meet Courtney|| life-long friends, four the love of yoga||

my yoga mat is where i feel the most mindful & present

it is the place i finally slow down. slowing down is something i struggled with for years. however, yoga reverses that.

i can not believe the benefits of this moving meditation + how it has changed my outlook on myself, my body, + my spirituality. i may not be able to do the crazy advanced moves, but i have a deeper appreciation of my capabilities + strengths because of my yoga practice.

who do i have to thank?

meet Courtney, who i must introduce you all to! i met courtney many years ago + she encouraged me to explore the yoga practice.


action shot. philly practice. laughter.

courtney + i have gone through many of the same struggles personally, + through it all i’ve watched her show tremendous strength + positivity. she inspires me, as great friends should. she explained that yoga helped her through obstacles + allowed for a different outlook. what was there to lose? i’m grateful for her pushing me out of my boundaries to a practice i now make routine.

courtney’s yoga journey goes like this:

she received her yoga teacher training at anjali yoga studio specializing in power yoga. yes, the kind that makes you feel powerful, strong + certainly break a sweat. although she teaches classes at their philly locations, she decided to take it a step further. courtney hustled + promoted herself as a private instructor, turning her passion into a profession allowing her is help others through her gift. she holds private lessons in the Philadelphia area with options to attend her peaceful home, or to visit yours. she’s even offered to meet me for an outdoor practice. how cool is that? what’s beautiful about her approach is that it keeps YOU in mind. many times the inconvenience of attending a class becomes the excuse to ignore our need for self care + “me” time. life gets in the way. but courtney’s approach allows your well-being + health to remain a focus rather than an after thought.


i have had the benefit of taking private lessons with her. we laugh, she pushes me, + most importantly we have zero judgement.  i leave feeling supported not only by my practice but by a great friend. court understands the unique needs of her clients + tailors the practice to them. whether it’s correction/alignment or simply providing a calming guided meditation after a long week, she innately knows what will be the most beneficial to your practice + doesn’t follow any “rules”.

to chat with court about private lessons contact her at: or 856.906.0776

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she offers rates for new clients and works with your schedule! follow her instagram, @fourtheloveofyoga for amazing yoga-inspo as well, cause this girl (+ her four beautiful sisters) kale’s it.

also…philly-area readers!

be on the look out for a collaboration with us. we are thinking maybe a workshop  combining healthy food or recipes + a great power yoga practice! also have plans for a 21 day journey. this would mean 21 yoga poses, 21 healthy plant based recipes, + a lot of self love. what do you think?



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