what would a food blog called “kalein’ it” be without a kale salad here and there? quick story of the kaleinit name… i get a lot of comments on social media about my instagram name. i’d say it’s died down a bit now but about once a day i still get the “omg your name is too funny!” …comment. kaleinit has evolved to become my description of a healthy balanced lifestyle, but really it began with my lunch.  I was always bringing kale salads to work. almost everyday i would head to the office fridge + return with yet… View Post

Follow my blog with Bloglovin yesterday was sunday, so  i was ready for some football + ready for some soup. soup is the ultimate comfort food. fun fact about me? sushi is actually my greatest comfort food. super weird, right? it could be 7 am + sushi sounds delicious. when i decided to stop eating fish, sushi was something i worried, ok panicked, that i going to miss. i soon realized it was the flavors that i loved so much. the spicy wasabi, strong ginger + oh so salty soy sauce – say that ten… View Post

did you read the title + immediately get hungry? good, cause you’re going to want to prepare this salad asap. i loved putting together a healthy take on a traditional (+ traditionally not healthy) salad. i chose spinach as the base because dark leafy greens are best + topped it with ranch + bacon. two things every meat eater tells me they would miss if moving toward a plant based diet. well, here’s a solution.  tempeh has also become my new favorite meat substitute to cook with. move over, tofu. i find tempeh to be easier… View Post

broccoli salad starts with an amazing healthy base of broccoli florets, then traditionally is covered in fattening mayo, which is certainly not vegan friendly. i can’t say i LOVE raw broccoli, but i sure love the benefits of this veggie. therefore i paired it with crunchy, sweet toppings, + tossed it with a naturally sweet dairy-free dressing that is less rich, but just as satisfying. all assembled under 30 minutes. god, i love eating plant based. doesn’t get much easier than raw veggies + fruits. enjoy! you’ll be seeing a lot more salad recipes in… View Post

this recipe is simple, flavorful, slightly sweet + filling. i’ve always loved making large batches of quinoa salad to have for a few lunches. scoop a cup of quinoa salad on a bed of spinach or kale for a beautiful meal. this particular quinoa salad takes advantage of the fall produce currently in season such as butternut squash, brussels sprouts + of course juicy pomegranate. // roasted veggies + quinoa// 1 medium butternut squash- diced 2 cups of brussels sprouts, washed + sliced in half. 1 cup red quinoa 2 tbsp. EVOO 2 cloves garlic 1… View Post

“i’m making a new salad recipe with jicama!” jica- what??? was the response of friends. i was introduced to jicama when i was young. my mom would slice it up + i would eat the crunchy, slightly sweet + starchy veggie like it was a carrot stick. if you haven’t tried, i highly recommend. the light flavor is wonderful for the hot months & adds a little something to this kale salad… the addition of tahini, turmeric + hemp seeds make it super nutritious- as well as gluten free, dairy free + vegan. for the dressing:… View Post