blackberry vanilla spritzer || cheers!


sorry for missing mocktail FRI-yay. but here we are on saturday. this time of year is full of festivities. in fact, i have two parties tonight! so it’s fitting that i write a quick mocktail post even if slightly late. however, because i have an app to make + my hair is in desperate need of a blow dryer, i won’t get lengthy. cause i wouldn’t want to keep you from your plans either, duh.

although typically regarded as a summer fruit, berries of all varieties are my favorite. the jewel tones, especially of a dark juicy blackberry remind me of this time of year as well.

because it felt more casual, i served mine in a mason jar with fresh thyme for garnish + my new favorite polka dot straws. 

this deep purple blackberry vanilla spritzer is just sweet enough with the tartness from the berries. +although a mocktail, a little vodka would go along with it jussttttt fine. 

how to make this mocktail:

1. muddle 2-3 blackberries in glass

2. add teaspoon agave nectar

3. add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla

4. fill with ice

5. top with seltzer water + garnish with more blackberries + a sprig of thyme. 

whatever your holiday plans this weekend, remember to stay positive, grateful, have fun, + remember it’s about balance. cheers!!!


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