3 steps to // raw pitaya (n)ice cream

pitaya nice cream must mean temperatures are rising…

bring on the 1 ingredient raw vegan treats. 

banana nice cream is so good. it’s raw. it’s naturally sweet. it’s full of fresh fruit. it’s pretty. it doesn’t require nasty milk to make. it’s food in pure form. 

this morning I woke up craving some nice cream. and since I keep a large bag of frozen banana in the freezer at all times, it was possible.

pitaya nice cream raw kalein it


breakfast is when I consume the most fruit. since fruit is so easily digested (and hydrating) I find that my body responds well to breaking the fast with a variety of fresh fuits.

it also sets the tone for my day as far as food goes. when I start the day healthy I’m more apt to continue with plenty of whole foods.

so feast your eyes on THIS. a hot pink pitaya nice cream sundae complete with sliced strawberry and passion fruit.

it’s a 1-2-3 step dish that goes a little somethin’ like this…

1. freeze.

when your bananas get super spotty and ripe, peel and freeze in bulk to have on hand for smoothies and nice cream treats.

pitaya nice cream raw kaleinit

2. then, process.

throw a few bananas in a food processor and watch the frozen fruit become a fluffy whipped ice cream.

I often add a touch of almond milk to help the process, but it isn’t necessary.

in addition to the bananas, add the “flavor” of choice. here are some suggestions….

mint extract and cacao nibs.

frozen blueberries.

almond butter or peanut butter.

cacao/cocoa powder.

matcha powder.

vanilla extract and dairy free chocolate chips.

chopped nuts or granola.

or keep it classic – just banana! 

check this retro blog post for other nice cream flavors I’ve came up with. 

I added a frozen dragonfruit/pitaya packet – (which name do you prefer?) – from Pitaya Plus to achieve this insane color. 

I layered it with passionfruit from melissa’s produce, and organic strawberries. I love the way a sprig of mint adds freshness as well as a finishing detail for the photo.

3. scoop. (and devour).

scoop the raw vegan goodness into a bowl or mason jar. layer with fruit, drizzle with peanut butter, do what you need to do!

enjoy large quantities and beware – it melts quickly!


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  1. May 28, 2016 / 10:32 pm

    In general, I have tons of fruit in the morning as well, especially if it’s super hot outside! Lately it’s still been pretty cool so I’ve been sticking to my warm sweet potato recipes 😉 anyhow, I’m SO excited to get back into the nice cream game once I get more frozen overripe bananas and once the sun comes out!

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