nyc recap // happy 4th!

happy fourth of july, everyone! in my opinion, NYC = USA.

there’s something about this city that just can not be matched. I loved being able to visit this week, and wanted to share some photos. there were the views of the Freedom Tower from my hotel (how fitting for 4th of July!), an AH-MAZING vegan meal at byChefChloe, and the opportunity to take part in a special project.

i’ll walk you through my 24 hours (that’s it!) in the city…

arrived around 10 pm. at the standard hotel in the east village. it has the coolest vibe. I absolutely love staying in hotels, and this one was top notch.

just check out the big hot pink lips that were the throw pillow…


the standard hotel// east village nyc



then, there were the views. we were really lucky and got a great room with a view by chance. and I couldn’t stop staring…

my mom joined me, she lived in the city for years, and we woke up bright and early for breakfast before I had to head out. vegan options were limited at the hotel, but I appreciated the steel cut oats and fresh berries. 


coffee with soy milk . steel cut oats with blueberries + banana chips.


see the view? freedom tower out there!

when we checked in the night prior, the concierge suggested we make our way to the penthouse for a peek at the view in the AM. I’m so glad he told us this insider tip. it was open, without any events going on, so it was available for guests to enjoy the 360 panorama of the most gorgeous city, and relax on the deck in the morning sun.


freedom tower and beautiful views of NYC.

it was windy, and I’m half awake in these photos and I’m seriously wondering how the fashion bloggers do it! posing?? looking natural? help!

insecurities around my unnatural stance aside, it was a beautiful way to enjoy the summer sun, appreciate the beauty of new york and relax before heading out for the day.

and there’s something so incredibly humbling and special about the freedom tower. everyday thousands of visitors from around the world visit the memorial and pay respect for the lives lost in the tragic events of 9/11. it gives me chills to see it, and I truly believe there is not a city stronger than NYC.


my “flipping my head back to get the hair off my lip gloss” look.

next up? grab a cab and head to brooklyn to film something that I was seriously honored to be a part of.  I pulled up and there’s a food truck for the cast and crew complete with coffee station of cold brew, various non-dairy options and agave nectar as sweetener.

how health-conscious-hipster and brooklyn.

it feels surreal to be here… but I’ll take a glass of cold brew, please! I entered the building and the rest…. 

well, it isn’t history but you’re going to have to wait to find out. 


but wait… the food!

when that’s wrapped up, I’m HANGRY. and my heart was absolutely set on making it to Chef Chloe’s restaurant. 

I rush back to my mom, grab a cab and inform her that it is time to devour some delicious vegan food. I couldn’t forget the vegan options in NYC as there are so many. but, I’ve been reading her cookbooks and drooling over her “hostess” cupcakes for a while, so it was a plan. Chloe has opened a restaurant that is pretty much GOALS. the food is another level, but I loved the attention to detail with the decor, grab and go food, incredible desserts, and array of beverages from kombucha to margaritas. 

feast your eyes…. and happy 4th, babes!


quinoa taco salad, air baked fries and peach lemonade.


adorable interior of byChefChloe.


she’s perfection.


sunshine + dairy free sour cream are fine by me…

land of the (food) free (of meat, eggs or dairy) and home of the brave (men and women who serve our country).

america, you’re kalein it.



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