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the holidays are here!…

…and I have not made ANY recipes for thanksgiving. I first off, I apologize. The GOOD Society, and The GOOD festival are keeping me very, very busy. One of the reasons I’m excited for a few days or family, relaxation, and FOOD of course. I realize I am going to need to cook something this week, that”s why I’ve put together a round up featuring some of my favorite bloggers and their incredible Thanksgiving dishes. 

I found my favorite for each category. so appetizer, salad, side dish, stuffing, main course, dessert (duh!) and even a festive cocktail to sip.

I know I missed MANY great options, and as I was looking around for my favorites I could have gone on forever. but, here’s the gist of my ultimate Thanksgiving meal thanks to some of my favorite bloggers.

an app while you cook: spicy sweet potato hummus.

everyone needs appetizers set out while finishing the thanksgiving feast. the guests are gathering in the kitchen, and something to nosh on pre-dinner is a necessity. I can’t wait to make this spicy sweet potato hummus from the Cookie and Kate. Kate, is so freakin’ talented. her pup Cookie is adorable, and I’m so happy I found this simple recipe that I can bring to Thanksgiving dinner.
healthy thanksgiving recipes kaleinit

the salad: roasted acorn squash salad.

this one is from yours truly. I’m bringing this salad with me to thanksgiving dinner because I can’t get enough of it. I’m always a fan of B.Y.O.S. (bring your own salad)- it guarantees I’ll get some greens, and I can then share a healthy dish with the fam. I think the shining star of this salad is the dressing- maple cinnamon and dijon mustard may not sound like a typical dressing combination, but it’s damn good. 

healthy thanksgiving recipes kaleinit

the side: spiced brussels sprouts. 

My best internet friend (and I MEAN it when I say good friend- also internet friends are a thing now) and new blogger babe, Sapana, recently launched her blog! I was anxiously awaiting the day that she would debut her gorgeous site, Real + Vibrant, because now I can recreate the beautiful dishes she makes on Instagram. These brussels sprouts make a perfect side dish. They are seasonal, spiced, and will easily sway any family member who doesn’t like this veggie to give brussels another shot.

healthy thanksgiving recipes kaleinit

the stuffing: wild rice and mushroom, v + gf

woah. stuffing has always been my FAVORITE of all the decadent thanksgiving dishes. I’m really obsessed with this gluten free and vegan version by Megan of Detoxinista. I love the idea of using wild rice. And the mushrooms as a substitute for meaty sausage is genius. Anything seasoned with thyme and sage this time of year is perfection, and Megan added apple and cranberries for a touch of sweet. I’ll be stuffing myself with this come Thursday.

healthy thanksgiving recipes kaleinit

the main dish, sans turkey: vegan pot pies.

turkey was never a favorite of mine. but my mother’s super comforting and insanely delicious chicken pot pie?? different story… it’s ah-mazing. I found this recipe from the vegan recipe queen, Dana of Minimalist Baker, and what I loved about it was not only that it resembled my mom’s signature holiday dish, but it also allowed you to make individual portions in the ramekins. 

this way, if there are only a couple veg eaters around the dinner table, you can make just enough for them. and they look cute!  

It’s also ready in an hour… so, certainly less labor intensive then the turkey.

healthy thanksgiving recipes kaleinit

the grand finale: vegan pumpkin pie.

to be honest… my Thanksgiving, I’m kind of pumpkin-d out. I feel like these days the pumpkin spice parade begins in like… August. But, it’s thanksgiving which means a pumpkin pie is absolutely necessary. What I love about this recipe from Sam of It Doesn’t Taste like Chicken (how good is that name), is that it’s vegan but also SIMPLE to make. 

I love making main dishes, salads, soups and snacks. I tend to prefer to cook savory rather than bake, but that’s just me. I certainly still love EATING baked goods. But when I found this recipe and saw how simple and easy it was to put together, I had to add it to this list. 

healthy thanksgiving recipes kaleinit

the sips: mulled white wine.

a day long feast with family usually calls for a cocktail… am I right? I love Gimme Some Oven’s photography style – and even though many of her recipes I have to substitute gluten-free and dairy-free ingredients, I still find inspiration from her gorgeous photos and always delicious presentation. This mulled white wine looks festive. mulled wines and sangrias can be made in a large batch, making it easier for a host who’s juggling literally a million dishes to serve, too.
healthy thanksgiving recipes kaleinit

the morning of (or after): pumpkin pie overnight oats.

you’ve done enough cooking, but still feelin’ the thanksgiving vibes the next morning? before you start diving into leftovers for lunch, make these overnight oats from moi. plus they take a total of 2 minutes to prepare… so I promise I’m not giving you anymore unnecessary cooking.

healthy thanksgiving recipes kaleinit

there you have it. a round up of healthy recipes from food bloggers who kale it with their recipes and photography. I’m always thankful for these blogs (and many others!) as they provide me drool-worthy recipe ideas, were some of the first blogs to inspire me to get my ass in the kitchen, and help me in taking the leap to start a blog myself. 

I’m also incredibly thankful for each and every reader. thank you, thank you!

have a happy and healthy holiday. xo


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