oodles of zoodles. lately i’ve felt that my intake of veggies has been low. i blame it on the many months of cold weather. carbs carbs + more carbs have been on my menu this winter. does anyone agree that the winter months always seem to bring an abundance of bread?!?  come on, kate. it’s now mid March. time for spring eats. because there is no longer a chill in the air, today I was craving fresh light flavors (thankfully). i had a bunch of fresh basil and a few zucchinis. next came the spiralizer + food processor.… View Post

i’ve been making quinoa salads long before blogging. i used to prepare a large batch in college + enjoy for the week. i loved how easily i could pack protein, fiber + colorful veggies into one light dish. i also lived in arizona when my quinoa obsession began- so a chilled quinoa dish worked when mother nature turned up that heat. for another example of a quinoa salad i’ve blogged, check out this roasted veggie version – complete with a sweet pomegranate dressing. but today, we are going for spicy. by combining a bit of smoked… View Post

meatless monday calls for maple marinated tempeh. say THAT ten times fast.  ahh, monday. before the recipe i’ll want to briefly touch on the weekend. thank you, thank you, thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday both via social media + in real life, ha. i appreciate each one of you whether i’ve known you all 24 years or just virtually for a few days. i shared something about myself  on instagram. find the post here. it was about the difference in how i spent last birthday versus this most recent. i spilled… View Post

what a great day i had.  i featured my latest zoodle recipe on my instagram. not only was it gluten free, vegan, spicy + delicious. it honestly took me fifteen minutes. so i have to share. often times i hear that eating healthy is inconvienient + if this recipe doesn’t prove otherwise i’m not sure what will. i woke up + started making hot water + lemon before breakfast. i had time before needing to head out the door, so i started cooking.  next thing i knew dinner was ready for me. all with the… View Post

curious how your tastebuds would feel about a spicy, creamy butternut squash soup with pumpkin? probably not too bad. it’s november- (wait, what?) + what could be better than warm soup? so break out the crock pot + make a big batch of this delicious soup. if you try it- let me know! leave a comment, comment on insta, spread the love.   butternut squash is full of potassium, vitamin A, + fiber to just name a few benefits. all sound good to me. plus the soup has a creamy taste due to the coconut… View Post

i have learned a couple things since becoming vegan. here is what i know to be true: you can not survive without a high speed blender / food processor. seriously, i use it for EVERYTHING you can pretty much get rid of every plate you own, (yes, dramatic, I don’t advise it) but i do feel like everything is in a bowl. or a mason jar if you are anything like me. there is the smoothie bowl. salad bowl. rice and bean bowl….. you will buy bananas in bulk. you will become obsessed with all… View Post

oh, trusty spaghetti + meatballs. such a comfort food. i have seen so many eggplants around the farmer’s market on weekends that i decided to try using eggplant, spinach + other plant based ingredients to bake delicious “meat”balls paired with spiralized zucchini + yellow squash spaghetti.

i romaine-ed it? hmm doesn’t have the same ring. took a break from kale tonight however… my friend brought some beautiful kale from an organic farm called Boxer Rest in Chestertown, Maryland which he visited over the weekend. the pictures he sent of the farm were beautiful. the produce was clearly so fresh & they even supply to whole foods! i was extremely jealous when i found out he had the chance to go spend a day there. but when he showed up to our apartment with two bushels of kale, a head of purple… View Post

i have a love/hate relationship with “on the fly” cooking & impromptu recipes. on one hand i feel that the most delicious meals have come from randomly combining ingredients & creatively thinking of flavors that will work well together on the plate. on the other, it makes it difficult to put in written form!