Ahhhh the dreaded chill of winter. I find that post-holidays- the brisk air is no longer festive and fun, it’s just draining! January and February tend to drag and although I get sick far less often then I used to (hey, probiotics thanks!) I do find they when I come down with something -it’s usually this time of year.  The old me would just grab some cold medicine, cough drops and throat spray over the counter. Yuck. Not only is everything in those temporary remedies unnatural and unnecessary- it doesn’t cure anything.  The body speaks to you-… View Post

Well guys, there’s no denying I’ve been absent lately. Like, I missed all the awesome obligatory New Year reflection post opportunities which I was genuinely pumped to write. That said, it’s always goal of mine to BRING MORE to this blog and to produce more content. But that’s the thing…we are always looking at our output. What we can produce, give, contribute, and accessing how to be everywhere all the time. My energy to post has been lacking for the past few weeks. I’ve been feeling kind of guilty about it, and telling myself I SHOULD… View Post

the most last minute gift guide…ever?? T minus 5 days until Christmas and here I am giving you gift ideas?? Well, I haven’t done my shopping yet, and in case you’re in the same boat, here are some products I just absolutely adore. All of them promote health and wellness (obviously) but most of them also give back, utilize sustainable resources and material, or stand for a cause. Remember the reason for the season!! I thought about not posting this guide but then remembered the plethora of random gift cards and cash you could be… View Post

Brrr. It’s officially winter and I’m COLD. Why do I always seem shocked when winter rolls around and temps drop? Am I the only one who goes, “WTF it’s soooo cold” as if it’s never happened before? Just wondering…  Anyway, I’ll be whipping up all the warm soups I can this week. The carrot ginger soup below is featured in the Winter membership of The GOOD SCTY!  Materials (recipes, meal planning tips, private FB group access, giveaways, grocery guides, and more) will be released on January 1 (ahhhh, I wonder what marketing team came up with that one!) And… View Post

Guys, holidays are weird. They stir up a lot of emotion in people. That’s why I thought some holiday self care tips would do us some good. This time of year, there’s joy, cheer, tradition and a lot of love. It’s beautiful and contagious and just plain awesome. But if we’re getting real, all that excitement can be a bit draining- it’s A LOT  to make every holiday party, see every loved one, pick all the perfect gifts to give friends and family, effortlessly wrap them like you’re Martha freakin’ Stewart, and stay healthy and happy (and rested!)… View Post

Ah!! Mindful eating. One of my FAVORITE topics. This book is one I could not wait to review. I truly have NEVER found a book that so closely shares my feelings toward food, body image, and the importance of setting an intention behind each meal. Cassandra Bodzak has been someone I follow for awhile- I found her when I first started blogging on Instagram and fell in love with what she stands for. She makes meditation and mindfulness approachable – which I love.   For those of you unfamiliar, Cassandra is a meditation teacher, kundalini yoga… View Post

ever wonder what us bloggers do all day?? I’ve heard that one before, so this post is to provide you a glimpse of my typical day! News flash- it’s not all that glamorous, but I do try to prioritize my health and fitness every day, no excuses! I partnered with Amazfit to show a day in my life (there’s a lot of food, a lot of typing away on my computer, and some fitness involved). Amazfit offers fitness trackers that are the lightest on the market, making them super comfortable and easy to wear all day.… View Post

I’m veering a bit off course with this blog post because I’ve been dying to write about college, education, work ethic, and the age old question of “what’s my calling?”, since seeing posts about the education system from ladies I admire and adore, Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential, and Christina Rice, of Addicted to Lovely. I’ll link their blog posts later don’t worry, because you must read. For now stick with me as I share my story and my thoughts on higher education since removed from the university setting. So, did you go to college? If yes, Did you bust… View Post

my love for handbags is real.  I love them way greater than shoes. however, less than new kitchen gadgets and organic super foods and produce. priorities you know? anyway, I’ve shared my obsession with Pixie Mood in the past, because not only are their products stylish and affordable, they are cruelty free! These PETA approved bags are fashion forward and beautifully made. They combine style and compassion perfectly. I was fortunate enough to receive a few of Pixie Mood’s newest FALL/WINTER collection and I’m loving each and every piece.  Take a look at some of my favorites… View Post

fast meal prep for sunday. does Sunday have you thinking about your week ahead? same here! it also has me thinking about how I have little to no time to be cooking (odd for a food blogger…) but true, and don’t want to sacrifice eating well.  healthy food is a MUST for me, so this idea for a blog post stemmed my need for fast meal prep based on my crammed schedule right now and the fact that I don’t love spending all day portioning out food in containers. Ok, here’s a glimpse of what I’m juggling currently… kaleinit.com… View Post

so, before we dive into this post let me start by saying…. It’s NOT an anti-vegan blog post (for those of you who follow and read along for the plant based recipes). It’s PRO eating disorder awareness and recovery.  It is about dangerous eating disorders and finding the willingness to recover and live in a way that is best for YOU, and YOUR BODY. It’s also about a book I enjoyed by the always inspiring blogger, Jordan Younger.  Ever since I found Jordan’s blog, The Balanced Blonde, I’ve been interested in reading her book, Breaking Vegan.… View Post