ok, let me start by saying I’m by no means a “beauty blogger”. However, I have tremendous respect for beauty bloggers because they search far and wide for the very best bronzers, blenders and more.  I mean… have you seen their mountain high stacks of eye shadow palettes and YouTube contouring tutorials? For real- mad respect. Those how-to videos take time and help a hell of a lot of ladies (like myself) who don’t know a thing when it comes to applying, blending and highlighting. Makeup is an art, I’m just no artist. It’s definitely a beautiful… View Post

recently I’ve been very interested in learning how to “holistic-fy” my daily routines. Holistic-fy is totally a word, right? what I mean by that is finding ways to make daily habits more holistic, natural, pure, and whole. like skincare and make up for example. or food of course. even nail care and hair care can be done more holistically. and now I’m taking it a step further…oral health. there are a few germs in your mouth if you haven’t heard. like a ton. around 500-600 species of bacteria, actually. and it’s almost impossible to put a clear and… View Post

want to know what I’m all about? feeling your BEST. this could mean dramatic make up or barefaced, straight hair or curly, freckled or tan, you decide! playing up your natural beauty and taking care of yourself to feel confident is a “kalein it” move. when we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, we live well. but, what about the animal testing!? what about the crazy chemicals and random ingredients we can’t pronounce? That stuff in the beauty industry, I’m not about. today I’m sharing 5 everyday cruelty free products I use that are… View Post