cheers to the weekend! || pomegranate mojito mocktail

pomegranate mojito happy weekend everyone! 

it’s time for a pomegranate mojito- sans rum. why? today is a beautiful winter day on the east coast, my site had a make over + now it’s time to celebrate! also, every Friday through December i’ll be featuring a “mocktail” to celebrate the holiday season. remember any recipe can be easily altered to the “real thing”…i’m going to trust that you guys will be able to figure that out.

i loveeee a good mojito. ok, i love the idea of a mojito. lime + mint are two of my favorite flavors. booze? not so much. i’ve never been a drinker, and i steer away because i want my mental + physical health to be the best it can be.

but, it doesn’t mean i don’t love to have a fancy beverage on occasion.

mojitos are generally a summer drink with sweet flavor. but this pomegranate version is still sweet, but a gorgeous color that is much more festive.


to make:

1. put juice of half a lime, 1 tsp. of agave nectar (rather than simple syrup), a few pomegranate seeds, + 2-3 mint leaves in bottom of glass. gentle “muddle” i use a wooden spoon.

2. fill glass with ice.

3. add 6 oz. fresh pomegranate juice.

4. top with seltzer (if not adding rum) – i use a lime flavored seltzer.

5. garnish with more mint, lime wedge + a few more pomegranate seeds.

cheers! let me know what you all think of the’s new look in the comments below.


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