do any healthy foodies out there have a family member (or multiple) that can’t kick the soda habit? I’m nodding “YES”, and I can’t hep but think back to before I changed my lifestyle, when I too was drinking soda! no good. when we know how unhealthy some habits are, it hurts us to see those we love continuing to mistreat their bodies. this is exactly why I love the story of LIVE Kombucha so much. Trevor Ross created the raw, non-gmo, organic kombucha in Austin, Texas after losing his sister to breast cancer. he wanted… View Post

she’s here! I mentioned last week that my nutrition guru/friend will be filling us in on all things iron (and other nutrients) – so, welcome Carly! and please note that she seriously talks my EAR OFF about iron on the reg, therefore it’s only fair that you get to hear it as well… hi! Carly here. I’m not cute like Kate so I didn’t have a clever intro planned. I’ll work on those! I’m here to talk to you guys about iron. it’s a little embarrassing how excited I am about this. I stopped eating animals when… View Post

sorry for missing mocktail FRI-yay. but here we are on saturday. this time of year is full of festivities. in fact, i have two parties tonight! so it’s fitting that i write a quick mocktail post even if slightly late. however, because i have an app to make + my hair is in desperate need of a blow dryer, i won’t get lengthy. cause i wouldn’t want to keep you from your plans either, duh. although typically regarded as a summer fruit, berries of all varieties are my favorite. the jewel tones, especially of a… View Post

weekend is here! + guess what? two weeks until christmas day.  where. has. this. month. gone.  that means two weeks for me to wait ten days to finally go shopping the 48 hours before. yup, procrastination at its’ finest.  i promised a mocktail every friday + here it is! i put together this super healthy faux cocktail using an asian pear flavored kombucha as the base. kombucha is amazing for the probiotic, gut health benefits. something that i’m pretty sure regular old pinot grigio is lacking… if you can’t find a pear kombucha- maybe something… View Post

happy weekend everyone!  it’s time for a pomegranate mojito- sans rum. why? today is a beautiful winter day on the east coast, my site had a make over + now it’s time to celebrate! also, every Friday through December i’ll be featuring a “mocktail” to celebrate the holiday season. remember any recipe can be easily altered to the “real thing”…i’m going to trust that you guys will be able to figure that out. i loveeee a good mojito. ok, i love the idea of a mojito. lime + mint are two of my favorite flavors. booze?… View Post