why i cleansed, & what i learned about my bod.

First off, hey guys! Happy, happy weekend.

I’ll set my current scene for you all. It’s friday, I’m in bed oil pulling and writing, sipping a bottle of San Pellegrino, (correction, not sipping ’till I spit this coconut oil out) and I couldn’t be happier. I also have Trevor Hall pandora playing as per usual and I suggest you open another tab of Chrome and do the same.

It’s the little things, no?

I promised a Chef V cleanse recap- and here it is! You may have seen me talking about the cleanse on Instagram. I even did it with my friend!

Most importantly, let me fill you in on how I was feeling pre-cleanse. Ehhh. Not so hot. Think bloating, fatigue and headaches regularly. Among other symptoms that I just don’t need to discuss with the internet. Feel me?

I had fallen into some bad habits. I didn’t abandon my green juices or salads, but I was indulging in sweets daily, drinking more caffeine to compensate for my fatigue, more salty snacks, and I was more lenient about dairy creeping in my diet. Now before you go and judge, we have all had those months. Where we have some stress, we are eating on the go or out often, and it happens quickly. It snowballs.

Soon I found myself in a rut and my cravings were higher than they used to be. My mood was also effected greatly. I believe very strongly in the correlation between stabilizing my anxiety and depression through a balanced diet.

So May began, and I knew I had to make some changes. Chef V to the rescue! Chef V knows what she’s doing. Plant based and organic cleanses filled with REAL FOOD. And nothing else.

1 day of the cleanse contains 1/2 gallon of her Green Drink, 2 plantbased protein powders to make shakes, and a big flavorful soup – daily. Yes, not a 1/2 gallon to last the three day- you get a full one.

On May 2nd my 3 day cleanse arrived in the cutest insulated bag on my doorstep. Yup, Chef V delivers! Check the website for areas they deliver to here. 

Why 3 days? Because I’m a newbie and needed to test the waters. The only cleanse I had ever done was a juice cleanse for one day with Rawpothecary. For more on that, check out my blog post here.

This post is to give you the deets around what the Chef V cleanse included every day, some thoughts on tastes and flavors, and my general experience/results. Please note, this post contains affiliate links which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

Pre Cleanse:

Chef V provides pre-cleanse instructions to follow for the 2 days prior to cleansing. It’s a simple Do’s and Don’ts list of what is ok to eat and what isn’t. It takes out the foods that causes inflammation, while offering a wide variety for both omnivores and herbivores alike. I wish I could say I followed it more. Truth is, I had a very hectic weekend before the cleanse began, and ultimately didn’t avoid all the “Do Not Eat “foods.

I’m sure if I had followed more diligently I wouldn’t have had as many detox symptoms.  I also eat fairly healthy, so if plant based is super new to you and this is the first time eating this way, I highly suggest taking the pre-cleanse instructions seriously.


Monday Morning:

8 am: The cleanse arrives.

I open it up- as if it is Christmas, and I’m thrilled by not only the drinks and soups, but all of the information provided.

A schedule is included. Detailing when to drink what, and how much water in between.

8:30-9:15AM: I drink 16 oz. of water, wait 30 minutes and pour my first 16 ounces of green drink. YUMMM.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.42.27 PM

It’s lightly sweet, and honestly very mild. If you’re fearful of green juices/drinks don’t be. This one is packed with kale, swiss chard, dandelion greens, parsley, and just a touch of apple. All organic! Loved that about the blend. Also, note that it is not juiced, but rather blended- hence the “Green DRINK” title. This preserves fiber and keeps you more full.

And only 3 grams of sugar per serving. Not bad.

Time for water. 24-48 oz.

Next up: The Shake. I’m behind schedule, so I speed up to get back on track. Normally, water and green juice happen.

10 AM: Shake, shake, shake. Shake your smoothieeee.

So, full disclosure I was not doing this cleanse to lose weight. However if you check out reviews of Chef V- many find great success in losing weight and reaching their goals.

With less than 700 calories a day, and knowing I still needed to work and be a functioning member of society (ugh), I decided to add in some calories in the shake. I did this by adding almond milk, 1 banana, and a bit of cinnamon for flavor. I also don’t do well with restrictive anything- if you know about my past, you know why! So I listened to my body and went with it.

I’m pretty particular about protein powders, and I really liked it! It’s slightly sweet with a vanilla flavor. Mind you, I added the other flavors which enhanced the taste. If you can’t bear it, chug it! Same goes for the juice, it’s just 3 days and your body is going to be thrilled with your will power, and award your efforts accordingly.

More H20, please.

1 PM: Green Juice – Round 2- 16 oz.

Noticed that I didn’t shake it as well the first time, more pulp in this round. But just sip quickly, it’s tasty!

I’m still not physically hungry at this point, but I’m definitely day dreaming of snacks.

Water, water, water. I added lemon and chia seed. I just feel a little hungry…

1:45 PM: I’m staring looking at gluten filled bread that would just make a fantastic avocado toast for lunch… say to myself, “NO KATE! CLEANSEEEEEE.” Listen, I’m also the world’s greatest grazer. I notice that in the afternoon I feel the most hungry and usually have the greatest urge to snack and reach for sweet or salty treats.

Ok- I caved. I had a half an avocado plain with just a sprinkle of paprika on it. I need the healthy fats, you know??

3 PM:  Green Juice- Round 3. – 16 oz. I added ice. It was pulpy like last time, but still delicious!

Water. I’m used to drinking a ton everyday, but for someone who isn’t, you may feel like you’re going to float away on this cleanse. But- YOU NEED IT. Chef V isn’t doing it without a purpose; you’re flushing those toxins.

Maybe unnecessary to add but, you’ll be peeing a lot too.

4 PM: SHAKE TIME! I’ve been counting down. In fact, I might have prepared it 15 minutes early….

Same combo: 16 oz. almond milk, protein packet, a couple shakes of cinnamon, ice and 1 banana. I enjoyed it more this time cause I was hungry.

Water. My head hurts. UGH detox.

I grab a kiwi and an orange and eat both. It’s raw food! It’s nature’s candy! Right?? Don’t tell Chef V…

6 PM: Green Drink – 16 oz.! Last of the ½ gallon. Shook it up a few times while drinking as the pulp was a bit more intense by the end of the bottle. But I was grateful for the fiber, it definitely helped with hunger.

Took a nap. I NEVER nap. Especially not at six pm. But my head was aching and I was exhausted for a variety of reasons, so I slept unintentionally for 2 hours. Woah.

8 PM: Up- it’s time for soup, I’m late!

detox cleanse 2

I heated up the soup, added a bit of red pepper flakes cause I love me some spicy, and ½ cup of lentils. I still felt hungry, and lentils are on the ok list, so I used up what I had.

I actually love this soup. Mind you, it doesn’t have the salt that typical soups do, but I would eat this soup on the reg. With a couple more spices, it would be fantastic. Maybe quinoa?

detox cleanse 1

More water, and the day is over. I go back to bed by 10 and I’m asleep for a solid 10 hours. It’s heaven.

DAY 2!!

Same schedule as above, but with more dedication! I also added the detox tea in the morning. I also remember to take my probiotic in the morning.

detox cleanse 3

I do the same improvisations as the previous day. I added a couple fruits, a handful of carrots, and some cucumber slices as snacks. Before the second shake I was kind of struggling, so I went with air popped popcorn with nothing on it.

My head is hurting slightly, but not as bad as the day before. I also notice that my belly is less upset. I have always had a picky stomach, highly sensitive to stress, dairy, gluten, etc. I don’t have any proof that I’m ALLERGIC to anything, but I think that when my sugar intake is high, or I’m consuming dairy or a lot of gluten (particularly white flour) my moods aren’t great, and my stomach is not cooperating.

My cravings for sweet and salty foods are far lower today. And even when my boyfriend is blue corn chips and black bean dip in front of me, I resist.

Last result I noticed, my skin looks brighter. I’m NOT kidding. I know that seems insane in only two days, but while washing my face before bed I just felt I looked healthier, less drained, and overall brighter. I loved that effect.

I didn’t go to sleep nearly as exhausted or as hungry as the day before.

Day 3: WOOHOO! I made it.

I must say, this was a manageable cleanse. I had moments where it was tough, and I may have improvised a bit. But some of the positives I noticed,

I wasn’t craving caffeine as much.

My skin had more color.

I felt “lighter”.

My body was less achy and tired in general.

I wasn’t. I bloat very very easily (combo of stress, GI stuff, womanly time of month stuff, etc.) I noticed I didn’t have any discomfort in that department.

I felt well hydrated, and not deprived by day three at all.

It was the easiest to stick with the schedule on the last day, and I understand now how people go 5-7 days once they build this momentum.

And no headaches. Ahhhhh.


There you have it. A cleanse recap- those who stuck around until the end, go you!

Here’s to living toxin free! I am determined now to cut down on my sugar intake, be more mindful of gluten (or stick to quality whole grain and sprouted), and keep the dairy out.

I’m very particular on staying label-less with my diet and not making anything off limits. I do however, see a difference. To be my best, to remain recovery focused and balanced, I need to reflect on what a difference it makes both body and mind without the food groups that seem to trigger reaction.

Lesson learned:

Listen to your body. Seriously, it’s speaking (possibly screaming) at you to tell you what it needs to function at it’s best and thrive. Vegan? Pescatarian? Lover of steak (I suggest you do your research, but to each their own) doesn’t matter! Try something different, deep cleanse, and food journal the experience.

My gift to you:

I partnered with Chef V to offer you guys a deal you can’t pass up. On any cleanse (3, 5, 7 day, or 21 day challenge) get 55 perfect off! That’s huge savings on something your health will thank you for!

How? Use the promo code KALEINIT at checkout.

Time to spit out my coconut oil. HA. That’s been long gone, but I wish I could bust out blog posts that quickly.

I honestly love the brand, Chef V is a badass, and the cleanse is the real deal. So go check it out! let me know what you think!!




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