holistic oral health // all natural pearly whites.

recently I’ve been very interested in learning how to “holistic-fy” my daily routines. Holistic-fy is totally a word, right?

what I mean by that is finding ways to make daily habits more holistic, natural, pure, and whole.

like skincare and make up for example. or food of course. even nail care and hair care can be done more holistically. and now I’m taking it a step further…oral health.

holistic oral health kaleinit

there are a few germs in your mouth if you haven’t heard. like a ton. around 500-600 species of bacteria, actually. and it’s almost impossible to put a clear and concise number on the number of germs these species bring along with them.

I’m not trying to gross you out! just being real…

so it’s important to keep a clean and healthy mouth to strengthen immunity and prevent disease.

I’m sharing 2 holistic practices I do daily for better oral hygiene, and giving you the lowdown on what ingredients you don’t want near your pearly whites.

let’s start with 2 Ayurvedic practices I learned a couple years ago and continue to try to fit in daily.

1. oil pulling.

ahhh the ancient Ayurvedic act of oil pulling. have you tried? yes, it really is swooshing oil around your mouth, that’s no lie. but it does plenty of GOOD.

holistic oral health kaleinit

some of the benefits include:

– whitens teeth

– freshens breath

-prevents gum disease and gingivitis

– helps jaw issues like TMJ

– removes bacteria and toxins.

be sure to use organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil and start with a small amount of oil, then work up to 1-2 tablespoons. swish around for about 20-30 minutes, again working your way up to it. Lastly, don’t spit it in the sink! It can solidify and clog pipes-so dispose of oil in the trashcan!

2. tongue scraping.

another ancient practice that literally scrapes away bacteria, impurities and detoxifies the mouth. it’s been around for about 5000 years, so a little longer than name brand mouth washes. similar to oil pulling, but goes a step further in detoxifying. it also means fresher breath and better immunity because less harmful bacteria in your mouth.

this should be done early in the AM, preferably before breakfast and after oil pulling.

scrape 1-3 times from the back of your tongue forward.

try this copper tongue scraper from Truthpaste!

3. no more nasty ingredients.

here is the ugly and not so clean side of cleaning you teeth. there is some harmful stuff lurking in the toothpaste that is marketed as so fresh and so clean, clean.

holistic oral health kaleinit truthpaste

some of the ingredients you should steer clear of include:

– sodium fluoride

– triclosan

– sodium lauryl sulfate

– propylene glycol

these ingredients show carcinogenic effects, and can cause damage to various organs once absorbed through the skin.

read more in detail here.

howe ever, you can find brands with integrity! don’t get discouraged! try truthpaste for example, a brand committed to telling you the truth about your paste and leaving all the harmful stuff aside.

they use ingredients such as organic sesame oil, volcanic mineral clay, and organic essential oils, making it much easier to trust their ingredients over the ones above. 

but don’t let the funky color or tub rather than tube scare you. it tastes great, and is mild. and not only that it also WORKS. my teeth feel as clean and fresh as they did with “regular” toothpaste. 

added bonus they are cruelty free and vegan, of course.

4. sustainable because, why not?

ever think about how many toothbrushes are thrown away each year in the US alone? 1 BILLION. that’s 50 million pounds of waste in landfills. that’s a hell of a lot of plastic. so, you got two options, stop using a toothbrush (umm), or switch to something more eco friendly. if you’re interested in the environmental impact of this necessary toiletry – I found this article interesting.

holistic oral health kaleinit

when choosing a more sustainable option, look for more eco-friendly materials such as bamboo. this wood is praised for its sustainability as it grows rapidly and replenishes itself faster than others.

I like Mable brush for my toothbrushes.  they not only use 100 percent biodegradable bamboo, but they made it a self standing design which dries more evenly.

you can read more about their message as a brand, here. 


these holistic oral health habits are easy to do, quick, and relatively inexpensive. think about it- a jar of coconut oil

so, I challenge you to find an area of your life that you can holisitic-fy this week. could be your toothpaste, or something else entirely!

it’s important to remember that these lifestyle changes take time. while some women can go all in and do a complete overhaul of the products in their home and their routines, it’s probably most sustainable if you start with what you’re comfortable with and progress gradually. 

I’m here for ya! 

and damn girl, great smile! 😉 

products featured in this post were gifted to me by some pretty awesome brands to incorporate into content. as always, opinions are my own. 



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