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blogger babes kaleinit

a new blog series is coming!

starting wednesday I’ll be featuring Q+A convos I put together with some bloggers I’ve connected with in the health and wellness blogisphere. they all have different backgrounds, creative focus, and long term goals. but what they have in common is that they inspired me with their message and purpose. they’re all extremely talented.

I have been FASCINATED with bloggers and blogging long before I started my own blog. ask my dear friend and roommate in college, Rachel. I remember reading her an introductory post for a blog I originally wanted to pursue.

I actually had a few blog concepts prior to Kalein It that THANK GOD I didn’t follow through with. I wasn’t passionate enough about the topics, wasn’t prepared, blah blah. it was for the best. and hey, it’s the creative process.

but the thing I love most about blogging?

there is always something new to learn.

i’ve been blogging for about a year, and wow have things changed. I’d link one of the original posts but I rather not embarrass myself.

over the course of a year I’ve learned a great deal about things I was originally clueless.  I’ve become my own graphic designer, programmer, editor (not my best), photographer, chef of course, food stylist, marketer and general hustler.

oh, and I write.

writing was most definitely my first passion. when you begin blogging you believe it’s a lot of writing – which is accurate. it’s a lot of writing and a hell of a lot of everything else. you wear a lot of hats.

i absolutely love it.

and through extensive research (ie: pinterest articles, podcasts, ebooks, printed books, magazines, conversation) – I’ve found that many bloggers relate. the overwhelming learning curve is normal. phew!

in addition, bloggers share a common thread of having a story, a passion, or an idea that they NEED to get out into the world.

mine? my belief that weaknesses aren’t necessarily weaknesses – but rather a catalyst to discover your strengths. mental illness, eating disorders, past mistakes, shitty habits, anything negative you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing doesn’t define you or determine your worth.

mix this greater goal and message with my love of eating healthy and plant based food (it balances my mood), exercise (I prefer yoga) and mindful living… boom. kalein it.

first up, this week I’ll be featuring Meg Doll of Meg the R.H.N! 

Meg is gorgeous both inside and out. I recently answered her questions in her new Freedom Friday series as well!

Meg specializes in eating disorder recovery when working with her clients.

I’m so happy to have connected with her through social media, and I can not wait for you to hear more about her work as a blogger!



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  1. May 30, 2016 / 3:15 pm

    Wow, this is so exciting!!! I am really looking forward to reading all of the Q&A’s with these amazing bloggers. I love that blogging helps you connect with your readers in such a different way than writing a book series or a newsletter. It’s really nice that you can share a lot of cool things but also talk about really personal subjects if you would like to. I’m trying to make an effort to use my blog as a communal platform rather than just talking about me me me at the moment!

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