peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter… they all make healthy foodies drool. decadent and delicious, people obsess over nut butters it seems. it’s a favorite that begins in childhood and lasts… forever. a lot of the nut butter love has to do with the versatility of this pantry staple. it can be used in everything. on toast, baked in desserts, in dressings and sauces, and even scooped right into the blender for smoothies or drizzled on top of oatmeal. I chose to make vegan energy bites with them. but sometimes people steer clear because of… View Post

so often I hear, “I just don’t have the time to eat healthy.” say what???? if you’re a mom, student, CEO, IDC! I mean, I care about you and your health and I think it’s incredible that you’re doing it all, but I don’t want to hear the silly excuses anymore. here are five tips to help even the busiest women prioritize their health. all tips I do myself, as I certainly don’t always have the time to be cooking meals from scratch or meditating for an hour every morning. there’s really no denying we live in… View Post

ah, chia seeds…. once part of a ridiculous novelty item of the 90’s (remember the tune??), now a superfood.  well, let’s be clear it was a superfood first. but I’ll clear up the history of chia in a second.  today I’m taking over Salba Chia Seeds Instagram account- so in honor of this fun collaboration, I thought I’d write a quick superfood spotlight on my absolute favorite power seed.  i’m here to answer the big questions around chia seeds.  like what the heck are they?, why are they so good for us?, and HOW do you  incorporate them into meals,… View Post

all hail this vegan caesar dressing.  ceasar salads were always the forbidden fruit of the menu, for me. even before giving up dairy, I would want to order them, they are so delicious… …but I knew it was just NOT the best choice. well guys, there no more diner’s remorse.  you can enjoy this version, guilt free, and impress some dinner guests who totally didn’t expect their starter salad to be this good. this salad dressing is tangy, garlicky, creamy, briny, and just plain delicious.  using cashews and a high speed blender, I was able to… View Post

vegan tacos… dare I say my favorite food? I’m always very hesitant to say that I have a favorite food. as a foodie, I just can’t commit. but, vegan tacos, particularly with homemade mango salsa is definitely a contender for number 1. anything that combines avocado, spicy salsa, fragrant cilantro, and tangy lime juice are my jam. so if you’re with me on the taco loving train, I have a 20 minute recipe for anyone going meatless this monday. they are “meaty” shiitake mushroom lime tacos made dairy free with a quick homemade mango salsa! let’s do it. … View Post

another meatless monday! when choosing to give up meat, it can be expected that beans and legumes will become staples in your diet. they are versatile, healthy, filling, cheap, and best of all – delicious.  it’s pretty amazing how many meals can incorporate bean, and I love that I can count on them to achieve meat like substitutes, like the vegan black bean burgers in this post.   however, not all beans are created equal.  of course, preparing your own using organic beans, then soaking, then cooking them to perfection is great… but sooo time consuming.  then the second… View Post

what is natural vitality??  Natural Vitality is an Austin based brand that has been around since 1982 when the Natural Calm product was formulated. Today, years later, Natural Vitality develops supplements with the intention of using the best ingredients. They seek out organic, plant based ingredients as much as possible, which I LOVE.  all fruits and veggies included in their products are organically grown as well as flavorings stevia and agave.  their Natural Calm product is meant to reduce stress through balancing the calcium and magnesium levels in our bodies. I learned that calcium is what… View Post

it’s that day of the week again. #meatlessmonday. where more people are going meatless for 24 hours and I’m doing a happy dance. side note – it’s also the day bachelor/ette airs  – who’s still watching that show?!? I am, I am! so I’m wondering, who decided Monday has to suck?? this recipe is soooo delicious, healthy, and very simple to make. I couldn’t wait to share in hopes it becomes a part of your meatless monday rotation and lightens the monday mood. eat it with chopsticks and savor the flavor. lately I’ve been trying to… View Post

I’m heading to Nantucket this week for 5 days of relaxation in a beautiful place, and for the Nantucket Yoga Festival! tomorrow check back for a post on packing for a yoga festival! from Philly it’s a far drive, followed by a ferry ride. so I’ll probably need snacks. And I’m never sure what the breakfast situation will be at hotels, although I can always count of fresh fruit. So I made some granola thinking it would be the perfect mason jar of raw granola goodness to throw in my bag and bring along. I can eat… View Post

when it’s summer time… like 90 degrees and muggy here in Philly, there’s NO time for baking. why turn on the oven when you can have a frozen dessert instead? today I’m sharing this 5 step peanut butter pies with chocolate drizzle recipe. these small individual size pies were not only yummy, but perfectly portioned. they are vegan, gluten free, no bake and simple to put together. since they are frozen, it was easy to have dessert for the week as i would just take one out and let it thaw for a few minutes. I was… View Post

do any healthy foodies out there have a family member (or multiple) that can’t kick the soda habit? I’m nodding “YES”, and I can’t hep but think back to before I changed my lifestyle, when I too was drinking soda! no good. when we know how unhealthy some habits are, it hurts us to see those we love continuing to mistreat their bodies. this is exactly why I love the story of LIVE Kombucha so much. Trevor Ross created the raw, non-gmo, organic kombucha in Austin, Texas after losing his sister to breast cancer. he wanted… View Post