||impromtu raw cucumber sweet & spicy “noodles” ||

i have a love/hate relationship with “on the fly” cooking & impromptu recipes.

on one hand i feel that the most delicious meals have come from randomly combining ingredients & creatively thinking of flavors that will work well together on the plate. on the other, it makes it difficult to put in written form!

also – who has time for measuring every little thing? that means more dirty dishes! & i have a habit of making a mess while i cook. typically playing music, & paying little attention to the sliversof onion & cilantro stems scattering the floor. cooking is a mindfulness practice for me. it allows me to be creative, focus on the present moment, & feel confident as i fuel my body with dishes that will strengthen me.

the good news?

a refreshing salad like this one can go without strict proportions- raw dishes are amazing in that they allow the true flavor of whole foods to shine. the dressing/seasonings can be altered depending on your personal preference. i love spicy food! i might have toned it down a bit on the hot pepper flakes if  making it for others. but i ate this entire bowl on my own.Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.05.11 PM

veganism allows for abundance. abundance of real food allows us to thrive.

so what is this rainbow in a bowl? i’ll outline the contents & the “jist”.

how to make it:

spiralize 1 english cucumber (using a spiralizer allows for the gorgeous veggie noodles, but thinly sliced cucumber would work just as well!)

add 1 fresh chopped mango & diced red onion (1/4 of an onion?)

2-3 scallions chopped, handful of cilantro chopped (i wasn’t kidding about winging it)

5-8 cherry tomatoes cut in half

& for the “dressing”:

drizzle of extra virgin olive oil & 1/4 ish cup of red wine vinegar

1/2- 3/4 tablespoon agave nectar (honey if not vegan)

garlic powder, himalayan sea salt, a hearty sprinkle of red pepper flakes, & black pepper to taste. a dash of lemon juice too!

i tossed everything together in the serving bowl as i went, but do what works best for you! i think next time i will prepare before lunch, & allow the flavors to meddle more & pop it in the fridge to chill.


saturday i’ll be leaving for key west, florida! i could not be more excited & grateful to see a new beautiful destination.

i have been looking up the best spots, the beaches, vegan eats, & even beach yoga classes. i’m most excited to go snorkeling though. this week better fly by!

enjoy & let me know in the comments if you liked this “noodle” salad! also, i will start to get better about taking photos throughout the preparation of meals as i think the process might be as fun to document as the final product.

happy monday! (if that’s a thing…)



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