the most last minute gift guide… or a favorites for 2017 guide!

the most last minute gift guide…ever??

T minus 5 days until Christmas and here I am giving you gift ideas?? Well, I haven’t done my shopping yet, and in case you’re in the same boat, here are some products I just absolutely adore.

All of them promote health and wellness (obviously) but most of them also give back, utilize sustainable resources and material, or stand for a cause.

Remember the reason for the season!!

I thought about not posting this guide but then remembered the plethora of random gift cards and cash you could be receiving over the holidays, and maybe you want to treat yourself! So for that reason, consider this a Favorite Things for a Healthy 2017 guide, rather than a GIFT guide.

For the girl who lifts (or the girl who doesn’t. Or a guy. Anyone!)…

Ora Organics:

holiday gift guide kaleinit

What is it: a line of plant based supplements ranging from vegan probiotics to protein powder and fish-less omega sprays.
Why it’s great: Ora Organics uses only the best ingredients that are sourced with integrity, nutritionally potent, completely plant based, and beautiful packaged / marketed (hey, I appreciate that kind of stuff). They make a great gift for a fitness fanatic or wellness junkie.

For the girl who’s ALWAYS on the go…

Mission 360

holiday gift guide kaleinit

What is is: A online fitness membership that streams online classes like yoga, meditation, and more.
Why it’s great: It’s perfect for those who travel a lot, moms who can’t make it to the gym, or anyone that needs an additional resource for when life gets in the way of you making it to your favorite studio. The platform is easy to navigate making it a breeze to find just the class you need that day to get your OM on.

Want 20% off your membership with Mission 360? Use code OWNYOURMISSION!

For the super chill fashionista…

Jord Watches

What it is: Beautifully made watches made from wood that are stylish, fun, and unexpected.
Why it’s great: These watches are great for an organic, laid back, everyday look. They also are a great gift if you’re looking to give a special gift that someone could wear everyday. I wear the Fieldcrest Series in Zebra, and you can find that watch here!

holiday gift guide kaleinit

For the lady who knows style can be cruelty free…

Pixie Mood Handbags

What is is: a line of fashion forward cruelty free handbags and accessories.
Why it’s great: they are so reasonably priced! I love them. They are the perfect cruelty free gift for an animal lover. Plus buying an accessory for someone is so much easier than clothing! To read more about my favorites from Pixie Mood, head here.

holiday gift guide kaleinit

For those who take hydration seriously…

Soma Water Pitchers

What is is: Sustainably made water pitchers that filter your water while giving back to others.
Why it’s awesome: Beautifully designed plant based filters that not only make water taste great, but Soma gives water to those in need through a charity, CharityWater.Org. The pitchers are also BPA free and made with sustainable materials.


Healthy Human Tumblers

What it is: Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblers in fun colors.

Why it’s great: Besides being all over Instagram (don’t tell me you haven’t seen it on IG stories!), they are legit. They truly keep hot drinks hot for hours, and cold drinks chilly. I take mine everywhere with lemon water and chia seeds.

holiday gift guide kaleinit

For the skincare/ beauty product addict…

S.W. Basics

What it is: a line of skincare that uses only 5 ingredients or less, no BS.
Why they’re great: The products are so clean, I truly trust them. Everything works well and looks cute next to your sink (important). I like the make up remover and toner best.

holiday gift guide kaleinit

Franklin and Whitman

What it is: all natural skincare company based in Philly! They have masks (favorite), bath soaks, botanical steams (so cool!) and more.
Why they’re great: I could go on for days. This cruelty free skincare company uses amazing ingredients like turmeric, matcha, cacao and activated charcoal. They also give back to dogs. Case closed, best ever. Read more about them here.

If you want to grab some for friends and family (or yourself) use KALEINIT15 for 15 percent off any and every product from Franklin and Whitman.

holiday gift guide kaleinit

For the home chef:

A Cookbook!!

I. Love. Cookbooks. Read more about my obsession and favorites here. But some new cookbooks have caught my eye and I just have to add to the list…

  • Eat With Intention by Cassandra Bodzak
  • Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Liddon 
  • Nutrition Stripped Cookbook by Mckel Hill

holiday gift guide kaleinit

Why cookbooks are awesome: Who buys hardcover, beautiful books for themselves? Not often enough! I find that usually people will skim blogs and Pinterest, hey, no issue with that! But there’s something about a cookbook that feels more… Special.

Other GOOD Stuff…

GOOD. A Wellness Festival Tickets:

What it is: Philly’s FIRST wellness festival dedicated to good vibes, a community of like minded women, and incredible content / workouts from speakers and instructors. It happens to be

Read more about the agenda, and buy Early Bird Tickets to the festival here.
holiday gift guide

GOOD. The SCTY – Seasonal Membership:

What is is: 50 bucks gets you access to all the materials  (forever) plus access to Jess (a holistic health coach) and I during the 3 months- everyday!! In our private FB group we host giveaways with great products, answer questions daily, and offer additional tips, tricks and recipes not in the PDF’s. It’s a tribe of like-minded women, there to support one another on the journey to health!



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