5 quick tips focused on my favorite green! the kale chip. once a phenomenon, still well known and extremely overpriced in grocery stores. i walk by small packages of kale chips for 8 dollars! say whaaaa? buy a bundle of kale and bake some! well, when i first made kale chips i did it all wrong. they were soggy, burnt, or just too weird. through many batches of kale chips i have discovered my 5 tricks to follow when on the pursuit of the perfect crisp.   1. dry as a bone. after washing the kale and… View Post

5 quick tips.  perhaps a bit ironic that i’m speeding through this topic seeing as the essence is slowing down.  new to meditation? still think it’s too hippy-dippy for you? well, it’s not. in fact, before learning the benefits of meditation, I too was a non-believer. however, due to the amount of resources (guided youtube videos, apps such as headspace) and the growing popularity among celebrities and athletes, meditation is becoming more mainstream. those monks were on to something… but what if you are willing, ready and curious about meditation but can’t seem to figure out where… View Post

green smoothies are here for the new year! these cups of green goodness have been all over my instagram feed since the beginning. above are some examples, not even counting the smoothie bowls! but with 2016 resolutions and the urge to detox after holiday feasting, i’m sure you’re seeing them everywhere. if you’ve been interested in a diet based on more plant based foods, i’m sure you have done your research. getting more fruit, leafy greens and fiber are really good for you. no brainer. i’m here to provide you some tips that i’ve learned along… View Post

i wish i could get everyone to try yoga. it’s becoming wildly more popular (woohoo!) + mindfulness is a hot topic as well. it’s amazing to see this shift as more people become accepting to try yoga.  i’m super excited (like,beyond excited) to be starting my yoga teacher training in 2016. i want to immerse myself even more in the practice + continue to bring the knowledge i gain into other areas of life. i really aspire to help others through teaching someday as well. so, i wanted to share 5 ways yoga has changed… View Post