broccoli salad starts with an amazing healthy base of broccoli florets, then traditionally is covered in fattening mayo, which is certainly not vegan friendly. i can’t say i LOVE raw broccoli, but i sure love the benefits of this veggie. therefore i paired it with crunchy, sweet toppings, + tossed it with a naturally sweet dairy-free dressing that is less rich, but just as satisfying. all assembled under 30 minutes. god, i love eating plant based. doesn’t get much easier than raw veggies + fruits. enjoy! you’ll be seeing a lot more salad recipes in… View Post

this recipe is simple, flavorful, slightly sweet + filling. i’ve always loved making large batches of quinoa salad to have for a few lunches. scoop a cup of quinoa salad on a bed of spinach or kale for a beautiful meal. this particular quinoa salad takes advantage of the fall produce currently in season such as butternut squash, brussels sprouts + of course juicy pomegranate. // roasted veggies + quinoa// 1 medium butternut squash- diced 2 cups of brussels sprouts, washed + sliced in half. 1 cup red quinoa 2 tbsp. EVOO 2 cloves garlic 1… View Post

“i’m making a new salad recipe with jicama!” jica- what??? was the response of friends. i was introduced to jicama when i was young. my mom would slice it up + i would eat the crunchy, slightly sweet + starchy veggie like it was a carrot stick. if you haven’t tried, i highly recommend. the light flavor is wonderful for the hot months & adds a little something to this kale salad… the addition of tahini, turmeric + hemp seeds make it super nutritious- as well as gluten free, dairy free + vegan. for the dressing:… View Post