A lot of you all know I moved into a new apartment in February, and for those of you who sent congrats and checked in on the moving process- thank you!! 

After taking some time to settle in, I wanted to share a couple ways I’ve made the new space feel more like home!

I’m thrilled with the new apartment, not only because it’s mine (thanks pops for letting me crash while I worked my butt off on GOOD for a few months!), but also because I now have the chance to be mindful about the new products and “things” I purchase to fill the space. 

I really wanted to have less “stuff”. I didn’t bring my entire closet, in fact I probably cut that in half (more on my minimalist mindset with clothing in this post), and I finally parted with the million worn out t shirts and no-longer-loved leggings. 

In addition to less junk, I wanted to make my home feel healthier and more sustainable.

boll and branch kaleinit

I think many times health begins with food. The desire to live more consciously or to use cleaner ingredients and products may first start with the transition to organic spinach and berries, then slowly beauty and household cleaning products, and then finally everything from the furniture you decorate with to the bedsheets you sleep on each night. Truly any purchase can be a more compassionate, holistic or all around more mindful choice, it just takes a bit of research and time. 

I’m realizing that literally everything I purchase is essentially, a vote.  It’s the ballot I cast to the big bad world of marketing ($$) about what I’m willing to buy and support. 

Listen, as someone with a marketing background I can tell you that there’s a reason fast fashion, disgraceful factory conditions, chemicals / toxins in make up and processed foods exist…

…They make the process less expensive and therefore more profitable. That’s it. And at the expense of your health or the employees who work to create the products. Not good. 

I really wanted to find a balance between making my new home feel beautiful and comfortable, and do this consciously. Enter Boll and Branch. 

boll and branch kaleinit

I knew I wanted to start with the bedroom as its a place to recharge and rest. Rest is critical to your health. That could be a post in itself. 

I notice such a difference when my sleep pattern is regular and I get to bed before11pm. I’ve already made a rule (with myself) that my laptop does not enter the threshold of the bedroom, ha! Silly? Maybe- but it works. 

That said, I wanted to be sure that my bedroom felt relaxing and was filled with products I could believe in and trust. Like Boll and branch bedding that is luxuriously soft and cozy, and made with organic cotton and is fair trade certified. To read more about Boll and Branch, and their values as a company – read more here. 

I highly suggest you read more about fair trade, what it means when a product is certified fair trade, and the lengthy, difficult that process brands go through to receive this stamp of conscious approval. 

boll and branch kaleinit

Ralph is also enjoying his new conscious home

Here are 3 ways I make my bedroom feel more tranquil, as well as healthy, conscious and sustainable. 


I talk a lot about the power of a green smoothie, but this time, I’m talking plant-based decor. House plants are amazing for purifying the air and bringing life to a room. 

I bought a ton of succulents and a cat palm which feels tropical and gives the room a more boho look. 

I’m becoming a proud plant-lady, and although I’ve always kind of sucked at keeping plants alive, I’m determined. 

I love walking into my bedroom and seeing something bright, fresh, and green, and a room full of natural life. Like I mentioned above, since moving in I’ve REFUSED to bring my laptop into my  bedroom and it’s made all the difference in maintaining my routine and the tranquility of my bedroom. 



My pink salt lamp is my second favorite in my room. Also fantastic for purifying the air, the lamp is also meant to improve sleep and moods. I have found my sleep quality is better with the lamp, and you can read more about the benefits of this home accessory here. 


 Boll and Branch helped me put together this beautiful bed look using their organic sheets (I LOVE the shore color) as well as a soft white duvet and cozy knit throw to complete the bed look. I filled the bed with tons of pillows and Euro shams so when I head in for a good nights sleep, it 

There’s something about sleeping on organic cotton that makes sense to me. You eat wholesome food, you can use clean, non-toxic beauty and skincare products on your body, why not wrap yourself in organic cotton after a shower or lay on soft organic sheets while you sleep? 

It’s the next choice that takes a mindful, sustainable or compassionate lifestyle a step… further. It wasn’t my first step in living well (food was), but I’m enjoying learning about new products and brands who value this lifestyle and transcend it’s message and beliefs beyond the food. 

Boll and branch has many sustainable options for the bedroom (and bathroom) with simple, timeless bedding in a variety of gorgeous colors. Shop one of my favorites, the shore colored sheet set, here.  Their team is incredible helpful in answering any questions around style, organic cotton, as well as their process and mission to change the textile industry. 

boll and branch kaleinit

boll and branch kaleinit

boll and branch kaleinit

boll and branch kaleinit

Shop my Boll and Branch Bed Look:

Duvet Cover

Shore Sheet Set

Banded White / Shore Standard Sham

Hemmed White Euro Shams

Grey Cable Knit Throw

I was gifted the Boll and Branch products featured in this post, but all opinions are my own. 


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