why (mostly) ditching make up was the best decision, ever // + Frank and Whit Skincare!

ok, let me start by saying I’m by no means a “beauty blogger”. However, I have tremendous respect for beauty bloggers because they search far and wide for the very best bronzers, blenders and more. 

I mean… have you seen their mountain high stacks of eye shadow palettes and YouTube contouring tutorials? For real- mad respect. Those how-to videos take time and help a hell of a lot of ladies (like myself) who don’t know a thing when it comes to applying, blending and highlighting.

Makeup is an art, I’m just no artist.

It’s definitely a beautiful way for women (or men) to express themselves while confidently playing up their natural beauty. I’m 100 percent behind that, and therefore I’m not a beauty blogger, nor a makeup hater.

But I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that makeup just isn’t my thing.

I’ve spent countless hours applying and searching for the right makeup for years because I felt I HAD to. Dropping an entire paycheck at Sephora was never, euphoria. But I was so concerned with what I looked like, if my pimple was showing through my concealer and if I looked tired or run down, that it was a necessity. 

Back in the day I didn’t want to go to the grocery store, class, or (helllll no) out to dinner without a hefty layer of concealer, foundation, and bronzer. I mean, I’d do it sometimes, but I always felt super uncomfortable in my skin, and would come armed with a huge pair of sunglasses to divert attention. The “ugh I’m bare-faced and look like crap” thought was in the back of my mind the whole time I was out. 

Let’s rewind to college days, AKA during the days of heavy foundation and concealer. I was on the largest campus in the country. There were like 70k students so let’s say 45k females. You know, just a few of us. And let me tell you, Arizona State lives up to its reputation that ASU girls are, pretty, pretty. 

I saw fellow female Sun Devils wearing false eyelashes and extensions to class and thought to myself- “WTF?! How have I not figured out how to do that / make it look good / make it look even semi natural / not like a Halloween costume?!?!?”

I felt like I was missing some “girl gene”. I felt like because I never knew how to apply these make up and beauty hacks,  I was just a plain Jane. Or, the fact that I had no interest in learning how to meant that I was doomed. (Don’t worry, that’s not the truth if you’re feeling the same).

But despite my lack of interest in all things super-girly, I laid the concealer on thick, took to tanning beds (let’s not even talk about that right now), and only caused myself more blemishes in the process, and created the cycle of…

1) break out 2) breakout leads to need for more toxic makeup clogging my pores / “covering” my blemishes 3) leading to more breakouts. 4) Repeat. 

Needless to say, this comparison trap where I was looking at other’s makeup routines and effortless contours was doing NOTHING for my self-confidence and I was starting to resent the whole makeup thing because it wasn’t about art or creativity or self expression. It wasn’t even that fun or a “hobby” I enjoyed.  

Fast forward to today…

Below I’ve listed EVERYTHING I own makeup wise. Every single thing fits in one, yes ONE – small bag. I mean come on, that’s pretty minimal right?? 

I use:

  • mascara
  • bronzer / blush duo + a brush
  • CC cream
  • eyeliner (when I’m feeling REAL fancy)
  • 1 Anastasia Eyebrow filler-inn-er thing < told you, not good at this stuff> 

I only have 1 mascara, 1 bronzer / blush, 1 cc cream, 1 eyeliner, and a couple tinted lip glosses. 

I’m. Not. Lying. 

Well, I also have like two lipsticks and 1 small eyeshadow palette from my mother – but those don’t reside in the bag. Talk about freeing. I remember when I had drawers in my bathroom full of so many random bottles and expensive products. 


Well, I did. And my outlook did.

Now, I choose to focus on the ROOT of the “problem”.

I hate to use the word “problem” or “problem area” to describe my skin (it’s only your largest organ, so why don’t we give it some props) but my acceptance of my skin started when I looked to the source rather than the reaction. I now try to be proactive-  through my diet and skin care routine.

My lack of confidence around my skin and dependence on makeup was rooted in the insecurity and fear around my face breaking out. So, let’s stop (or lessen) the breakouts and let our true skin shine through, shall we? 

Below is how I broke up with makeup + my everyday skincare routine…

  1. Environment switch: Well; I’m not going to say that moving away from college didn’t help get me out of the constant comparison trap and ground me a bit. But if you’re not able to pick up your life and  relocate OR start fresh in a new place .. see step two below. 
  2. Surround yourself with people who don’t give a shit: No, not people who don’t give a shit about you, people who care so freaking much about you they don’t think twice when you show up to happy hour without any makeup on. They’re to excited to spend time with you, hear your jokes, share their stories with you, etc. 
  3. Prioritize your diet, exercise, water consumption and sleep: The drugstore skincare aisle won’t tell you this while looking at acne-fighting scrubs. They’ll tell you nasty ingredients like benzol peroxide can fix anything. Try some sleep, some veggies and tons of water and then….
  4. Invest in your skincare : Now that you’re not investing hundreds in concealers and eyeshadow palettes, stick to the purest, high-quality, non-toxic skincare imaginable. I like Frank and Whit, more about them and my routine below.
  5. Believe in nature’s (skin) medicine:  Do you know charcoal, rosewater, matcha green tea and oatmeal can do WONDERS for skin? Stick to REAL ingredients – things you can pronounce or recognize if you saw it on a shelf.

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Here’s my weekly skincare routine…

Everyday: Cleanse

Everyday: Moisturize

Scrub: 5x per week with Franklin and Whitman

My FAVORITE of ALL the new Franklin and Whitman products? The scrubs. And that’s a bold statement, but I’m sayin’ it. 

I used to be sooo into the Fitler Square, and I still use it once a week or so, but the Midtown Village has won me over. I honestly have seen a huge difference in how even my skin tone is, and the glow after using this scrub is unreal.

Worried that 5x is too much scrubbing? For you, it could be. But Frank and Whit’s products are much more gentle then the plastic micro-beads found is “scrubs” you may have used in the past. The coffee in the midtown village is SO finely ground, like… think of super soft sand. It’s very gentle. The Fitler square is a bit more rough as it’s a sugar scrub, so 1x per week works best for me when using that one.

Body Scrub: 3-4x per week with Franklin and Whitman

I like the Midtown Village Body scrub as well – see a theme here with the coffee? I love coffee, and I love how soft my skin is after using this scrub. 

Fair warning : Your shower will be covered in coffee grounds.

Mask: 2-3x per week with Franklin and Whitman

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Oak Lane

is the most mild of Frankin and Whitman’s masks. It’s made with turmeric, cacao and activated charcoal. I like to use this if I mask a 3rd time in a week, because it’s gentle.

Queen Village

is my FAVORITE. It’s perfect for my combination skin because the oatmeal moisturizes while the activated charcoal detoxes and deep cleanses, and the aloe vera soothes. I find it leaves me glowing – leaving no need for makeup. I’ll do it the night before a date with the BF or going out with girlfriends.

Spruce Hill

This one is for a DEEP cleanse. I find it to be the most drying, but it’s great to use every few masks, to really draw out impurities. It’s made with matcha, activated charcoal and pomegranate.

Midtown Village

There’s also a NEW mask out – and it smells like a vanilla latte. It’s fair trade coffee, vanilla, and activated charcoal. The Midtown Village mask is the perfect addition to the face and body scrub.

Because face masking can get a little messy… I like to use the face mask bowl set from Franklin and Whitman. It’s a bowl to stir your face mask, a spoon to help measure the dry mask (add a touch of water at a time until you reach a good consistency) then apply with the brush. It makes it much easier to apply evenly. 

frank and whit

Steam: 1x per week

Usually on #selfcaresunday, I go all out with the scrub, followed by a steam, a mask, then moisturize. Four steps, but my skin has never been better. I like the Cobbs Creek Steam best.

Bonus: They are amazing for when you’re feeling under the weather. I love using them when I feel a cold coming on.

You simply fill a large bowl with some of the steam, add hot water, and put your face over the bowl, then tent a towel over your head and soak in the steam for about ten minutes. Sounds complicated, but I promise you it’s not. 

I can also promise you that you’ll be sweating after ten minutes of steaming, but do it for your pores!


Whether a beauty blogger, or self-proclaimed makeup minimalist… skin and confidence start with the source. You should NEVER feel uncomfortable in your skin or feel any blemish MUST be “fixed”, but rather feel empowered to make lifestyle changes to find what works for you, and reach a place where going out with a bare face feels freeing rather than terrifying.

I truly believe that finding a solid skincare routine that works for YOU, combined with a clean diet (plants, plants, and more plants) + beauty sleep and a hearty dose of self-love and confidence, and you’ll be ditching the layers of makeup in no time. 

To grab your own Franklin and Whitman products, head to their website and use the promo code below…

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To read more about F&W, where they’re made (PHILLY!!!) cruelty-free committment, and social mission for rescue dogs, read here


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