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happy humpday everyone!
it’s been a crazy week for me- sunday ended up with a surprise emergency surgery (what!) and I’ve been exhausted and recovering since. thank you all for the well wishes on instagram! xo.
it was absolutely humbling and thankfully, I’m ok now! a scary reminder of how much I value my health and how grateful I am that my body spoke to me when something was going on so that I could get myself help quickly!
but moving along from surgery- how about another week of blogger babes?!
today I’m featuring Carina Wolff. I found her on instagram and fell in love with her username (@kalememaybe) because really, who doesn’t love a kale pun. I quickly fell in love with her colorful healthy food as well. she’s a passionate writer, self taught chef and now cookbook author! this California girl fills us in on her journey to healthy eating and how her blog developed into a cookbook you can now purchase!


K- How would you describe your diet? Vegetarian? Gluten free?  Something in between?

C: I don’t put labels on my diet, but the best way to describe it is mostly-plant-based, clean-eating! Although I ultimately will eat a little bit of everything here and there, I cook mostly vegetarian or vegan at home and often gluten-free as well.

K- I love your name, obviously! We know we both love our kale, but what are your other favorites greens/veggies to cook with?

C- It’s hard to beat kale! But there are so many other yummy greens I would never limit myself! Some of my favorites are arugula, spinach, collard greens, and dandelion greens. 

vegn mexican fries carina.jpeg

Vegan Mexican Fries from


K- Tell us bit about your background? When did you start to become passionate about eating healthy and developing recipes?

C I grew up in a household that emphasized health food, and I hated it! My mom would always serve me sandwiches on whole wheat bread and we never had junk food, so I would go to my friends’ houses and go crazy eating all the candy and snacks they had. At that time I didn’t understand anything about nutrition, nor did I care. It wasn’t until I was in college taking care of myself that I began to educate myself on the right foods to eat. I was really paranoid about gaining “The Freshman 15,” so I learned what foods were healthy and began cooking for myself.
I realized there was so much to learn, and I started to become passionate about creating delicious tasting dishes out of these healthy foods. I was a journalism and psychology major at the time, and I had always loved writing about mental health, but I decided I wanted to take the time to also spread knowledge about health and nutrition through my writing.

“I started the blog as more of a portfolio for my nutrition writing, but then it took a life of its own! People were actually following what I was doing, and that just made me want to write and create more.”


K- You’ve recently finished your first cookbook! Amazing! Tell us a bit about the recipes and how you made the decision to take that next step!

C- Thank you! It actually was one of those life moments that fell into place for me. After college, I began working full time at a health and beauty PR agency. Although it was a wonderful learning experience, public relations wasn’t my passion. I began freelance writing and doing my blog on the side, but I was working way too much and felt burnt out. I told myself I was going to take the plunge to freelance full time when Adams Media reached out to me looking for an author for a spiralizer cookbook. They had found my recipes online, and they wanted to know if I was interested!
I ended up leaving my 9-5, writing the cookbook, and committing to freelancing full time thereafter, and it has been the best decision I ever made in my life! I was so scared to take on the responsibility, and even more scared to leave my job, but once I did it, life just continued to get better and better. 

carina spiralizer cookbook

Carina’s new cookbook!!


I discovered spiralizing a few years ago, and I was lucky to jump on the trend before it was as huge as it is now, which helped put my recipes on the map. The book includes all sorts of recipes for any dietary restriction, whether you’re a vegan, Paleo, or even nothing!

K- Any advice for bloggers who want to branch out and take on a new project like that?Whether it be video, a book, an e-course, etc.

C- Trust yourself, and work very, very hard! I no doubt want to do another cookbook, but I know I need to take a break in between because of how much work it was! I was working day in and day out endlessly putting this book together. You can ask any of my friends – they didn’t see me for a long, long time. 

“Put in the work, believe you can do it, but ultimately, make sure you still practice self-care and do the other things you love.”


K- How would you define balance? What are some of the ways you live a balanced lifestyle?

C- Balance is everything. You need to work hard, but if you work all the time and you can’t enjoy yourself, what is the point of living? I find time to fit in my work, whether it be in the early mornings of the weekend or in the evenings before I go out, but I make sure I workout almost everyday, see the people I love, and sometimes, just relax. This also means I will occasionally get an ice cream or eat nachos, and I don’t feel guilty about it. I take care of myself over all. If I don’t workout one day, it’s not the end of the world because I live an active lifestyle. In addition to going to classes, I spend time walking outside or going to the beach. It’s all about incorporating the right habits into your routine so you allow room for fun things too. 

K- What are some of your favorite ways to stay fit?

C- I love yoga! It makes your body feel so fit and loose, and it’s a great way to relax the mind. I also have recently been really into barre classes. When I’m not doing those classes at YogaWorks, I love going on hikes, beach walks, or doing the Santa Monica Stairs. 

K- Lastly, how can we stay connected to you on social media?

Facebook: Kale Me Maybe
Instagram: @kalememaybe
Twitter: @wolffcar

 pretty amazing, right? I love that Carina trusted her gut and went after her passion. check her blog for tons of healthy recipes. I always find inspiration from her dishes!



  1. June 15, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    Carina’s Instagram is absolutely beautiful, and I love her philosophies on health, balance and living your dreams! I am so excited for her cookbook–I’ll be on the lookout for it!

    • June 15, 2016 / 9:02 pm

      aw thank you! It’s actually out now if you want to check it out 🙂 xx

  2. June 15, 2016 / 9:00 pm

    Thanks for interviewing me Kate! Love your page as well. So happy we connected!!

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