what you need for a home yoga studio


ommmm. at h-oooooommmmm-e.

ok, yeah I went there. today I’m talking home yoga practice, and how to make yourself a cozy yoga sanctuary in the comfort of your hOMe.

I, like most females, enjoy when things are aesthetically pleasing. so I believe everyone should create a yoga space or workout space that feels clean, fresh and inviting.

a home studio becomes perfect for those days when you need a ten minute flow of sun salutations, or a quiet meditation to ground you. if you’re clueless on the meditation thing, check out this post.

did you know when I’m sitting at my computer for a while I take a short break and down dog, peddle out, and maybe add in an inversion in to get the blood flowing. yes, I know I shouldn’t just go right into headstand but it’s like a shot of espresso.

I actually leave my yoga mat unrolled and ready at all times. leaves less room for excuses, and when i’m walking past it’s asking me to throw it a chaturanga.

so here’s a list of a few home studio essentials- and why they help you get into the yoga state of mind.

blankies and pillows.

home yoga studio kaleinit


my mama always says “blankies” and i’ll never outgrow it either. thanks, mom.

honestly sitting on a folded blanket or pillow just makes meditation way more comfortable. and more special. physically, ensuring your hips are higher is more gentle as well. it feels like you took the time to make your yoga spot a mini sanctuary.

also, folding up nice blankies and cute pillows on the floor makes your yoga room look legit.


appeal to the senses.


music is a must, but get the essential oil diffuser going too! my favorite is from Organic Aromas. it’s visually the most beautiful i’ve ever seen and is made with glass and wood rather than any plastics.

simply blend the essential oils with a carrier oil and ahhhhhh. for relaxation i love lavender. if i’m not feeling well, eucalyptus, and for a burst of energy during a mid afternoon practice, try orange or lemon. it’s refreshing and light.

home yoga studio kaleinit


prepare with props.

have what you need available. if you use blocks, have them close by. i personally love the infinity strap. best yoga strap I’ve ever tried. the design is genius.

I use it for stability in forearm stand and it comes in handy when I need a good stretch.

when you’re in a class and don’t have the proper “tools”, the teacher typically comes to your rescue with what you need. not at home! so have it all close by your mat so that you make the most of your home practice and don’t shy away from postures because of lack of prop.home yoga studio kaleinit


other miscellaneous meditation things…

home yoga studio kaleinit


yeah, because meditation “things” is the right word for mala beads,  extra candles, yoga mat cleaning spray, and crystals. add a book of meditations to read. honestly, sky is the limit, whatever helps you get your zen on!

it’s your home, it’s your shala! 

enjoy the tranquility of your home practice. did I miss a yoga studio essential? leave a comment below.





  1. May 27, 2016 / 1:55 am

    I’ve never actually stuck to yoga on a regular basis, but I think that practicing yoga at least every week is so helpful for stress and well-being! I think lighting up some scented candles would be amazing for the senses as well!

    • Kate
      May 27, 2016 / 2:28 am

      It totally works wonders in regard to reducing stress! I’m so happy to hear you’ve found that it is helpful in this way!

      I agree- scented candles are the best!

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