Adulting is…using quality cookware. That’s what I’ve learned since starting my “adulting” journey and making my apartment into my first REAL home. Pretty proud of each adult addition I make, including new fluffy towels, quality pots and pans, and bed sheets that don’t look like they belong in a college dorm. It makes such a difference, and really brings a sense of pride when you start to invest in yourself and your home. I’ve been using pans from Made In Cookware, a US based cookware company –  and they are top notch. I swear my… View Post

No brown bag lunches. One of my favorite parts about working from home, is that I can cook myself a fresh lunch, or prepare dinner so it is ready for later.  I’m really grateful that I can take a midday break and whip up something fresh. But that doesn’t mean it’s a long drawn out process. In fact all I really have is about 20 minutes to cook, until I need to move along to the next thing.  But that 20 minute break inspired this recipe, and along with a few simple ingredients, the best… View Post

Ahh, back to school time! I found myself staring at a sea of notebooks, binders and highlighters the other day while in the drug store, and I’m 25. No classes starting for me… yet I was mesmerized by all the new school supplies. I think there is something about this time of year that gets us “gearing up” to go back to school, or maybe back to reality because summer is coming to an end and fall festivities are on the way. (NOOO say it ain’t so!) I love when it is about to transition… View Post

adulting is hard… this lentil bolognese is not. I’m not in college anymore (sigh), but I do appreciate a simple, no nonsense, 20 minute recipe like this ridiculously easy lentil bolognese. Recently I was on the Actually Adultish Podcast. The hosts, UCLA students Nina and Christina of Addicted To Lovely asked Jess and I a lot of questions about how to stay healthy in college, how to know when you’re exercising is too much (is it becoming an obsession? might be too much!), and more tips for college health nuts.  It really brought me back to my… View Post

vegan tacos… dare I say my favorite food? I’m always very hesitant to say that I have a favorite food. as a foodie, I just can’t commit. but, vegan tacos, particularly with homemade mango salsa is definitely a contender for number 1. anything that combines avocado, spicy salsa, fragrant cilantro, and tangy lime juice are my jam. so if you’re with me on the taco loving train, I have a 20 minute recipe for anyone going meatless this monday. they are “meaty” shiitake mushroom lime tacos made dairy free with a quick homemade mango salsa! let’s do it. … View Post

another meatless monday! when choosing to give up meat, it can be expected that beans and legumes will become staples in your diet. they are versatile, healthy, filling, cheap, and best of all – delicious.  it’s pretty amazing how many meals can incorporate bean, and I love that I can count on them to achieve meat like substitutes, like the vegan black bean burgers in this post.   however, not all beans are created equal.  of course, preparing your own using organic beans, then soaking, then cooking them to perfection is great… but sooo time consuming.  then the second… View Post

it’s that day of the week again. #meatlessmonday. where more people are going meatless for 24 hours and I’m doing a happy dance. side note – it’s also the day bachelor/ette airs  – who’s still watching that show?!? I am, I am! so I’m wondering, who decided Monday has to suck?? this recipe is soooo delicious, healthy, and very simple to make. I couldn’t wait to share in hopes it becomes a part of your meatless monday rotation and lightens the monday mood. eat it with chopsticks and savor the flavor. lately I’ve been trying to… View Post

    fri-yay pizza party? sign me up.   I have a pizza recipe to whip up in a matter of 30 minutes and some tips on how to fake a gourmet meal with easy improvisations.   invite friends over for some vegan veggie pizza and vino (or kombucha mocktails) tonight and take all the praise as a chef that labored over homemade pizza.     I did it with the help of some organic thin crust pizza I found at whole foods, I had a veggie pie with 30-second sauce and fresh summer basil. YUMMM.… View Post

it’s sunday night currently, pretty lateee. approaching monday morning in fact.. but I’ve made a personal commitment to blog more frequently and I’m sticking to it! I had to share this sandwich I made over the weekend because it’s perfect for #meatlessmonday, school lunch addition. make a batch, pack it for lunch for a day or two, and you’re set.   vegan chickpea chicken salad.  don’t judge me, but I used to love tuna salad and chicken salad. mayo mixed with canned fish…yum! something about this sandwich staple reminds me of childhood and brown paper bag lunches. i liked… View Post

has anyone else been fascinated by the really serious “meal preppers”? You know the girls who can package up a full week of breakfast and lunch in matching to go containers? Then instagram it ’cause, you must.   here are my thoughts.  first, props to the dedication. it takes time to make all those meals in bulk, to purchase and plan the ingredients, and if it helps someone stay on track and not eat food out all the time- I support it! I firmly believe in finding what works for you, prioritizing your health, and sticking to a… View Post

lentils are the epitome of the perfect plant based protein source. say “perfect plant based protein” ten time. one cup of cooked lentils contains 230 calories, 18 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, and 16 grams of fiber. i’ll take a lentil bit more. another plant based staple? the lettuce wrap. with their light, crisp, and refreshing flavor combined with endless choices of toppings, it’s a no brainer. you simply need protein + yummy sauce + crunchy veggies and it’s a wrap.  try my southwest quinoa salad in a lettuce boat too rather than an avocado too! i… View Post