pitaya nice cream must mean temperatures are rising… bring on the 1 ingredient raw vegan treats.  banana nice cream is so good. it’s raw. it’s naturally sweet. it’s full of fresh fruit. it’s pretty. it doesn’t require nasty milk to make. it’s food in pure form.  this morning I woke up craving some nice cream. and since I keep a large bag of frozen banana in the freezer at all times, it was possible.   breakfast is when I consume the most fruit. since fruit is so easily digested (and hydrating) I find that my body responds well… View Post

she’s here! I mentioned last week that my nutrition guru/friend will be filling us in on all things iron (and other nutrients) – so, welcome Carly! and please note that she seriously talks my EAR OFF about iron on the reg, therefore it’s only fair that you get to hear it as well… hi! Carly here. I’m not cute like Kate so I didn’t have a clever intro planned. I’ll work on those! I’m here to talk to you guys about iron. it’s a little embarrassing how excited I am about this. I stopped eating animals when… View Post

green smoothies are here for the new year! these cups of green goodness have been all over my instagram feed since the beginning. above are some examples, not even counting the smoothie bowls! but with 2016 resolutions and the urge to detox after holiday feasting, i’m sure you’re seeing them everywhere. if you’ve been interested in a diet based on more plant based foods, i’m sure you have done your research. getting more fruit, leafy greens and fiber are really good for you. no brainer. i’m here to provide you some tips that i’ve learned along… View Post

  chia seeds- they are my jam. see what i did there? chia jam, i love it. it packs my favorite superfood seed into a naturally sweet, fruit filled jam that goes well on toast, in oatmeal, on thumbprint cookies, maybe even by the spoonful. with a few simple ingredients that you most likely have in your pantry, + fifteen minutes gets you plenty of servings of jam to store in the fridge. 

love apple pie? < enter a resounding “yes!” reply. > while the leaves turn, we welcome the abundance of countless varieties of crisp apples. i went apple picking last week, + if i only made desserts with all the apples i brought home, i would be in some trouble. so i switched up my smoothie routine + made a healthy take on apple pie that absolutely made my morning. it’s spiced, sweet, + simple. all around a damn good smoothie.   here’s how…

i love the woman i’ve become because i’ve fought to become her. i’ve fought to become the person i am today. mental health is something i now feel zero shame discussing, yet i recognize that many remain silent. i remember feeling the same fear in speaking up about the thoughts i was having. originally i had to fight alone, but over the years i have connected with others who understand. i’ve gathered skills + coping mechanisms, found what works best for me, + learned to listen to my body. i’ve also worked hard to reverse the… View Post

the pumpkin parade continues, and these vegan pumpkin pancakes need little introduction. so let’s get right to it… make these pumpkin pancakes because they are… vegan easily made gluten free (sub gluten free all purpose flour) dairy free egg free  fulllll of amazing pumpkin spice flavor seasonal and fun (a change to all the plain pancakes we are so used to)      

pumpkin spice. likely the most overdone food craze associated with fall. it’s everywhere + i love it. no shame here, i’m on the pumpkin spice bandwagon. i’m also a smoothie connoisseur (self-proclaimed) so it may not be shocking that my first pumpkin inspired treat this fall blended the two. the autumnal squash isn’t just delicious, it is truly healthy. pumpkin has fiber, tons of vitamin A + beta-carotene which make it a nutrition powerhouse- so long as you use REAL pumpkin, not some sugary-syrup-substitute. (ew).

oh goodness goji berries. superfoods have taken over the health food market & i’m on the bandwagon. the nutrient-rich ingredients are even making their way to mainstream supermarket shelves. @she_be_kale_in_em i truly believe that the health of our society is in need of change. a focus on whole, plant-based food rather than processed is something i hope continues to be discussed & promoted. goji berries: whether in powder or dried berry form- the berries are slightly sweet & super beneficial.

sometimes a smoothie just isn’t cutting it. even in all their detoxifying, nutrient packed glory, occasionally i crave a warm breakfast to fill me up. so if you’re ready to swap your smoothie, try a healthy plant based porridge. quinoa porridge is the absolute best. enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee or tea and dressed with an array of healthy toppings- yes, please. the benefits of quinoa are that it’s a gluten free, complete protein with all amino acids & plenty of fiber/protein. the good stuff that keeps you fueled during your busy days pre-lunch… View Post