Well guys, there’s no denying I’ve been absent lately. Like, I missed all the awesome obligatory New Year reflection post opportunities which I was genuinely pumped to write. That said, it’s always goal of mine to BRING MORE to this blog and to produce more content. But that’s the thing…we are always looking at our output. What we can produce, give, contribute, and accessing how to be everywhere all the time. My energy to post has been lacking for the past few weeks. I’ve been feeling kind of guilty about it, and telling myself I SHOULD… View Post

I’m veering a bit off course with this blog post because I’ve been dying to write about college, education, work ethic, and the age old question of “what’s my calling?”, since seeing posts about the education system from ladies I admire and adore, Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential, and Christina Rice, of Addicted to Lovely. I’ll link their blog posts later don’t worry, because you must read. For now stick with me as I share my story and my thoughts on higher education since removed from the university setting. So, did you go to college? If yes, Did you bust… View Post

so, before we dive into this post let me start by saying…. It’s NOT an anti-vegan blog post (for those of you who follow and read along for the plant based recipes). It’s PRO eating disorder awareness and recovery.  It is about dangerous eating disorders and finding the willingness to recover and live in a way that is best for YOU, and YOUR BODY. It’s also about a book I enjoyed by the always inspiring blogger, Jordan Younger.  Ever since I found Jordan’s blog, The Balanced Blonde, I’ve been interested in reading her book, Breaking Vegan.… View Post

The podcasts I listen to don’t take themselves TOO seriously. The women (+ Micheal) who host the podcasts may tackle serious topics on occasion, but above all they keep it real, relatable and entertaining. That’s why I’m hooked on podcasts. Podcasts get me away from the TV and computer screen. They don’t feel the same as a flood of Pinterest articles that constantly remind me of all the things I could still be doing to improve my blog. Sidenote, does anyone ever get overwhelmed by all those?? I now get as excited to listen to… View Post

opening a restaurant is no easy feat. imagine opening a vegan restaurant in new jersey. I have always been fascinated by the process, inspired by the risk that these small business owners make, and always curious- how do people do it!? It requires fantastic food, solid staff, inviting decor, a well developed brand and message. it’s a lot. so when I heard a new vegan and gluten free cafe was opening right in my neighborhood I was thrilled. there are few vegan restaurants in new jersey. and certainly NOTHING like Heart Beet Kitchen in southern NJ… View Post

    happy humpday everyone!   it’s been a crazy week for me- sunday ended up with a surprise emergency surgery (what!) and I’ve been exhausted and recovering since. thank you all for the well wishes on instagram! xo.   it was absolutely humbling and thankfully, I’m ok now! a scary reminder of how much I value my health and how grateful I am that my body spoke to me when something was going on so that I could get myself help quickly!   but moving along from surgery- how about another week of blogger babes?!  … View Post

last week I featured Meg, and today our blogger babe is another passionate blogger hoping to make change! Valeria of Water Thru Skin is a traveler, vegan, yogi, and all around beautiful person. Her blog features her compassionate lifestyle, as she researches and reviews various eco-conscious, sustainable, and vegan friendly products.From clothing to make up, to eco resorts, she covers the compassionate lifestyle. I love browsing her travel photos as well! She reviews various eco-resorts around the world, shedding light on sustainable tourism. she found her niche, and she kills it! read more about her journey… View Post

meet meg. I connected with Meg through social media, and she’s quite possibly the sweetest human. I love her work, her podcast and the clientele she works with… I’ll let her fill you in! enjoy the first “blogger babes” feature! K: Hi Meg! First off, tell us a bit about yourself, your background and what you do in the health/wellness field? M: Hello! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today! I am completely honored! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Meg Doll and I am… View Post

a new blog series is coming! starting wednesday I’ll be featuring Q+A convos I put together with some bloggers I’ve connected with in the health and wellness blogisphere. they all have different backgrounds, creative focus, and long term goals. but what they have in common is that they inspired me with their message and purpose. they’re all extremely talented. I have been FASCINATED with bloggers and blogging long before I started my own blog. ask my dear friend and roommate in college, Rachel. I remember reading her an introductory post for a blog I originally wanted to… View Post

    Palm trees, sunshine, and sparkling pools surrounded by sunbathers. Thinking of a vacation?? My college experience comes to mind. I was very fortunate to spend four years at Arizona State University for undergrad. A gorgeous campus, far from home, with a ton of new people to meet. One of which I need to introduce you to!   Everyone, meet Gourmet Gab! Gabriela Rodiles is a foodie and blogger who I was very lucky to meet in college. In fact, we were roommates one year! She’s not only a kind friend, but she’s got… View Post