Happy Halloween!! It’s going to be November tomorrow, so let’s let THAT sink in. Fall flavors have been going non-stop in my kitchen since, well, September 1. If you’re a mama who needs to stay fueled for the trick or treating…  …or simply want to balance out all the excessive sugar consumption today with some super foods, check this salad out.  roasted acorn squash salad.  I wouldn’t say halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. I don’t dislike it, I just rarely dress up. but what I LOVE about Halloween and the end of October is that the… View Post

all hail this vegan caesar dressing.  ceasar salads were always the forbidden fruit of the menu, for me. even before giving up dairy, I would want to order them, they are so delicious… …but I knew it was just NOT the best choice. well guys, there no more diner’s remorse.  you can enjoy this version, guilt free, and impress some dinner guests who totally didn’t expect their starter salad to be this good. this salad dressing is tangy, garlicky, creamy, briny, and just plain delicious.  using cashews and a high speed blender, I was able to… View Post

what creates a balanced meal? many people think of some protein, a little carb, and some veggies on a plate. that’s well-rounded, right? of course, but one thing I aim to do with my blog is show that this ideal can be achieved with plant based ingredients, and with the help of Modern Table, I’m making meatless more believable with this summer veggie soup recipe. I love making soups because it presents the perfect opportunity to use up fresh veggies and herbs hanging around from farmer’s market trips. I’m also left with a batch of leftovers for lunches. I… View Post

light, refreshing, and healthy food. is there anything better? I often write at night, and prior to sitting down with the laptop I need FOOD. so dinner is important. I want it to look good, and fuel me. one change that has helped me to feel more satisfied after a meal, is mindful eating. and not only eating mindfully, but actually cooking mindfully. we are always so lost in a slew of thoughts that we have trouble focusing on the present moment. try not to focus on the millions of other household chores, deadlines, or… View Post

  big news, guys! you may have heard, 3 of my recipes are now featured in The Skinny Confidential’s Bombshell Body Guide as of last week and I still in awe. when Lauryn Everts offered to include my recipes in the guide,  I was pumped. she’s my blogger idol. then I struggled to keep it a secret until it was announced on social media. I also got a chance to test out the Bombshell Body Guide (BBG) and hear all my thoughts on it in this post. two of the three recipes were already on my blog- find the cashew… View Post

it’s sunday night currently, pretty lateee. approaching monday morning in fact.. but I’ve made a personal commitment to blog more frequently and I’m sticking to it! I had to share this sandwich I made over the weekend because it’s perfect for #meatlessmonday, school lunch addition. make a batch, pack it for lunch for a day or two, and you’re set.   vegan chickpea chicken salad.  don’t judge me, but I used to love tuna salad and chicken salad. mayo mixed with canned fish…yum! something about this sandwich staple reminds me of childhood and brown paper bag lunches. i liked… View Post

    Palm trees, sunshine, and sparkling pools surrounded by sunbathers. Thinking of a vacation?? My college experience comes to mind. I was very fortunate to spend four years at Arizona State University for undergrad. A gorgeous campus, far from home, with a ton of new people to meet. One of which I need to introduce you to!   Everyone, meet Gourmet Gab! Gabriela Rodiles is a foodie and blogger who I was very lucky to meet in college. In fact, we were roommates one year! She’s not only a kind friend, but she’s got… View Post

5 quick tips focused on my favorite green! the kale chip. once a phenomenon, still well known and extremely overpriced in grocery stores. i walk by small packages of kale chips for 8 dollars! say whaaaa? buy a bundle of kale and bake some! well, when i first made kale chips i did it all wrong. they were soggy, burnt, or just too weird. through many batches of kale chips i have discovered my 5 tricks to follow when on the pursuit of the perfect crisp.   1. dry as a bone. after washing the kale and… View Post

what would a food blog called “kalein’ it” be without a kale salad here and there? quick story of the kaleinit name… i get a lot of comments on social media about my instagram name. i’d say it’s died down a bit now but about once a day i still get the “omg your name is too funny!” …comment. kaleinit has evolved to become my description of a healthy balanced lifestyle, but really it began with my lunch.  I was always bringing kale salads to work. almost everyday i would head to the office fridge + return with yet… View Post

Follow my blog with Bloglovin yesterday was sunday, so  i was ready for some football + ready for some soup. soup is the ultimate comfort food. fun fact about me? sushi is actually my greatest comfort food. super weird, right? it could be 7 am + sushi sounds delicious. when i decided to stop eating fish, sushi was something i worried, ok panicked, that i going to miss. i soon realized it was the flavors that i loved so much. the spicy wasabi, strong ginger + oh so salty soy sauce – say that ten… View Post

did you read the title + immediately get hungry? good, cause you’re going to want to prepare this salad asap. i loved putting together a healthy take on a traditional (+ traditionally not healthy) salad. i chose spinach as the base because dark leafy greens are best + topped it with ranch + bacon. two things every meat eater tells me they would miss if moving toward a plant based diet. well, here’s a solution.  tempeh has also become my new favorite meat substitute to cook with. move over, tofu. i find tempeh to be easier… View Post