You’re probably wondering where this blog title came from and how a day trip to NYC relates to dental care. And since I’m based 1.5 hours from NYC, you may also be thinking “are there no dentists near her?!?” Well, there are. But nothing like Floss Bar. So let’s start with a bit of background. Floss Bar invited me up to New York to check out their Union Square location and enjoy an on the house teeth cleaning. I made a day of it, because NYC in December? Sign me up! So festive and fun to… View Post

Let’s get right to it… Christmas is around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you haven’t even started your shopping! I’m excited to share some of the brands and products I’ve grown to love and trust. While this post is not sponsored, it contains affiliate links. I think everything included would make incredible gifts, and I hope one of them works as the ultimate gift for your mama, your sister, wellness-obsessed BFF, or… yourself! Put it this way, everything listed is something I’d love to see under my tree!  STOCKING STUFFERS My stocking… View Post

Ah, sleeeeepppp. Truly the best medicine. I remember when I was younger and in college, (and believed I was invinsible) I thought sleep was just something I’d do when I had to, and I’d stay up super late all the time. I was always a night owl and still am if I don’t consciously prioritize my sleep! But now, I CHERISH sleep. Love it, look forward to it, and take full advantage of every minute I can get some shut eye! The reason I created a PM routine is because it translates to my AM… View Post

I used to FEAR going out without a little makeup on. Something, anything – a touch of concealer and mascara at the very least. And I didn’t wear it because I particularly loved applying makeup or had fun doing so, it was simply because my skin wasn’t clear.  While I did not have acne, throughout college I would have breakouts that left me feeling super self conscious and I’d cover them with makeup as a way to mask the blemishes. But what happens when you relay on concealer and foundation rather than prioritize skincare? Your… View Post

Woah, November is in full swing! When did this happen? Anyone else noticing their schedules are already filling with plenty of holiday “stuff”? Family festivities, “Friendsgiving” celebrations and office get togethers? I love this time of year, but it’s certainly social – which means I’d like to look your best. In the Fall and Winter, you may notice you hair feels more weak, dry, and generally more difficult to style. This is due to the change in temperatures and the fact that there is less moisture in the air during these months. Combine the wintery… View Post

Well, I think it’s safe to say Summer is out and Fall is totally in! I’m a little bummed about it, considering sunshine, trips to the farmer’s market and beach days are some of my favorite things. But fall flavors are in full effect, I’ve got plenty of holiday recipes to perfect, and I’ve been enjoying the fresh chill in the air. **This post was created in partnership with Pureology. All opinions are my own.**   Want to know what else is fresh this season? My hair care routine. My hair has been receiving lots… View Post

HEYYY, Long time no check in. Like usual life (and summer) are flying by! I often get asked what would be a good substitute for an ingredient. We get used to what should be in a dish but what if I told you that Mac and Cheese can be made with cashews or butternut squash and some nutritional yeast – say wha??? And still delicious? Yes.  Today I’m breaking down 12 Dairy Free Swaps for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and even Dessert.  Let’s start with WHY dairy-free? It’s entirely a personal choice. Some do it… View Post

I’m often asked the question “what does recovery feel like?” What does it look like? How does it smell / taste? …Ok I don’t get that one. But much like any city, movie, food or situation you have yet to experience first hand, it’s almost impossible to truly relate to it. It’s hard to KNOW what it’s going to be like – what to prepare for, and how to decipher if you’ve reached it-  and I understand that. But trust me, it’s a new sensory experience.  I can’t help but be reminded of a scene from… View Post

ways to take care of yourself on sundaze. i loveeee me some self care. we all need to indulge in it. it allows us to recharge for the week and shake off any stress. and if you’re a creative trying to balance “real life” work and creative outlets/passions (in my case, the blog) then you DESERVE it. moms do. students do. dogs do. we all need self care. shit, grab your dog and cuddle – that’s one of my favorite ways to de-stress. I found that when I began setting time aside for myself, my moods remained… View Post

I’m not sure about you guys, but I love reading “day in the life” posts from bloggers! I’m always fascinated by their routines, what they eat, and how they structure their work day especially if they are self employed or have unconventional schedules. I partnered with Snap Kitchen to show you what a day of eating Snap Kitchen looked like (and tasted like) from AM – PM. Snacks, juices, and 3 delicious meals later, I’m happy I took the challenge of eating strictly Snap Kitchen for a day, and not having to cook was the… View Post

Aloha, loves! I had to – I’m in an Aloha mindset right now because I’m reviewing my new -er, actually, I’ve used them for a while – favorite brand, ALOHA. They switched their look recently, so it feels new to me, and I think it’s gorgeous.  But before I geek out over packaging like I tend to do…let’s talk protein. Specifically what I try to avoid when looking for a plant based protein, and how ALOHA’s protein is the bomb. They make plant based protein-packed products (say that five times) that are really, freakin good.  First,… View Post