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Ah!! Mindful eating. One of my FAVORITE topics. This book is one I could not wait to review. I truly have NEVER found a book that so closely shares my feelings toward food, body image, and the importance of setting an intention behind each meal.

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Cassandra Bodzak has been someone I follow for awhile- I found her when I first started blogging on Instagram and fell in love with what she stands for. She makes meditation and mindfulness approachable – which I love.  

For those of you unfamiliar, Cassandra is a meditation teacher, kundalini yoga instructor, founder, Eat with Intention TV Host, and now… author!  

Cassandra asked me to not only preview her book before it was released, but review it for all of you. 

Eat with Intention is part cookbook, part meditation guide, part memoir, fully amazing. Let’s discuss what you can expect from this unique book! 

eat with intention kaleinit

first, let’s get real. 

in the beginning of the book, Cassandra walks readers through various stages of her life, from childhood to her college days and describes what she was experiencing at that time and how it effected her behavior and thoughts around food. she’s honest and open about the experience, making it all the more relatable to read.

I enjoyed reading about the ebbs and flows of her struggles with food  because I feel that so many women can relate to experiencing shameful moment(s) where they felt “fat”, “worthless”, or uncomfortable in their skin. It makes us realize we are NOT alone.

creating a well-rounded relationship with food. 

Cassandra breaks it down into 3 areas that together, allow for a beautifully abundant and positive relationship around food and our body. She explains that food, mediation, and self care (my favorite!) can all come together to create a relationship based in joy and acceptance rather than shame or guilt. 

How freeing does that sound? To get out of the comparison trap among other women, to let go of the negative thoughts that plague you from living your best life, and find freedom at each meal. That was what I so badly wanted while recovering from my eating disorder- and through mindfulness exercises and mediation I was able to find that freedom. It’s really beautiful to read Cassandra’s words as she shares her experience overcoming the negative patterns as well. 

I guess what I’m saying is, Cassandra is right, these practices CAN work and can allow you to heal your relationship with food, if you’re open to this new way of approaching each meal.

What I wish I had when I started my journey with mindful eating and reversing the negative self talk was Eat with Intention’s gorgeous recipes, visualization exercises, and Cassandra’s wealth of knowledge around the topic. It would have been amazing to find a book like this. Something so focused on my goal of not only living more mindfully and incorporating self care,  but specifically around food.

mantras with each meal. 

I really loved the detail of adding a corresponding mantra with each meal. Dependent on the ingredients used, type of meal (example cozy and comforting, fresh and light), Cassandra came up with a simple mantra for each. To savor not only the flavor of each bite but the intention behind nourishing yourself. Some examples are…


Cassandra also adds breathing exercises, meditations and visualizations to each recipe, making each page truly unique. I loved her suggestion of using the book like a deck of tarot cards, allowing yourself to stumble upon the dish and the mantra your soul needs for that particular day. 

the whole foods recipes you’ll find…

speaking of recipes… the food! Each is a plant based, whole meal, perfect for anyone who wants to eat to fuel themselves and nourish themselves from the inside out.  Eat with Intention offers gorgeous photos of recipes that are simple to prepare, but should be done with… intention! plate it well (I obsessed over Cassandra’s beliefs that plating food beautifully makes it more enjoyable), and use some of Cassandra’s tips to eat the meal mindfully, to gain the most nourishment and satisfaction from it as possible. 

Feast your eyes on some of the food from the book…

eat with intention kaleinit

Yogi Bowl // Photo from Eat With Intention

eat with intention kaleinit

Mini Carrot Cakes with Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting

eat with intention kaleinit

Brussels Sprout Tacos

Clearly I’m a big fan of Eat With Intention. I’m so excited about it because it’s in line with the values I hope to promote through Kalein It. Mindful eating, positive self-talk, and a healthy relationship with food which allows you to stop obsessing, but rather live your fullest, most genuine life. 

I applaud Cassandra for not only dedicating herself to providing a beautiful and tasty cookbook of recipes, but a honest and approachable guide to meditation and mindfulness. By combining the two, I believe Eat with Intention will bring a great deal of compassion to readers who need to care for themselves, and bring awareness to the importance of a meditation practice, a habit of self care, and a mindset shift around food. Because food is sacred- to be appreciated, rather than feared!

Ok, the best news? Cassandra will be presenting at The GOOD Fest!! I’m thrilled to announce that we are hosting her at our inaugural event.

Cassandra will be opening our morning sessions with a group meditation and visualization exercise, as well as answering the audience’s burning questions around mindfulness, meditation and what mindful eating means/how to incorporate it into each meal! 

To follow Cassandra head to her Instagram @cassandrabodzak, or check out her website.


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