summer bag essentials // for the cruelty free conscious chick

kaleinit cruelty free summer essnetials

beat the summer heat, compassionately.

summer is in full swing. temps are far too high, and I can’t get enough frozen popsicles and ice cold iced tea . 

today I’m talking summer bag essentials and including items to keep in your bag that keep you healthy both body and mind- and are cruelty free! 

confession: I’m not a shoe girl.

I could wear the same flip flops all season (and I usually do), but bags have always been my favorite accessory to buy. minimalism is something that I’ve mentioned on this blog before. I’m no expert, but I strive to incorporate more principles of minimalism into my life and I believe un-cluttering brings so many benefits. obviously I have incorporated it into my diet through eliminating eliminating processed food, animal products and primarily eating whole foods. however I’ve also translated it to my closet you can read more about that here.

where do I seem to lack the minimalism mindset? my handbag. I always prepare with EVERYTHING in my bag. I can’t help it. if you ask my family what I was like as a child they say,

“you were pretty shy, played well independently, creative and into the arts- always singing and dancing. playing pretend, hosting tea parties. oh, and carrying around a huge bag.”

yes, everybody remembers the gigantic overstuffed backpack I couldn’t leave behind. I started lugging it around from a very young age. or, I guess my mother was really the one doing the heavy lifting. Thanks, Mom!  one classic story was when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old, and sitting outside on the deck with my grandmother enjoying the sun. I looked at her and said “grandma, I know exactly what we need.”

the finishing touch. 

I went to my bag ,brought out a small plastic pin wheel and stuck it in her flowerpot.  I guess I thought it just needed a finishing touch…

I am not kidding you when I say that pinwheel stayed in the flower pot until I was about 18 years old. If the winds hadn’t completely deteriorated it and the elements hadn’t thrown it the ringer, my grandma would still be holding onto that damn thing.

but aside from the sappy story of sentimental grandmothers and bizarre childhood ideas… I’m here to talk about the summer essentials that are spilling out of my bag.

they are all cruelty free, all natural, healthy, or just plain great. 

summer essentials

( 1) pixie mood rachel tote.

 let’s start with the bag itself! this one is cruelty free- and HUGE. fits everything but isn’t bulky when throwing it on my shoulder. it also includes another. it’s from Pixie Mood, a cruelty free handbag and accessories line that offers fashionable and affordable handbags. from backpacks to clutches, they cover everything for the vegan woman, and don’t compromise compassion or fashion.

I always gravitate toward the black and brown bags that are neutral. this time I went for this fun green ombre. it’s summer, go for the vibrant and unique colors and patterns! 

other favorite from pixie mood: jessica rose gold backpack. 

jessica backpack

(2) ursa major facial wipes.

I can’t stand feeling greasy or gross mid day after humidity and strong sun rays have taken a toll on my skin. I love these individually wrapped facial wipes from ursa major. 

ursa major face wipes

ursa major is a vermont based brand that inspires customers to “live major”.  go on that adventure, take that spontaneous road trip, and get outdoors. summer brings spontaneity, and ursa major offers clean beauty products that are conscious of ingredients and kind to skin. 

they say no to cruelty, parabens, sulfates, and filler ingredients. so I can say YES to adding their products to my handbag. 

(3) mala beads.

I bought a new mala at the recent Nantucket Yoga Festival from a local vendor who was there- Clay Twombly. His malas were gorgeous and I couldn’t resist. 

if malas aren’t your thing (that’s ok! I get it) find another item of significance you can wear, hold, or cherish to remind you to stay grounded, focused or to spark happiness. 

life is busy- maybe a mala bead can become a practice of mindfulness during a bus or train ride through a crazy city. count the 108 beads and take a deep breath as each bead passes your fingertips. 

(4) inspiring read // BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert. 

summer is a time for inspirational, light reads and novels that take you to another place. I love this book so much! I have mentioned it before in this post. although I have already finished it, I find myself returning to skim pages as Liz Gilbert discusses creative living, fighting fear, and finding your passion. 

another favorite: thoughtfully magazine is a new publication dedicated to covering lifestyle topics for the mindful woman. meant to inspire living life thoughtfully, everything is gorgeously curated and each page containing positivity and valuable content. 

(5) cruelty free nail polish.

I rarely stray from my neutral pale pink shade. I just find it’s my personal preference. and it’s easy to fix up chips! why use a chemical filled brand though? PURITY_Pink

dr. remedy’s is a cruelty free brand I love. they are not only free of animal testing, but contain nail strengthening ingredients like biotin and tea tree oil. find my review of them and other cruelty free products here. 

(6) current camera. 

when I was looking for my first camera for the blog- I couldn’t stop searching for what other people were using. I wanted suggestions and opinions from bloggers who used it for the same purpose. I am happy with my choice of the NX3000 from Samsung.

It’s more portable than a traditional DSLR and offers an internal wifi that can directly send snapshot to your phone on the go. love that. 

(7) flashy shades.

who has ever experienced the devastating loss of an expensive pair of sunnies?? my hand is WAY up.  invest in one pair you absolutely love and is the perfect shape for your face… then change it up with fun and trendy options with bright colors and 

these mirrored aviators Nordrom are perfect for the season. fun, kinda flashy, and under 20 bucks. meaning I can stay calm when I lose them at the beach or they get scratched from sand. 

oh, did I forget to mention the snacks? I stay hydrated with coconut waters, fueled by single packets of Salba Chia seeds, and always carry fresh fruit to snack on. 

there you have it. a mix of functional products, inspiring reads, and cosmetics you can trust. all housed in a bag that is cruelty free. it is possible to mix style and a modern lifestyle without sacrificing sustainable, ethically sourced, compassionately made and organic products in your everyday routine. 


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  1. July 22, 2016 / 2:56 am

    These are amazing essentials! I also love to keep a good all-natural, vegan lip balm as well as my earphones, some wipes and my phone! 😀

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