Worried that 5x is too much scrubbing? For you, it could be. But Frank and Whit’s products are much more gentle then the plastic micro-beads found is “scrubs” you may have used in the past. The coffee in the midtown village is SO finely ground, like… think of super soft sand. It’s very gentle. The Fitler square is a bit more rough as it’s a sugar scrub, so 1x per week works best for me when using that one.

Body Scrub: 3-4x per week with Franklin and Whitman

I like the Midtown Village Body scrub as well – see a theme here with the coffee? I love coffee, and I love how soft my skin is after using this scrub. 

Fair warning : Your shower will be covered in coffee grounds.

Mask: 2-3x per week with Franklin and Whitman

use KALEINIT for 40% off all Franklin and whitman products until SUNDAY 4/2

Oak Lane

is the most mild of Frankin and Whitman’s masks. It’s made with turmeric, cacao and activated charcoal. I like to use this if I mask a 3rd time in a week, because it’s gentle.

Queen Village

is my FAVORITE. It’s perfect for my combination skin because the oatmeal moisturizes while the activated charcoal detoxes and deep cleanses, and the aloe vera soothes. I find it leaves me glowing – leaving no need for makeup. I’ll do it the night before a date with the BF or going out with girlfriends.

Spruce Hill

This one is for a DEEP cleanse. I find it to be the most drying, but it’s great to use every few masks, to really draw out impurities. It’s made with matcha, activated charcoal and pomegranate.

Midtown Village

There’s also a NEW mask out – and it smells like a vanilla latte. It’s fair trade coffee, vanilla, and activated charcoal. The Midtown Village mask is the perfect addition to the face and body scrub.

Because face masking can get a little messy… I like to use the face mask bowl set from Franklin and Whitman. It’s a bowl to stir your face mask, a spoon to help measure the dry mask (add a touch of water at a time until you reach a good consistency) then apply with the brush. It makes it much easier to apply evenly. 

frank and whit

Steam: 1x per week

Usually on #selfcaresunday, I go all out with the scrub, followed by a steam, a mask, then moisturize. Four steps, but my skin has never been better. I like the Cobbs Creek Steam best.

Bonus: They are amazing for when you’re feeling under the weather. I love using them when I feel a cold coming on.

You simply fill a large bowl with some of the steam, add hot water, and put your face over the bowl, then tent a towel over your head and soak in the steam for about ten minutes. Sounds complicated, but I promise you it’s not. 

I can also promise you that you’ll be sweating after ten minutes of steaming, but do it for your pores!


Whether a beauty blogger, or self-proclaimed makeup minimalist… skin and confidence start with the source. You should NEVER feel uncomfortable in your skin or feel any blemish MUST be “fixed”, but rather feel empowered to make lifestyle changes to find what works for you, and reach a place where going out with a bare face feels freeing rather than terrifying.

I truly believe that finding a solid skincare routine that works for YOU, combined with a clean diet (plants, plants, and more plants) + beauty sleep and a hearty dose of self-love and confidence, and you’ll be ditching the layers of makeup in no time. 

To grab your own Franklin and Whitman products, head to their website and use the promo code below…

**KALEINIT for 40% of ALL Franklin and Whitman Products Through SUNDAY (4/2)!** 

To read more about F&W, where they’re made (PHILLY!!!) cruelty-free committment, and social mission for rescue dogs, read here


A lot of you all know I moved into a new apartment in February, and for those of you who sent congrats and checked in on the moving process- thank you!! 

After taking some time to settle in, I wanted to share a couple ways I’ve made the new space feel more like home!

I’m thrilled with the new apartment, not only because it’s mine (thanks pops for letting me crash while I worked my butt off on GOOD for a few months!), but also because I now have the chance to be mindful about the new products and “things” I purchase to fill the space. 

I really wanted to have less “stuff”. I didn’t bring my entire closet, in fact I probably cut that in half (more on my minimalist mindset with clothing in this post), and I finally parted with the million worn out t shirts and no-longer-loved leggings. 

In addition to less junk, I wanted to make my home feel healthier and more sustainable.

boll and branch kaleinit

I think many times health begins with food. The desire to live more consciously or to use cleaner ingredients and products may first start with the transition to organic spinach and berries, then slowly beauty and household cleaning products, and then finally everything from the furniture you decorate with to the bedsheets you sleep on each night. Truly any purchase can be a more compassionate, holistic or all around more mindful choice, it just takes a bit of research and time. 

I’m realizing that literally everything I purchase is essentially, a vote.  It’s the ballot I cast to the big bad world of marketing ($$) about what I’m willing to buy and support. 

Listen, as someone with a marketing background I can tell you that there’s a reason fast fashion, disgraceful factory conditions, chemicals / toxins in make up and processed foods exist…

…They make the process less expensive and therefore more profitable. That’s it. And at the expense of your health or the employees who work to create the products. Not good. 

I really wanted to find a balance between making my new home feel beautiful and comfortable, and do this consciously. Enter Boll and Branch. 

boll and branch kaleinit

I knew I wanted to start with the bedroom as its a place to recharge and rest. Rest is critical to your health. That could be a post in itself. 

I notice such a difference when my sleep pattern is regular and I get to bed before11pm. I’ve already made a rule (with myself) that my laptop does not enter the threshold of the bedroom, ha! Silly? Maybe- but it works. 

That said, I wanted to be sure that my bedroom felt relaxing and was filled with products I could believe in and trust. Like Boll and branch bedding that is luxuriously soft and cozy, and made with organic cotton and is fair trade certified. To read more about Boll and Branch, and their values as a company – read more here. 

I highly suggest you read more about fair trade, what it means when a product is certified fair trade, and the lengthy, difficult that process brands go through to receive this stamp of conscious approval. 

boll and branch kaleinit

Ralph is also enjoying his new conscious home

Here are 3 ways I make my bedroom feel more tranquil, as well as healthy, conscious and sustainable. 


I talk a lot about the power of a green smoothie, but this time, I’m talking plant-based decor. House plants are amazing for purifying the air and bringing life to a room. 

I bought a ton of succulents and a cat palm which feels tropical and gives the room a more boho look. 

I’m becoming a proud plant-lady, and although I’ve always kind of sucked at keeping plants alive, I’m determined. 

I love walking into my bedroom and seeing something bright, fresh, and green, and a room full of natural life. Like I mentioned above, since moving in I’ve REFUSED to bring my laptop into my  bedroom and it’s made all the difference in maintaining my routine and the tranquility of my bedroom. 



My pink salt lamp is my second favorite in my room. Also fantastic for purifying the air, the lamp is also meant to improve sleep and moods. I have found my sleep quality is better with the lamp, and you can read more about the benefits of this home accessory here. 


 Boll and Branch helped me put together this beautiful bed look using their organic sheets (I LOVE the shore color) as well as a soft white duvet and cozy knit throw to complete the bed look. I filled the bed with tons of pillows and Euro shams so when I head in for a good nights sleep, it 

There’s something about sleeping on organic cotton that makes sense to me. You eat wholesome food, you can use clean, non-toxic beauty and skincare products on your body, why not wrap yourself in organic cotton after a shower or lay on soft organic sheets while you sleep? 

It’s the next choice that takes a mindful, sustainable or compassionate lifestyle a step… further. It wasn’t my first step in living well (food was), but I’m enjoying learning about new products and brands who value this lifestyle and transcend it’s message and beliefs beyond the food. 

Boll and branch has many sustainable options for the bedroom (and bathroom) with simple, timeless bedding in a variety of gorgeous colors. Shop one of my favorites, the shore colored sheet set, here.  Their team is incredible helpful in answering any questions around style, organic cotton, as well as their process and mission to change the textile industry. 

boll and branch kaleinit

boll and branch kaleinit

boll and branch kaleinit

boll and branch kaleinit

Shop my Boll and Branch Bed Look:

Duvet Cover

Shore Sheet Set

Banded White / Shore Standard Sham

Hemmed White Euro Shams

Grey Cable Knit Throw

I was gifted the Boll and Branch products featured in this post, but all opinions are my own. 


Ahhhh the dreaded chill of winter. I find that post-holidays- the brisk air is no longer festive and fun, it’s just draining! January and February tend to drag and although I get sick far less often then I used to (hey, probiotics thanks!) I do find they when I come down with something -it’s usually this time of year. 
The old me would just grab some cold medicine, cough drops and throat spray over the counter. Yuck. Not only is everything in those temporary remedies unnatural and unnecessary- it doesn’t cure anything. 

The body speaks to you- constantly. Feeling under the weather is the body’s way of saying “excuse me!!!” And asking for the rest and care it needs. That said, we live busy lives and being sick can really suck. So I wanted to write about a recent bug I caught and how I choose to react when winter decides to run its course on my immune system. 

Here are the five things I do to beat the winter bug…


Sleep is incredibly powerful for your energy (obviously) moods, immunity, and more. It’s the OG medicine. Pray you get sick on a weekend, don’t set an alarm; let yourself skip your workout, and just sleep. If you can’t take off work or sleep in, make it an absolute priority to shut down earlier for another hour or two of zzz’s. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

I really can’t say it enough. DRINK FLUIDS. I remember growing up my mom always responded with “drink water” or “have a cup of tea” when I complained of ANY ailment. Even if it was a twisted ankle, she just knew hydration cured all. 

The beverages I crave?… 

Warm water with lemon and ginger and raw honey. Amazing for sore throats and the lemon has plenty of vitamin c. 

Green juice. Go for super green blends with low sugar for all the nutrients. 

Raw coconut water. I almost always drink coconut water when I’m sick. I just feel it instantly rehydrates me and gives me some energy and electrolytes my body is craving 

Seltzer water. Bubbles feel soothing for a tummy ache, but that doesn’t mean grab some soda (insane amounts of sugar and chemicals)

TEA! Probably the number ONE soothing and healing beverage I crave when I’m not feeling well is tea. Like the Traditional Medicinal’s teas I picked up recently at Walmart. 

Find some of Nature’s Medicine.

This idea of mother nature’s medicine cabinet brings me to my favorite tea brand, Traditional Medicinals. They use only the best ingredients.

Traditional Medicinals is 100% non-GMO and 98.9% of the botanical raw ingredients used are certified organic. Because would you want your blend of tea to be previously sprayed with tons of pesticides and chemicals? No thanks. That doesn’t feel healing at all.

When I woke up with a sore throat and aches I decided to head to Walmart. Super easy as it’s down the street and let’s face it, accessible to pretty much anyone, anywhere. 

I knew they carried Traditional Medicinal’s tea, and by the way, props to Walmart for stepping it up with their healthy food game- I also grabbed a bottle of kombucha and some organic apples and oranges to snack on. 

I head to the tea aisle to find these quality teas at a reasonable price. I went with throat coat – a blend of licorice root, slippery elm bark and marshmallow root. Every ingredient in this tea is certified organic. SCORE. I felt better knowing I skipped the pharmacy section for a more natural remedy to soothe my scratchy throat.

I also grabbed Echinacea Plus, because it’s a great immunity-boosting blend of Echinacea and I figured it would be a great prevention for the next time I start to feel under the weather. 

Eat well.

clean green smoothie

When you’re feeling sick, always up your green smoothies and eat whatever whole foods your body is craving. I’m always sure to eat plenty of healthy fats, too. If it’s a stomach bug- do your best to still eat throughout the day and stay fueled. Eat light but often to keep your body from feeling weak. And refer to #2 above.

Comfort / Care for yourself.

Fuzzy socks, a good movie and a cute dog go a long way when it comes to comforting yourself when you’re sick. Wrap up in the coziest clothes you can find, get some magazines, fire up a new Netflix series  and chilllll. 


Be sure to check out Traditional Medicinals in Walmart – they have amazing varieties for not only immunity and colds, but detoxification, and more.

And if these natural remedies don’t help comfort you during a cold, a little giveaway might….

 $250 Walmart Gift Card !

**This post was sponsored by Traditional Medicinals, however all opinions are my own**


traditional medicinals


Well guys, there’s no denying I’ve been absent lately. Like, I missed all the awesome obligatory New Year reflection post opportunities which I was genuinely pumped to write.

That said, it’s always goal of mine to BRING MORE to this blog and to produce more content.

But that’s the thing…we are always looking at our output. What we can produce, give, contribute, and accessing how to be everywhere all the time.

good fest pic 1
My energy to post has been lacking for the past few weeks. I’ve been feeling kind of guilty about it, and telling myself I SHOULD be posting. I SHOULD be able to juggle all these projects, and I SHOULD make the blog more of a priority.

I pretty much SHOULD’ed all over myself the month of December.

My lackluster attitude toward blogging has nothing to do with a lack-luster love for Kalein it or my readers- actually quite the opposite and that’s why I decided not to beat myself up about it.

To put it simply, I didn’t want to give you half ass content.

Half ass content doesn’t come from the heart. In fact it doesn’t even come from a full ass. It’s not inspiring to read and it’s not helpful. So, why??

I waited until I had something to say instead, and and I realized while waiting for something to come to mind, that maybe OTHER bloggers or creatives were feeling this exact same way. Maybe they too were getting overly fixated on what they should be doing on top of everything they ARE doing as they chase after a new project or goal unrelated to blogging.


That’s why I’m back with 3 signs it could be time to focus in, prioritize, or streamline… for real.

ONE: When you’re overwhelmed but continue to give back in other ways.

Maybe you coach others, or sell products with your blog, or write books. Maybe you’re speaking at live events, on a podcast, or hosting small workshops in your community.

Blogging is about providing value through creative content.

It’s about giving something back to your readers no matter how small or large the audience, readership or “reach”.

During this blogging break I’ve tried to kick it up a notch and still provide help, value and support. I’ve done this by remaining consistent on social media, and have tried to throw some smoothie and salad recipes in captions to give followers a chance to remake my dishes. I had a chance to collaborate with Christina Rice on the Actually Adultish Podcast about a topic I am so passionate.

I hosted a couple (unsponsored) giveaways through IG cause who doesn’t love some free stuff? I offered a QA via IG stories about recovery, all the while keeping up with The GOOD SCTY and very exciting planning of the first GOOD Festival in April.

So long as you’re providing value to your audience, responding to readers and followers, reaching out to other bloggers in the community, and planning new ideas (for when time does free up) – you’re doing enough! 

TWO: When your heart is pulling you in another direction (for now)…

Woah, woah let’s not get ahead of ourselves, my blog is like a baby to me. It’s my child, I love it.

It wasn’t easy to make this thing. It’s not a breeze determine what my brand was and then to make mistakes and learn from them. Create content, try out recipes, learn to take the photos, figure out what SEO is, decide how to monetize through collaborations with brands and so on and so on and so on. Woah. HOURS (like a shit load) and hours have gone into creating Kalein it and I’d never abandon it.

That said, it’s a more mature baby of mine. Ugh, sorry can’t think of another analogy.

The GOOD brand is a newborn, something so new it needs an incredible amount of attention to nurture and get right. If you are a blogger or creative who’s planning to expand on and build your brand, or has ever launched a new area of your brand/business- say a podcast or a book- it definitely takes over the majority of your time while you LEARN the process of raising a new baby all. over. again.

That’s when you have to make a hard decision…

Because if your heart is practically singing because you have a NEW idea that excites you in the same way your blog did when that idea was first born, you better go for it.

Follow that idea, think about the BIGGER picture, and the longevity of your brand, and know that your cool, teenage, totally quasi-independent blog can handle a break for the time being.

Breaks, burn out, or lack of posting will never change the fact that the blog is your baby, or a message to your readers that you don’t care. Just refer to #1 above. Kalein it has led me to new friends, new opportunities, new challenges, and a new definition of myself as a creative and entrepreneur. I’m SO grateful for it, and that will never change. 

THREE: Your creativity is at a standstill… DON’T force it.

No half-ass content. No filler posts. No nonsense. Less is more sometimes, and maybe it’s the new year getting to me, but rather than over-extending, over-promising, and over-scheduling, slow down.

less is moreI’m moving in two weeks, I have freelance work I do BTS, I have an average of 3 calls a day for the festival alone… like, I’m still working everyday. Not having the ability to develop 3-4 new recipes and posts a week doesn’t mean I gave up or got “lazy”, feel me? However, because I have other projects in the works that I’m always trying to think creatively and strategically about, I’ve learned over the last month that it’s tough to have that same brain power for the blog and new content here.

All that OVER-ing I mentioned above would only lead me to under-preforming, under delivering, and underwhelming my audience with content that wasn’t.. special. Boooooringggg.

Again, give back in other ways, don’t keep giving half ass conteyoga and green juicent.

FOUR: Last thing, You. Are. Human.

You can’t be everywhere at once. Blogger Burn-Out will happen sometimes. That’s ok, give yourself the time to breathe, re-focus, restructure to come back stronger then ever and take care of you every day. Go to yoga, make yourself delicious meals (even if you don’t have time to blog about them) and live well, everyday. ESPECIALLY important if you blog about WELLNESS!


So, while you’re in this transitional phase remember two things…

Your worth. I’ve been more selective with partners, less worried about pleasing everyone with a prompt reply to the emails in my inbox and more aware of MY reality right now. You need to get realistic with what is feasible and (realistically) possible to accomplish in a day.

& You are still a good mom (LOL)- No, really as a blog mom. To the kid moms out there you rock, too! But your blog is an extension of YOU and the fact that you created an audience is pretty damn special, no matter how often you post.

Oh, and join me at The GOOD Fest, so you can see where the hell I’ve been and see ALL the work I’ve been up to! xoxo


front good fest postcard final


the most last minute gift guide…ever??

T minus 5 days until Christmas and here I am giving you gift ideas?? Well, I haven’t done my shopping yet, and in case you’re in the same boat, here are some products I just absolutely adore.

All of them promote health and wellness (obviously) but most of them also give back, utilize sustainable resources and material, or stand for a cause.

Remember the reason for the season!!

I thought about not posting this guide but then remembered the plethora of random gift cards and cash you could be receiving over the holidays, and maybe you want to treat yourself! So for that reason, consider this a Favorite Things for a Healthy 2017 guide, rather than a GIFT guide.

For the girl who lifts (or the girl who doesn’t. Or a guy. Anyone!)…

Ora Organics:

holiday gift guide kaleinit

What is it: a line of plant based supplements ranging from vegan probiotics to protein powder and fish-less omega sprays.
Why it’s great: Ora Organics uses only the best ingredients that are sourced with integrity, nutritionally potent, completely plant based, and beautiful packaged / marketed (hey, I appreciate that kind of stuff). They make a great gift for a fitness fanatic or wellness junkie.

For the girl who’s ALWAYS on the go…

Mission 360

holiday gift guide kaleinit

What is is: A online fitness membership that streams online classes like yoga, meditation, and more.
Why it’s great: It’s perfect for those who travel a lot, moms who can’t make it to the gym, or anyone that needs an additional resource for when life gets in the way of you making it to your favorite studio. The platform is easy to navigate making it a breeze to find just the class you need that day to get your OM on.

Want 20% off your membership with Mission 360? Use code OWNYOURMISSION!

For the super chill fashionista…

Jord Watches

What it is: Beautifully made watches made from wood that are stylish, fun, and unexpected.
Why it’s great: These watches are great for an organic, laid back, everyday look. They also are a great gift if you’re looking to give a special gift that someone could wear everyday. I wear the Fieldcrest Series in Zebra, and you can find that watch here!

holiday gift guide kaleinit

For the lady who knows style can be cruelty free…

Pixie Mood Handbags

What is is: a line of fashion forward cruelty free handbags and accessories.
Why it’s great: they are so reasonably priced! I love them. They are the perfect cruelty free gift for an animal lover. Plus buying an accessory for someone is so much easier than clothing! To read more about my favorites from Pixie Mood, head here.

holiday gift guide kaleinit

For those who take hydration seriously…

Soma Water Pitchers

What is is: Sustainably made water pitchers that filter your water while giving back to others.
Why it’s awesome: Beautifully designed plant based filters that not only make water taste great, but Soma gives water to those in need through a charity, CharityWater.Org. The pitchers are also BPA free and made with sustainable materials.


Healthy Human Tumblers

What it is: Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblers in fun colors.

Why it’s great: Besides being all over Instagram (don’t tell me you haven’t seen it on IG stories!), they are legit. They truly keep hot drinks hot for hours, and cold drinks chilly. I take mine everywhere with lemon water and chia seeds.

holiday gift guide kaleinit

For the skincare/ beauty product addict…

S.W. Basics

What it is: a line of skincare that uses only 5 ingredients or less, no BS.
Why they’re great: The products are so clean, I truly trust them. Everything works well and looks cute next to your sink (important). I like the make up remover and toner best.

holiday gift guide kaleinit

Franklin and Whitman

What it is: all natural skincare company based in Philly! They have masks (favorite), bath soaks, botanical steams (so cool!) and more.
Why they’re great: I could go on for days. This cruelty free skincare company uses amazing ingredients like turmeric, matcha, cacao and activated charcoal. They also give back to dogs. Case closed, best ever. Read more about them here.

If you want to grab some for friends and family (or yourself) use KALEINIT15 for 15 percent off any and every product from Franklin and Whitman.

holiday gift guide kaleinit

For the home chef:

A Cookbook!!

I. Love. Cookbooks. Read more about my obsession and favorites here. But some new cookbooks have caught my eye and I just have to add to the list…

  • Eat With Intention by Cassandra Bodzak
  • Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Liddon 
  • Nutrition Stripped Cookbook by Mckel Hill

holiday gift guide kaleinit

Why cookbooks are awesome: Who buys hardcover, beautiful books for themselves? Not often enough! I find that usually people will skim blogs and Pinterest, hey, no issue with that! But there’s something about a cookbook that feels more… Special.

Other GOOD Stuff…

GOOD. A Wellness Festival Tickets:

What it is: Philly’s FIRST wellness festival dedicated to good vibes, a community of like minded women, and incredible content / workouts from speakers and instructors. It happens to be

Read more about the agenda, and buy Early Bird Tickets to the festival here.
holiday gift guide

GOOD. The SCTY – Seasonal Membership:

What is is: 50 bucks gets you access to all the materials  (forever) plus access to Jess (a holistic health coach) and I during the 3 months- everyday!! In our private FB group we host giveaways with great products, answer questions daily, and offer additional tips, tricks and recipes not in the PDF’s. It’s a tribe of like-minded women, there to support one another on the journey to health!



Brrr. It’s officially winter and I’m COLD. Why do I always seem shocked when winter rolls around and temps drop? Am I the only one who goes, “WTF it’s soooo cold” as if it’s never happened before? Just wondering… 
Anyway, I’ll be whipping up all the warm soups I can this week. The carrot ginger soup below is featured in the Winter membership of The GOOD SCTY!  Materials (recipes, meal planning tips, private FB group access, giveaways, grocery guides, and more) will be released on January 1 (ahhhh, I wonder what marketing team came up with that one!)

And in other news, I’m heading to LA this Saturday, so sunny skies (and a beach!) are on the way. I. Can’t. Wait. I asked for suggestions via IG the other day and heard so many amazing tips. Thank you!!
Now, the topic of each Sunday in December… self-care. Why self-care this time of year? It felt right. You’re being pulled in every directions and therefore you have to take care of YOU, too. cause you can’t pour from an empty cup, and tis the season to give. 

warming up with carrot ginger soup cause I’m freezing! Find this recipe and more in the GOOD Scty!

Last week, we went over actions. AKA the things you can actually DO to take care of yourself. I broke it down into 4 categories. active self-care, spiritual, social, and creative. All incredibly effective depending on what kind of care you need throughout the month. 

To get up to speed on last week’s self-care topic – check it out here. I received some amazing feedback from some of you about the series and thank you so much!

Now in the second week, I’m going to dive into our WORDS.

The spoken, the silent, and a couple tips on how/when/where you can incorporate affirmations and how to make affirmations and compliments feel less forced or awkward.

I think the topic of negative self-talk is particularly important this season because we can become plagued by comparisons. We see a lot of people, (in-laws, old friends) and it’s easy to get down on ourselves when we begin to compare our lives to their success, perfect outfit, and hot new boyfriend. 
the comparison trap? it’s BS. it will get you no where, and that’s why positive self talk, and affirmations are the best way to combat this sometimes instinctual response. 
I’ve found that when I affirm myself, and compliment others, I feel.. happier. It brings on more confidence, more compassion for others and less overall anxiety.

Affirmations can be… awkward at first. To give yourself a verbal pat on the back can feel bizarre at times, so that’s why I believe they can be spoken or silently said to yourself. Both incredible effective as each time it is said, it helps re-wire and re-program the negative thought patterns so deeply engrained.

holiday self care tips

stressed or not, you can’t deny that december is pretty beautiful…

How to create affirmations perfect for YOU.

Start with your intention.

Intention usually implies what you want MORE of, or LESS of. Example, if you want MORE work-life balance you may say something like “I will commit to making my time with friends and family a priority. I deserve to balance my time, and enjoy myself for all the hard work I do”.

It’s not a “ugh, i’m working all the time and my friends and family can’t stand it, and I’m totally not taking care of myself, what is wrong with me?!?” kind of thought. That won’t get you anywhere. It’s affirming yourself that you do work hard, you do deserve MORE, and you will create space for more down time and relaxation/fun in your life as a result.
Now, the LESS statements.

Usually I find that the affirmations that release or ease anxiety around something are the LESS themed affirmations. You might want less negative thoughts about your body, less fear of the unknown, less sadness around a breakup, less pressure to figure out what you’re doing post grad. You want a breather, and a little less on your plate, so to speak.

Let’s take for example your body image and thoughts around appearance. If you want LESS negativity around your body, you’ll craft something that promotes more love and compassion to your body as it is today, in the present. Examples of more affirmations:

– I am beautiful and unique.
– I am perfectly imperfect.
– My body is healthy, strong, and allows me to live a full and vibrant life.
Another tip? Buy a new journal for writing gratitude lists (more on that in upcoming weeks) and affirmations in. Try not to let it become your notebook for to do’s or grocery lists. Get something beautiful that you’ll feel happy seeing every time you go to write.

use words you would use in real life.

If you wouldn’t tell someone they are “radiant” or “a gift from spirit” don’t say it to yourself. Sometimes people think affirmations mean some poetic statement that could have come from the mouth of Deepak.  I’m a no nonsense kind of girl. Telling myself “you are a freakin badass” sometimes resonates more with me than something super spiritual. Bottom line, speak to yourself in a believable, approachable way.  How are you supposed to believe you’re amazing if you’re not sounding like you

when and where to affirm yourself.

Literally anywhere, anytime, and every time you need it. That’s the best part. They can be spoken out loud (they are very powerful this way) but depending on situation and environment, you can say them to yourself throughout the day. There’s no limit, there’s no minimum, although the more it happens the faster you’ll believe it and the sooner you’ll FEEL the change in your thought patterns. 

I like to say them while I meditate most. I time it with my breath and find it helps me stay more present and mindful in the meditation practice. Breathe in (I AM), breathe out (XYZ). With each inhale and exhale time the affirmation so it can flow. You can try these short affirming statements instead of a traditional mantra like “om”. 

Other ways/places? When you’re in a situation that is testing your patience, or when you wake up in the morning. You can even write something on a post-it note and place it on a mirror or another surface / object you look at daily. 

compliments…like messy buns, don’t force them.


we need to stop the gossip-y culture that women have gotten so accustomed to. a compliment is obviously amazing for the recipient, and feels damn good to hear, but it’s also fantastic for the woman giving the compliment. it feels good to be kind, so  let’s do it more.

I don’t have a clear cut instruction on how to compliment. My only thought is that we need to work more on keeping them real.  When someone gets a hair cut or new color, obviously a compliment on the change feels great. It’s expected almost, and therefore not that impactful because let’s face it… every woman will say “OMG loveeeee the new cut”.

Why not take compliments a step further and actually say. something. “I like your shirt!” “OMG you look gorgeous!” are very kind, yes. But they don’t have much depth. Here’s a comparison to tell you what I’m referring to…

A: “Loving the new haircut, girl!!”

B: “Love the new cut! Looks amazing on you and I really admire how you’re not afraid to change it up and take a risk, girl!”

See? Just say something about someones CHARACTER. congratulate them. tell them they are a hard working, intelligent person. tell them when they are kind and inspiring you. tell them when you’re excited for them. 

Above everything though, DON’T compliment if you don’t mean it. Is there anything worse than hearing a sympathy compliment?? If you’re relying on compliments (especially appearance) while doing the small-talk dance at a Christmas party, read this awesome blog post about small talk.

Speaking of negative talk and the gossip culture between women, I have been really excited about a movement by Katie Horwitch called WANT: Women Against Negative Self Talk. Katie will be speaking at the GOOD Festival! I really can’t explain my excitement. She has done some incredible work around this topic of negative self-talk. If you’re not following WANT or the WANTcast – hurry.

What do you think? Ready to affirm yourself, compliment others, and see how it effects your holiday cheer?

Your challenge this week is as follows… 

Monday and Tuesday : Write down 10 affirmations. 

Wednesday and Thursday: Read the list at least 3x each day. 

Friday and Saturday: Compliment at least one person each day. With a REAL one, like discussed in this post- not just a “I like your shirt!”. 

Sunday: Work on your next list, say the list another couple times, and challenge yourself to compliment even more. And check back for week 3 of the holiday self-care tips! 

And if cooking is a form of self-care for you and since we’re in the thick of the holiday entertaining… here are a couple recipes from the archives you might enjoy! 

Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Mocha 

Cranberry Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

holiday self care tips


cranberry beet detox smoothie.

I’ve been using Love Beets for quite some time because all of their beet products are DELICIOUS and have become a staple in my fridge. I’m really excited to partner with them in creating this super simple and seasonally inspired smoothie.

I feel like the holidays provide you plentyyyy to do. Like, go choose a christmas tree, “oooo and ahhhh” at christmas lights, wrap presents, bake cookies, etc.

Cooking beets and cleaning up the aftermath?  Eh, not on my holiday to do list, to be honest. Side note- if you know of a way to cook beets that isn’t messy, hit. me. up.

I’m a firm believer in EASE. I personally love to cook, and enjoy spending time in the kitchen, but not everyone does. That’s why I want to prove that simple, healthy recipes (and products!) exist for the more novice chef.

Speaking of cooking, this AM smoothie doesn’t quite qualify. It takes only 5 minutes, is packed with beets, apples, and cranberries (hello, seasonal!) AND has a kick to it with cinnamon and ginger.

beet and cranberry detox smoothie

this smoothie’s got spice! 

not going to lie, the addition of ginger and cinnamon give this cranberry beet smoothie a kick! especially with naturally tart cranberries.

the banana and beets mellow out the spice, and add a sweetness without added sugars. just adjust the amount of ginger to your liking! 

beet and cranberry detox smoothie

Lastly, the balancing benefits.

Beets are great for blood purification and liver detox (too many glasses of bubbly at that holiday party?) ginger is amazing for digestion, cinnamon great for regulating blood sugar (cravings), and cranberries and powerhouses for antioxidants.

That said, holiday treats happen. And they should! I think depriving yourself is NOT a good idea at all. It’s not loving to your body, and only leads to negative thought patterns around food and social times. No good. 

Just eat the treats mindfully, savor and enjoy them! And then balance it all out with an AM dose of fruits and veggies. Like this smoothie.

I’ve noticed that by starting the day with real, whole foods, I typically gravitate toward more pure foods for the remainder of the day. And if I don’t, oops! Start fresh tomorrow with another incredible smoothie.

Typically in the winter people opt for warm oatmeal bowls and quinoa porridges on chilly mornings. I still crave my mason jars full of chilly smoothies. Can’t help it. It’s a routine I’ve established and can’t seem to shake.

I find that by adding the warming spices, like cinnamon and turmeric, it makes my winter breakfasts feel more… festive (plus these spices are just so good for you).

beet and cranberry detox smoothie

If you’re on the lookout for Love Beets products and are curious what to try first, of course the organic cooked beets are a favorite of mine. I keep them stocked for smoothies like this recipe as well as slice them up as a salad topping.

I also enjoy Love Beets juices and their white wine and balsamic beets, too. Check out all their beets here. 

Also be sure to follow Love Beets on Instagram! And if you try this recipe, comment below, or tag me on IG! 

beet and cranberry detox smoothie

Beet and Cranberry Detox Smoothie
  1. 2 Love Beets Organic Cooked Beets
  2. ½ cup of fresh cranberries
  3. 1 banana
  4. ½ apple (honeycrisp or gala is delicious!)
  5. 8 oz. water
  6. 1 tablespoon hemp or chia seeds
  7. ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  8. ½ teaspoon ground ginger
  9. pinch of nutmeg
  10. 3-4 ice cubes
  1. Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth.
kalein it http://kaleinit.com/

beet and cranberry detox smoothie

beet and cranberry detox smoothie

** this post sponsored by Love Beets, however all opinions are my own **