My PM Routine for Amazing Sleep + New bed from Tomorrow!

Ah, sleeeeepppp. Truly the best medicine.

I remember when I was younger and in college, (and believed I was invinsible) I thought sleep was just something I’d do when I had to, and I’d stay up super late all the time. I was always a night owl and still am if I don’t consciously prioritize my sleep!

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But now, I CHERISH sleep. Love it, look forward to it, and take full advantage of every minute I can get some shut eye!

The reason I created a PM routine is because it translates to my AM routine. I wake up refreshed, and then I am more likely to adhere to my schedule, get my body moving, and immediately nourish my body with good food, and my mind with better thoughts. It also calms me down, and gets me to let go of the day, and I treat my PM routine almost like an act of self care. It includes things that bring me comfort and joy, which is the best way to end the day.

PM routine

The 4 things I do 1 hour before bed – my PM Routine….

First, tea.

Every. Single. Night. Always. I turn on the kettle and go through my various teas and pick out a decaf option that’s calling to me. It usually is a cup of chamomile, peppermint, or some kind of floral herbal blend. Lately, turmeric is my favorite because it’s perfect for the winter months.

Get the essential oils going…

Everyone knows I love my essential oil diffusers. I have a few scattered around the house, each with different oils near them based on what I use more often in that room. For the bedroom I always have lavender, peppermint, and eucyluptus close. I like those for not only relaxation, but eucyluptus is great for stuffy noses if you’re not feeling well and having trouble sleeping!

I also use this  Essential Oil Sleep Remedy from Credo Beauty! I will put a drop on my wrists, or the palms of my hand and inhale, or even directly to my pillow. It’s such a calming scent!

pm routine

Make the bedroom cozy.

#Cozyvibes time. 30 minutes before bed I “prep”. This could be done by lighting a candle, or turning on my Himalayan Pink Salt lamp. Himalayan salt lamps are amazing for air quality and also improve sleep.

I pull my curtains closed, and take off the pillows we don’t sleep on. I set them aside neatly, because when I see them stacked up in the morning I am more likely to remake the bed. Weird? Also more on pillows and my favorite ones for sleep below.

Write 2-3 things I’m grateful for + 2-3 top priorities for tomorrow AM.

It’s a nice balance – part journaling, part practical. Writing 2-3 things I was grateful for that day is always a good way to reflect, and the list of most important to do’s helps me feel grounded before bed rather than allowing myself to start worrying about the day ahead! I do this in my phone, and have about 1,000,000 entries in my Iphone Notes app.

Then it’s iPhone away, and time to get a book out.

Something about reading a book in bed, it’s the best. Reading also makes me fall asleep FAST! Finally my thumbs get a break from texting and my eyes are straining staring at a screen.

Occasionally, I’ll listen to a podcast or audiobook (volume not too loud) for 15 minutes to start to put me asleep, so technically my phone is present, but not in my hand.

Also, I haven’t had a TV in my bedroom for 5 years and never ever, EVER, will again. Totally the wrong vibes you want to bring to your bedroom. Distracting, not relaxing or soothing – too much!

In fact, I try to be mindful of even bringing my laptop in the bedroom when I work from home. It’s tempting sometimes, because my new bed from Tomorrow is so damn comfy I could easily in it!

pm routine

Other MUST haves for great sleep and a PM routine:

Comfy Bed: Tomorrow hooked. it. up.

When my bed in a box arrived, I was SO excited. Not only had I been fascinated by the whole bed in a box trend, I had been sleeping on the same, only semi-comfortable bed for a couple years, and we upgraded to a king size! Score. Tomorrow has sleep down to a science. They have everything from mattresses, to pillows and bedding, to sleep monitors and drapes for your bedroom windows. 

I love that they focus on the environment of the bedroom as well. 

Our mattress in a box arrived and I couldn’t wait. The first night sleeping on our new mattress I instantly knew why everyone tells you to invest in a great, quality mattress. I now look forward to laying down every night. Sound silly?? Maybe… but I don’t care it’s just that comfy!

In addition to the amazing mattress, Tomorrow gifted us some micro fiber pillows which are incredible, as well as 500 thread count (so soft…like, hotel soft) sheets made from US grown cotton. Plus a comforter that is very warm and cozy. I’m always chilly when I sleep, and the comforter keeps me toasty and comfortable – not overly hot in the middle of the night . I can tell it’s not TOO heavy and will transition well to spring! 

Light Blocking Curtains: I never had anything but sheer curtains, and never felt like I needed to block the light because I didn’t think it effected me much. But my boyfriend is VERY sensitive to light when he sleeps and I will say, it’s a game changer. I don’t toss and turn before my alarm goes off, even though the sun is up! (7:45 is my wake up time, if anyone is curious…)

Fan or White Noise Machine: Something about the lull of a fan or a white noise app, they work wonders and keep the mind from wandering! They also cancel out any noise that might wake you up, like in my case the traffic. We live on a busier street!

Be sure to use KALE100 for 100 dollars off any purchase over 500 dollars from Tomorrow!

What do you guys do before bed to unwind and settle into a restful sleep??


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  1. Jan Larson
    December 4, 2017 / 2:24 pm

    Yes! and your routines remind me of this by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”

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