5 tips to stay healthy when you have NO time. // roots true foods giveaway!

so often I hear, “I just don’t have the time to eat healthy.”

say what???? if you’re a mom, student, CEO, IDC!

I mean, I care about you and your health and I think it’s incredible that you’re doing it all, but I don’t want to hear the silly excuses anymore. here are five tips to help even the busiest women prioritize their health. all tips I do myself, as I certainly don’t always have the time to be cooking meals from scratch or meditating for an hour every morning.

there’s really no denying we live in a world that is go, go, GO. our to do lists are long, we wear many hats, and we juggle a ton of things at once. all the more reason to stay healthy and in tip top shape to keep up with our kids, jobs, and any side hustle projects we have going on as well.

health tips for busy women kaleinit

I totally get wrapped up in the rat race and have a hard time with days which don’t feel productive. I also get frustrated with myself when life’s priorities take me away from healthy habits. so instead of wallowing in the “poor me, I have no time” trap- I found a few actions that help keep me healthy, realistic, accountable, and the best part- balanced. 

pick your least favorite to-do – and move while you’re doing it!

this could be cleaning. mine is emailing. emails are a time suck. I go for a walk, or hop on the elliptical while emailing. now, because it’s multi tasking you’re not going to get the most insane work out in, but the legs are moving and the heart is pumping and that’s better than nothing!

if I’m folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen after a day of recipe experimenting, I listen to podcasts. pick one that is motivational, humorous, or calming. it makes me feel like I’m doing self care, while I’m doing something mundane and just plain boring.

if you’re confined to an office, at least get up, stretch and pace around a bit when

it’s not about burning calories or anything ridiculous like that. a body feels best in motion, so get on your feet every hour for not only a muscle break, but a brain break.

prepare the basics.

I’m not a big meal-prepper. I think it’s a lot of time each Sunday to waste batch cooking for the week. so my personal preference in batch cooking the basics.

right now, as I write this I have brown rice cooking. it takes a while, so I doubled up the amount of rice so I have it for meals the next few days and plenty to share with the BF.

these are the type of items I batch “prep”. other examples include:

– freezing greens and bananas for smoothies

– cooking quinoa and rice for salads and buddha bowls

-roasting a big pan of veggies to add to tofu scrambles, bowls, or as a side.

-prepping 2 overnight oats or chia puddings for the next 2 mornings. 

– chopping some celery and carrots for when snack attacks strike.

-packing 2-3 snack options in my purse on Monday to have just in case throughout the work week.

these all take just a few minutes and aren’t as laborious as preparing 5 full lunches or dinners. plus, it means you’re eating different things each day rather than the same pre-measured tupperware meal.

make breakfast simple.

if you’re busy juggling a million and one things, you  better be eating breakfast. I can’t stress it enough. smoothies are my jam. they fill me up way more than juice and keep me full ’till lunch.

I could go on for days about the importance of breakfast, but I’ll spare you guys.

I’ll just say this… pleaseeee for your digestion, energy, mental clarity and overall wellbeing… EAT YOUR BREAKFAST.

am I yelling at you ladies too much this post? if so, forgive me. I truly just want you to feel damn good.

health tips for busy women kaleinit

I have a little breakfast hack I’ve been using these days. Root’s True Foods sells pre-portioned, frozen, ORGANIC smoothie packs in a variety of flavors. they can be for strength, immunity, detox, etc. each with carefully selected organic fruits, veggies and superfood additions to provide the most nutrition possible in a tall glass.

they also offer cleanses and 7-day resets to get you back on track! 

my personal favorite smoothie pack from them is the “clean” flavor with: spinach, kale, apples, pineapples, lemon, ginger, goji berry powder, wheatgrass powder, chlorella powder, milled chia seeds, milled flax seeds + stevia extract.


I also LOVE the glow flavor for healthy skin. it’s packed with antioxidants, omegas, and vitamin c for skin health and anti-aging!

health tips for busy women kaleinit

so, I’ll stock up on these, line them up in my fridge and do the same thing each morning. first I dump the frozen pack in the blender, fill with water, coconut water or almond milk, and blend! simple, right?

it’s also nice to have a ton of variety as far as the produce in my smoothies, without having to buy (and potentially waste) a ton of greens and fruits.

and, they came delivered to my door. which I’m sure most modern busy women love too.

health tips for busy women kaleinit

if you’re routine oriented- go with it!

I feel like sometimes women feel they need to prove they are super woman in the kitchen. they want to show that they are full of creative dishes and tons of healthy variety.

they worry that they just keep making the same things and are in a rut. if you’re bored with your meals – check Pinterest, or the cookbooks here – or browse my blog 🙂

but if you like what you’re making each week, then all good! if it’s healthy, clean, full of whole ingredients, organic and/or plant-based… you’re doing it RIGHT. don’t worry how it looks on the plate, don’t compare it to the food bloggers, and listen to YOUR body.

if it helps you to stay on track to make the same thing each Tuesday, then have leftovers Wednesday, than make a different favorite dish each Thursday… to have leftover on Friday…. and so on… fine!

what works for you is what if best for you. I can’t stress enough that comparison is the worst thing you can bring to the kitchen.

every woman’s lifestyle is different as well as their personal preferences and dietary needs. food is celebration, not a chore, and it certainly doesn’t need to take up a ton of your time or energy.


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good luck! winners will be announced Saturday.
enjoy the tips, get back to your busy schedule, and thanks for reading babes!



** this post was sponsored by Root’s True Foods. however, all opinions are my own.



  1. August 26, 2016 / 7:57 pm

    Ohhh love this! How awesome! Thanks for finding me- so glad I could find you! I also love to prep breakfasts and snacks! The rest are easy to fill in

    • August 27, 2016 / 1:07 am

      Thanks Allie! And totally agree- once you fill in the basics it becomes much easier! Meal prep and planning doesn’t need to be overwhelming! Glad we connected!

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