De-mystifying Crystals // QA with Energy Muse Founders

 Has anyone noticed lately that crystals are… trending?

I swear, I see a new gorgeous flat-lay of crystals, Palo Santo and some Mala beads everyday on social media. Gorgeous? Yes. Confusing, or dare I say, intimidating to someone who doesn’t know how to incorporate these items into their spiritual routines? Yup!

I used to think I was pretty with it when it came to wellness trends, but lately I feel I’m missing out on this untapped new trend and I wanted to challenge myself to learn more. I enjoy meditation, and grounding exercises because they help with my anxiety levels, and bring me a sense of peace and balance. 

So, I was ready to give crystals a shot. What is the fun of working in wellness if I don’t get out of my comfort zone and evolve, right?

energy muse kaleinit

How do you use crystals??

When my crystals arrived, I started reading the materials that came along with them to get started. Energy muse suggests first cleansing your stones by either…

  • Placing them in soil or branches of a houseplant for 24 hours
  • Placing them outside under the sun or full moon for at least 4 hours.
  • Immerse in the smoke of burning Sage or Palo Santo until they vibrate with energy.

I chose the houseplant route! It was a rainy day – so I definitely didn’t want to bring that dreary energy to my new gorgeous crystals.

Then, choose your first crystal to use. Again, this is a entirely personal choice. I found recently I’m drawn to the Selenite, the Blue Lace Agate (inner peace crystal – go figure!) and Citrine Stone. Of course you can switch crystals depending on your needs.

Next, set your intention.

Hold your stone in your hand and visualize your intention for it. After setting an intent, carry them with you or meditate with them. It’s that simple!

The “power” of the crystal is really up to you  – the intention, stone, and belief in the possibilities is what YOU choose.

About Energy Muse

Energy Muse was founded by two incredible women (and dear friends, how sweet!) Heather and Timmi. They’re proud of their business they’ve built which began literally in the trunk of the car while sporting their flip flops and yoga clothes.  

And they have GROWN. These ladies have built an incredible brand that highlights crystals (read more about the process they go through below) and beautiful jewelry that combine healing properties and promote intention.  Now, they are are even working on a book to help debunk this crystal trend, and make it something more accessible and simple to add to readers everyday, modern, busy lifestyle. 

They discuss what it’s like to own a female-owned and operated business (hell yes to that!), creating a spiritual routine that grounds you, and “starter crystals” – think of them as training wheels for your spiritual practice. 

energy muse kalein it

KV: How did the two of you meet? What inspired you two to start Energy Muse?

HA: We grew up together, and have been childhood friends since the single digits. And then we started what I call an “accidental business.” Our business started out of the trunks of our cars in Manhattan Beach, California. We were known as the “flip-flop girls” who sold “energy beads” because early on, we did business in our flip-flops and yoga clothes!

 I came up with the Prosperity Necklace, combining my knowledge of Feng Shui and crystal energy. This “formula” consisted of 3 Chinese coins tied with red thread, combined with a string of jade beads, which are known to bring prosperity. I gave this necklace to 10 of my most skeptical friends to try for 10 days to see if there was some sort of shift in prosperity in their life—Timmi was one of the 10. All 10 of them came back and said there was!

 Word spread like wildfire around the South Bay and even to Los Angeles, and everyone wanted to know where they could get this necklace. At the time, Timmi was in the garment industry, and I knew she would be able to help me figure out how to produce product. We decided to team up, and our business of Energy Muse was born.

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KV: Before starting Energy Muse, what were you working on? What is your background?

HA: My background is in sales and marketing. Before I entered the crystal world, I sold high-end real estate in Manhattan Beach. I am also a Feng Shui expert and I used those powerful principals to differentiate myself from the market and to maximize my success.

TJ: I was in a transition phase having just left the garment industry after 15 years. I was taking some time to myself to figure out what I wanted to do during my Saturn Return. Before, I was selling to all the major big box retailers—Sears, JCPennys, Walmart etc. I had a strong knowledge of production and how a business should be run in all aspects.

KV: What is a great “starter” crystal? What’s the FIRST crystal you’d suggest to someone who’s beginning a spiritual journey or interested in?

HA: Clear Quartz is a must. Being crystal clear is the ultimate super power! The more clear we are with who we are, what we want to create in this world and what stands in our way, the easier it becomes to manifest results and bring goals into reality.

energy muse kaleinit

KV: I’m so fascinated by the process your crystals and jewelry go through before they are sold to consumers, can you tell us more?

HA: All of our crystals and jewelry are always cleansed, cleared and charged before they go out to the customer. They go through a “cleansing spa” process where they are purified with incense + herbs, sound, sacred geometry and color to clear them of all previous energy so that they can vibrate at their highest level and maximum potential. We do this step so that when people receive their products, all they have to do is give it a purpose and they are ready to work with it!

KV: What would you suggest (crystal or otherwise) for someone who needs more grounding in the modern, fast-paced society we live in today?

HA: Allow yourself to stop for 3 minutes or whether it is breathe or just do nothing. AKA don’t look at your phone. Hold onto a crystal—your touchstone—such as Fluorite, because it holds the state of peace and tranquility. Tap into the stone’s energy! The crystal is gentle reminder of who we are. You can truly shift your mindset in a mere 3 minutes.

TJ: For grounding, I love to use hematite. As a mom and business owner, it is easy to let your mind and body go a million miles an hour. It is important to stay grounded into the energy of the Earth because the more grounded we are, the more focused we are and that helps put everything into perspective. Holding hematite or keeping it with me at all times helps me get there.

KV: I saw a video on your site about finding stability and creating a routine to remain centered – tell us about yours and how it centers you?

HA: One of my non-negotiable routines is starting my day with at least an 11-minute meditation, holding onto the Selenite harmonizers. I usually do Kundalini Sadhana at 4am. I write down in my notebook what my intentions are for the day and mentally visualize myself going into those experiences. This way, I set my energy in those places before I arrive to create positive and harmonious outcomes.

I also usually pick a piece of jewelry that I will wear for 40 days. I wear crystal jewelry to have a transformational breakthrough. When I give my crystals a purpose and focused intention for 40 days. It gives me the opportunity to energetically work with the energy of the Earth on my body for an extended period of time.  This helps me to release anything that is blocked or stuck in my mind, body and spirit and allows new energy to be infused into my life.  I am able to shift and transform when wearing the jewelry for an extended period of time and gain greater insight into myself so that I can grow and evolve. 

I end the day with gratitude, thinking of 3 things I am so thankful and grateful for.

TJ: My routine varies day to day, but there are a few staples I always try to follow. Meditation comes first, along with warm lemon water and my jewelry rituals usually follow, where I pick specific pieces for certain intentions. For example, if we have an interview or a podcast, I won’t leave my house without a blue lace agate piece to open my throat chakra and I always wear my Energy Cleansing Necklace and Sacred Quartz Crystal necklace from John of God. To close my routine, I usually will go for a walk and read a few positive excerpts from Guru Singh’s Spiritual Pavement.

KV: What would be your advice to someone who is skeptical of using crystals? How do you make crystals and spirituality feel more approachable, and something that anyone can benefit from?

HA: Crystals are tools to help us connect with the earth, to become to grounded and centered. Don’t try talk yourself out of why you’re drawn to crystals. You may be drawn to them because you think they are pretty or because they simply feel calming. Don’t judge your experience. Hold a crystal and get out of your head. Just feel it. When we truly start to feel, you can heal. To feel is to heal. Keep it simple!

 TJ: Well, I think that Heather and I have worked to demystify the “reputation” crystals have. Because we do not come off in the esoteric kind of way, we can relate to a lot of different people. Crystals are a form of Earth’s energy. They come from Earth and the Earth is the one thing we all have in common. They are here to help us along our journey.

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KV: What have been the most fulfilling and exciting parts of working together as partners AND/OR in starting Energy Muse and building a community around intentional living?

HA: I feel very grateful that we have achieved success as a women-owned business in a many times male-dominated crystal industry. Having all women working in our establishment is amazing! Being able to inspire other women to do the same – if we can do it, anyone can. It is the every day stories of real people that have had a transformative experience and their lives turn around for the better – these are the reasons why I continue to do what I do and why our business is so powerful.

TJ: For me, on a daily basis, what we do helps people and this inspires me to continue down this path. As with anything, there have been a lot of ups and downs, but the satisfaction you get from helping others is beyond rewarding and soul-filling.

energy muse founders

KV: Lastly, you have a book coming out this fall. Tell us more about it!

TJ: The book is called Crystal Muse and is available for pre-order on Amazon now! The official launch date is Oct 17th. We are excited to share our stories about how we’ve used crystals in our lives to get through the ups, the downs and all the in-betweens.

HA: With Crystal Muse, we wanted to “demystify” the crystal world. Think of it like a crystal recipe book! We want to teach and educate people on how they can use crystals everyday to get results in their lives through simple, practical rituals in 11 minute or less. And we have personally used these “crystal recipes” over the last 17 years and with our community – they truly work!

Where can readers find you?

Our website is and our blog can be found at You can find us on social media @energymuse on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Also, stay tuned for our upcoming YouTube channel!

Curious which crystals I’m using??? 

Citrine Stone: “Stone of Light”

– Happiness, Wealth, Manifestation

Shungite Stone: “Stone of Fruition”

– Healing, Detoxifying, Relieves anxiety and insomnia


–  Removes Blocked Energy , Cleansing, Protection

Amethyst Stone: “Stone of Contentment”

– Intuition, Spirituality, Relieves Stress

Rose Quartz: “Stone of Love”

– Opens the heart, reduces stress and grief

Clear Quartz: “Stone of Clarity”

– Amplifies, Activates, Energizes

Blue Lace Agate: “Stone of Inner Peace”

– Calming, Soothing, Stress and Anxiety Relief



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