Ahhhh the dreaded chill of winter. I find that post-holidays- the brisk air is no longer festive and fun, it’s just draining! January and February tend to drag and although I get sick far less often then I used to (hey, probiotics thanks!) I do find they when I come down with something -it’s usually this time of year.  The old me would just grab some cold medicine, cough drops and throat spray over the counter. Yuck. Not only is everything in those temporary remedies unnatural and unnecessary- it doesn’t cure anything.  The body speaks to you-… View Post

fast meal prep for sunday. does Sunday have you thinking about your week ahead? same here! it also has me thinking about how I have little to no time to be cooking (odd for a food blogger…) but true, and don’t want to sacrifice eating well.  healthy food is a MUST for me, so this idea for a blog post stemmed my need for fast meal prep based on my crammed schedule right now and the fact that I don’t love spending all day portioning out food in containers. Ok, here’s a glimpse of what I’m juggling currently… kaleinit.com… View Post

I consider Sunday to be the least judgmental day of the week. just think about it… last Sunday did you  A). stay in your pajamas all day reading and cuddling with a pet? – great! B). be productive and reorganize your closet, prep a week of meals, and scrub your tub? – fine! (and feel free to do the same at my place…) or did you C). spend the day out and about? maybe you explored a farmer’s market, met a date for brunch, shopped till you dropped, went to spin class…. Good for you! see what I mean? anything… View Post

when it’s summer time… like 90 degrees and muggy here in Philly, there’s NO time for baking. why turn on the oven when you can have a frozen dessert instead? today I’m sharing this 5 step peanut butter pies with chocolate drizzle recipe. these small individual size pies were not only yummy, but perfectly portioned. they are vegan, gluten free, no bake and simple to put together. since they are frozen, it was easy to have dessert for the week as i would just take one out and let it thaw for a few minutes. I was… View Post

no time for child’s pose, people! sometimes you want to kick it up a notch. some yogis think HOT YOGA when they envision an intense yoga class, but there are simple ways to add extra strength to any style class, or during your home practice. are you still developing your home yoga routine? check this post for my tips on making a home yoga sanctuary. or, head outside! when I’m short on time I’ll roll out my mat, add these moves, and then check off both strength and yoga at one time. easy! be careful on hot… View Post

  hi, I’m Kate, and I’m a cookbook-aholic. I LOVE them. I can sit down with tea and a great hardcover cookbook and savor it like a novel. the photography, the food styling, the description of the dish and preparation. I know I sound like a weirdo for fawning over cookbooks, but seriously, it’s an experience. they’re also handy references for the kitchen. I love the inspiration they provide. who knows, maybe I love cookbooks because I dream of writing my own one day. today, I’m sharing my five favorite vegan/vegetarian cookbooks. this was tough, I… View Post

don’t you just love a speedy recipe? i’m here with a quick, five minute recipe that will impress ANYONE. having girlfriends over? make THIS. why? cause not only is it the opposite of labor intensive, it feels gourmet. lately i’ve been really into making my food feel fancy. even my snacks I want to feel kind of – special. I found that taking that extra minute to garnish a dish, add some lemon zest, or a drizzle of olive oil just takes it up a notch and makes the experience more enjoyable. but how do you accomplish this… View Post

hey kale-ers! yes corny, but I feel somewhat rude not greeting readers when they join me for a blog post. so, awkward greeting aside, welcome. this post is a little glimpse into my daily routine as well as a chance to shed light on the benefits of some healthy ingredients.  i often joke with friends and family that my liquid rotation is almost as important as my choice of foods. i am always trying new drinks and adding new ones to my daily lineup. green teas, wheat grass shots, iced coffees, smoothies, juices, i pretty much always have some kind of… View Post

5 quick tips focused on my favorite green! the kale chip. once a phenomenon, still well known and extremely overpriced in grocery stores. i walk by small packages of kale chips for 8 dollars! say whaaaa? buy a bundle of kale and bake some! well, when i first made kale chips i did it all wrong. they were soggy, burnt, or just too weird. through many batches of kale chips i have discovered my 5 tricks to follow when on the pursuit of the perfect crisp.   1. dry as a bone. after washing the kale and… View Post

5 quick tips.  perhaps a bit ironic that i’m speeding through this topic seeing as the essence is slowing down.  new to meditation? still think it’s too hippy-dippy for you? well, it’s not. in fact, before learning the benefits of meditation, I too was a non-believer. however, due to the amount of resources (guided youtube videos, apps such as headspace) and the growing popularity among celebrities and athletes, meditation is becoming more mainstream. those monks were on to something… but what if you are willing, ready and curious about meditation but can’t seem to figure out where… View Post

green smoothies are here for the new year! these cups of green goodness have been all over my instagram feed since the beginning. above are some examples, not even counting the smoothie bowls! but with 2016 resolutions and the urge to detox after holiday feasting, i’m sure you’re seeing them everywhere. if you’ve been interested in a diet based on more plant based foods, i’m sure you have done your research. getting more fruit, leafy greens and fiber are really good for you. no brainer. i’m here to provide you some tips that i’ve learned along… View Post