i am overjoyed to be walking as a role model for Wear Your Label at their NYCFW debut  tomorrow! beyond overjoyed, i am humbled. i am thrilled not only because the experience is incredible, exciting + once in a lifetime (for non-model folk like myself)- but because i believe so deeply in what they are accomplishing as a brand. through this blog i too wanted to contribute to the discussion regarding mental health + in my own small way encourage positive habits. i planned to share my story, be myself + hopefully help others along… View Post

my yoga mat is where i feel the most mindful & present. it is the place i finally slow down. slowing down is something i struggled with for years. however, yoga reverses that. i can not believe the benefits of this moving meditation + how it has changed my outlook on myself, my body, + my spirituality. i may not be able to do the crazy advanced moves, but i have a deeper appreciation of my capabilities + strengths because of my yoga practice. who do i have to thank? meet Courtney, who i must introduce… View Post

hi there! i’m Kate. a bit over a month ago, i started an instagram account cleverly titled, (in my opinion), @she_be_kalein_em .   what does it mean to “kale” it? to me, it’s not just the leafy green veggie that has sparked a phenomenon, or a way to rephrase lyrics to fit a healthy food account. although i love kale, i also love the feeling i get when eating & fueling my body with foods that are pure. this means whole foods, with fresh ingredients. when “kale-in’ it” i feel more strong & capable both in body & mind – a… View Post