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hi, I’m Kate, and I’m a cookbook-aholic.

I LOVE them. I can sit down with tea and a great hardcover cookbook and savor it like a novel.

the photography, the food styling, the description of the dish and preparation. I know I sound like a weirdo for fawning over cookbooks, but seriously, it’s an experience.

they’re also handy references for the kitchen. I love the inspiration they provide.

who knows, maybe I love cookbooks because I dream of writing my own one day.

today, I’m sharing my five favorite vegan/vegetarian cookbooks. this was tough, I tried to include a little of everything. simple meals, amazing photography, great graphics, interesting recipes, you name it.

note that I’m expecting Chef Chloe’s book in the mail from Amazon and it feels like I’m waiting for Christmas morning.

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love and lemons.

blogger Jeanine Donofrio has put together the most beautiful compilation of vegetarian and vegan recipes in her debut cookbook. stylistically, this book is a ten. the photos are clean but colorful and cozy. the food is phenomenal. i also love the way she organized everything from A-Z by fruit and vegetable. makes it simple – have zucchini? skim to the zucchini section. 

try her endive with sweet pea avocado hummus, carrot ginger grain bowl, mango and daikon glass noodle salad, and farm stand peach pizza. yum!
need some love and lemons? pick it up here.

the oh she glows cookbook.

so, this may be my cooking bible. hence the post it notes flagging many of the pages. it’s been worn, loved, and admired. it has it ALL. I fell in love with Angela Liddon’s blog because she’s open about her path to recovery for her eating disorder. she’s incredibly talented. I’ve never tried a recipe of hers I didn’t fall in love with, and you should try the following: grilled portobello burger, Broccoli and Cashew Cheese-Quinoa Burrito, and her infamous glo bars of course.

she also includes great kitchen staples and instructions on how to make the basics, like nut milk and almond flour. it’s great for those just venturing into the world of plant based cooking. 

get glowing and grab the book here.

 lookbook cookbook.

college cook? busy as hell? new to vegan? grab the lookbook cook book. everything is delicious, vegan, gluten free AND simple to make and not intimidating. only thing slightly intimidating? the gorgeous ladies who grace the pages! they make kale salads look bad ass, trust me. lookbook cookbook combines fashion and food- a recipe to win hearts.  try the jalapeno poppers, the kale avocado ceasar, and the sun dried tomato pesto. I made the jalepeno poppers recently for a party- find photos here.  and buy the book! 


wild plate.

stunning. absolutely stunning. which makes sense because the fab author, Laurel Anderson was originally a dancer, then attended design school, fell in love with plant based cuisine, and food become her favorite medium to create her art. the photography and food styling are out of this world. Laurel slays. Wild Plate is a vegan and raw cookbook which features slightly more complicated recipes, if you’re up to the challenge, you’ll impress yourself with the exquisite flavors and gorgeous flavors that she provides.  check it out! 

i love her award winning vegan chili, banana cream pie, and if you want something to really impress, the wild mushroom spinach crepes with macadamia ricotta and lemon cream sauce. see, i told you they’re insane recipes!

thug kitchen.

vegan food with an attitude. and a dirty mouth! I love this hilarious cruelty free guide to cooking comfort food, party food, just plain good food. it’s peppered with an expletive or two- (ok, a few more) and just makes you want to turn the music up and get cooking. if you’re ready to eat like you give a f*#k, then order it here. 

my favorites from thug kitchen? grilled peach salsa and roasted beer and lime cauliflower tacos.

I hope you enjoyed the list of cookbooks, and since I covered all levels and style of chef, I expect you to get in the kitchen and skip the take out this week.

get inspired (and instructed) by these vegan cookbooks instead!

have a book I missed? TELL ME! comment below and enable the cookbook addict, please.


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  1. June 1, 2016 / 9:35 pm

    I love all of these recipes! I’ve been loving The Paleo Kitchen, the Oh She Glows cookbook, and Superfood Smoothies!

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