Social Good That Leaves Room for Luxury? // LXMI balances both.

This may seem odd, but do you ever feel BAD for your purchases that are meant to be doing GOOD? As in, are you ever like, I could have chose a more ethical, conscious, or charitable product from a brand, but I just don’t want to compromise

“It’s 2017, we shouldn’t have to choose between a luxury experience and doing good in the world. The two are one in the same.”  – Leila Janah, Founder of LXMI

Finally. Finally, I feel like it’s ok that I love beautiful packaging, a luxury skincare product, and a consumer experience as much as I value non-toxic, pure ingredients, preferably with a social impact or business model I can feel good about supporting.

You guys know I’ve been looking for ways to live more consciously, opting for brands that have a social mission, well-sourced ingredients, fair-trade practices, etc. I truly relate to the founder’s quote above.

I’m not necessarily… crunchy granola.

I enjoy feeling pampered, indulging in quality beauty products that make me feel beautiful – you know, “girly stuff”.

I found LXMI – a conscious and female-founded brand that combines luxury skincare products with a social cause – and I’m glad I did…I’ve been using the Pure Nilotica Melt during my nighttime routine ever since!

lxmi skincare

The Super Ingredient:

What’s Nilotica? I wondered too! This product uses 1-ingredient, and 100% organic, so that sounded right up my alley. After a bit of research I found that the Nilotica seed was similar to Shea in it’s properties and moisturizing abilities, but with 25% greater essential fatty acids. 

The Nilotica sourced in LXMI is fair-trade certified and are harvested in the Nile River Valley,  more on how the harvesting of these ingredients benefit others below. 

I’m very passionate about what I put on my skin. The more simple, and pure, the better. Just like my makeup-free routine I referenced in this recent blog post, the more clean and simple, the less I break out, which allows for a more minimal lifestyle (aka, less junk filling my bathroom cabinets of products my skin, and wallet just doesn’t need!)

The Mission:

My favorite part of LXMI is the dedication to not only producing a quality skincare product for the consumer, but a quality of life for those who harvest the rare Nilotica seed.

The founder, Leila, discovered the benefits of the seed while traveling in Uganda, and fell in love with the butter’s ability to bring a luminous glow to her over-traveled, dehydrated skin. 

She combined it’s beauty benefits with a social mission, and worked to create jobs for East African women – providing wild harvesting and production jobs that providing fair, livable wages. 

souced from the nile

The Product:

It’s a balm-to-oil skin savior. LXMI is sold in Sephora, again proving that luxury products can be found in your favorite stores. A conscious lifestyle doesn’t have to be “too hard” or “inconvenient”! 

LXMI skincare

How I Use It:

Because it’s pretty much “all-purpose” I’ve been using on my lips, cuticles, and dry areas like my elbows and hands. I love how quickly it absorbs, because I often share on social how I have trouble with facial oils, oil cleansers, serums and more. With LXMI it’s not the case! I’ve also tried it as a overnight leave-on mask and loved it for a deep hydration. I notice that even on nights I don’t cover my entire face, using just a touch (a little goes a long way with this product) on the delicate skin under my eyes, leaves my skin more smooth and helps with under eye dark circles the next morning. 

LXMI skincare

Looking to add my new favorite product to your nightly routine? Head to Sephora to grab a jar and experience (good) luxury for yourself!


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