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hey everyone!

welcome to my latest idea for i’ve decided that being a modern day girl means not always having tons of time. i love valuable information + ideas that are not only useful, but to the point.

so when browsing all upcoming fast 5 blog posts, you’ll find quick + dirty tips about a healthy lifestyle. healthy lifestyle can include not only diet + exercise, but mindfulness, meditation, etc. so expect all things health + wellness related.

i’ll be putting together lists of 5 favorites, 5 ideas, 5 tips… you get it…

because first off, who doesn’t love a list? + second, when reading other blogs i have always loved their short + sweet posts listing great info/insight/opinions.

today, i’m sharing my top 5 favorite health bloggers. all of whom i have suggest reading immediately. i love them all for different reasons, + have been very much inspired by their work when writing for this blog.

browse their gorgeous pages, read their witty content, + drool at beautiful food photography. but be warned, from personal experience, it is possible to spend an entire afternoon scrolling. here we go…

the blissful mind

catherine is absolutely phenomenal at teaching readers the importance of self care, mindfulness, + how to simplify your life for ultimate success. i love her self-care power hour challenge. blissfully peruse her informative articles to find new ways to feel fulfilled, inspired + productive.

nutrition stripped

the holy grail for healthy lifestyle. mckel not only has the credentials, she’s created a beautiful brand. her food photos are inspiring, her nutrition expertise is amazing, + she was one of the first health blogs that hooked me before starting my own.

when i need yoga tips, i’m here. i never thought i would be contributing to yogi approved some day! as an avid reader, + now writer, i love getting a no nonsense description of different yoga topics like chakras + essential oils. check out all they have to offer, as well as my articles for them here. 

the skinny confidential

it’s rare that i genuinely laugh while reading online articles + blogs. with lauryn, it’s frequent. she’s a badass-blogging-veteran who gives you the low down on what is healthy, how to sweat for a great body, + how to look fabulous while doing so. i admire her honesty, her aesthetic is gorgeous, + she’s funny as hell. go read.

the colorful kitchen

ilene is an NYC girl i found on instagram. she has amazing ideas for recipes + an eye for food photography. i am always inspired by her desserts.

now since we are moving quickly, i won’t keep you from these blogs. comment below with other health blog suggestions- i’m dying to add to my list.


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