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this post is not about a product, a service or a particular brand. in fact, it’s the anti brand. refreshing to find on a blog?

today I’m discussing BARE BONES beauty. I’m talking about the most simple, straight forward, inexpensive beauty tricks you’ll ever try.

I have learned that every individual has a spending style. spending, as in how they spend their $$$. I used to be all about clothes shopping – see this post for more on that – now, I’d rather invest in experiences. oh, and a hell of a lot of cookbooks/ super food ingredients. cooking great food with quality ingredients brings me joy (and health) so yes, I’d say my grocery bill may be higher than the average joe because of recipe development.

so what about beauty products?? there’s no question the beauty industry is BOOMING.

the beauty industry is certainly not going anywhere, and it shouldn’t.  we lead healthier, more joyous lives when armed with our best friend… confidence. and with the help of some products, natural beauty an be enhanced and we can feel GREAT. there are some fantastic products available, but also some pretty pricy ones. lately, I’ve been sticking with cruelty free. feel free to browse some favorites here. 

4 natural beauty tips that cost next to NOTHING kaleinit

as for my beauty routine?

I’ll go weeks without make up. I’ve stopped coloring my hair. I haven’t used a blow dryer or straightener in months. I’m not lying, ladies. I’m taking the minimalist approach.

but I wanted to share some ridiculously simple beauty hacks I’ve picked up. all of them are simple, effective, natural, and dirt cheap. try them out and let me know what you think of a beauty routine sans brands!

cocoa powder bronzer.

kaleinit bronzer

cocoa powder + cornstarch = natural bronzer

confession: I used to fake bake, pile on bronzer and and use too much black eyeliner. I’m not proud. I am a jersey girl so cut me some slack! but with a light hand, bronzer is a veryyy good thing.

I ran out of bronzer and only had an old non-vegan option recently. with a quick google search I found that you can actually make bronzer in your kitchen. if you like to bake you probably have cocoa powder and some cornstarch. great! those are the ingredients.

to make: combine 1 part cocoa powder to 2 parts cornstarch.

stir well to combine. add ingredients slowly, I usually go a teaspoon at a time to not waste a lot when developing the perfect color. 

next, use the bronzer like you would any loose powder. swirl the brush, tap brush on side to remove excess, apply to face and a bit on neck and chest for a bronze (and delicious smelling) glow.

ice facials. 

hands down my favorite thing in the world. people notice. my friends did, my boyfriend did, I did (and that’s who counts). I have a puffy eye problem. I drink plenty of water, but if I shed one tear while watching a rom com or have 1 too many grams of sodium, it’s over. I’m puffy the next day.

that is, until I started doing ice facials. Lauryn, of The Skinny Confidential, got me hooked. I know, you’re thinking “geez, you take all of her advice!”

but if there is ANY tip you must take from her blog, make it this one.

so what do you need?

…. ice. 

Lauryn uses an ice roller found on amazon. but I go with the old school method, because…superfood shopping lists. I rub an ice cube on my face in circular motions every. single. morning. before applying make up or moisturizer.

it minimizes and closes pores, so I usually wash, ice facial, dry, and apply moisturizer after. it depuffs, is great for draining the lymphatic system and generally tightens. I’m not kidding! Kate Moss even claims she did it before every photoshoot. and what’s cooler than ice? kate moss. so try it out because it’s not like you’ll be throwing any money down the drain. it’s a FREE and natural face lift. infuse the ice cubes with cucumber and mint if you’re dying to make it more complicated!

dry brushing. 

dry brush coffee scrub kaleinit

dry brush & frank coffee scrub

for a few dollars I picked up a dry brush. I now do it before showering as it reduces the appearance of cellulite, and exfoliates and rids the body of dead skin.

like ice facials, it’s great for the lymphatic system. make sure you are brushing toward the heart in circular motions. for more info on dry brushing and all the hype around it read this article I found. 

I know this is a post is anti-brand and about affordable beauty secrets  but if you really want to intensify the exfoliation and  greater reduce the appearance of cellulite, try the cruelty free coffee body scrub from Frank. a bag is less than 20 dollars and it LASTS.

green tea toner.

NEWS FLASH…green tea has health benefits. we know the tremendous benefits of drinking green tea. a cup provides antioxidants, detoxifying benefits, etc.

so it’s not surprising that using green tea on your skin is beneficial as well.

try making this toner. then keep it in your fridge, and give yourself a spritz for refreshing skin. the ingredients help unclog congested pores.

you need:

1  cup of water, 3 bags of green tea, juice of 1 lemon. 

bring water to a boil and steep tea bags for 1-2 hours in the fridge. after, remove the bags, add fresh lemon juice and pour into a resealable container or spray bottle. spray or use a cotton ball to apply after cleansing. 

simple, right? and won’t drain a bank account or exploit animals in the process. talk about a beauty win-win!

but most importantly, use make up and beauty products to enhance your natural beauty and boost confidence. don’t feel shame for your freckles, a wrinkle or the shape of your nose. drop the masks, and bare your soul. xo

natural beauty kaleinit


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