Queen GREEN: Chlorophyll in my cup and on my skin with Bioclarity

I used to FEAR going out without a little makeup on. Something, anything – a touch of concealer and mascara at the very least. And I didn’t wear it because I particularly loved applying makeup or had fun doing so, it was simply because my skin wasn’t clear. 

While I did not have acne, throughout college I would have breakouts that left me feeling super self conscious and I’d cover them with makeup as a way to mask the blemishes. But what happens when you relay on concealer and foundation rather than prioritize skincare? Your skin continues to breakout because of all the product, and it becomes a cycle rather than a solution. 

Since making changes to my diet, making simple swaps (like drinking TONS of water) + swapping old skincare products for new ones with cleaner ingredients, I’ve noticed a world of difference. It’s proactive rather than reactive, and feeling confident in my skin is well worth it. 

bioclarity review kaleinit

Why I drink chlorophyll ..

Drink it?? That stuff from high school bio class? Yes, I’m talking about the same thing – and I didn’t find it in a lab, I get it at Whole Foods!

Today eating healthy (for the most part) and getting in my greens (like…kale obviously) is fairly easy. Green smoothies and salads are not foreign anymore, and my skin has certainly thanked me.

But like many wellness fanatics, it’s hard not to continue to crave new ideas. I like to find new tips and “weird” wellness hacks that make this lifestyle easier, or just more fun. Always good to switch it up, ya know?

Enter… chlorophyll water. My favorite everyday trick, and my favorite conversation starter.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know over the past six months or so I’ve been on a serious chlorophyll kick. I add it to my water bottles, making water a dark green color. Like, VERY green. It’s pretty hard to miss, but it also has a lot of benefits.

bioclarity review kaleinit

What is it?? What are the benefits?

AHH science was never ever my strength so I’ll keep this brief!  Let’s start with what chlorophyll is…

It’s the green pigment found in plants that helps convert light into energy. It’s a powerhouse because it offers incredible health benefits – including skin benefits! 

Benefits include:

It’s detoxifying, and said to reduce inflammation

Protects healthy red blood cells

High in antioxidants

It’s Energizing

Great source of vitamins A, C, E and K 

bioclarity review kaleinit

Chlorophyll for your skin?

So I’ve been sipping chlorophyll for a while but THIS was new uncharted wellness territory I had to explore, and when I found that Bioclarity uses it in their plant based products, I was curious to try!

I don’t breakout the way I used to in college, but I still have trouble with redness, blackheads around my T zone, and dryness when I’m not moisturizing enough. Since switching my skincare , I’ve always been hesitant to try things that are harsh or promise to clear breakouts and acne. In my experience I’ve noticed that’s just code for…”will dry the hell out of your skin.” No, thanks.

I immediately noticed that Bioclarity was non irritating and left my skin feeling smoother and more even, plus it’s very soothing! None of that irritation I had experienced in the past.   I loved that it included ingredients like oat kernel, and cucumber, because they a fantastic for sensitive skin like mine.

For me, doing my skincare routine is really a self care practice. I like when it has multiple steps and honestly enjoy those few minutes before bed to take care of me and wind down.

My Bioclarity Routine:

Bioclarity is a 3 step system, which you can then follow up with the 4th step for added hydration. Below are the steps, along with some of the awesome ingredients featured in each.

Step 1: Cleanse – Gentle, detoxifying and cleansing, this cleanser has green tea, soothing cucumber and chamomile. 

Step 2: Treat – The acne fighter and spot treatment, it contains calming oat kernel in addition to salicylic acid to clear up breakouts. 

Step 3: Restore –The BEST step of the system because of all the Floralux. That’s where the amazing chlorophyll is! This helps reduce redness and pore size. It’s green!! 

Optional  Step 4: Hydrate – SO hydrating, but not heavy. It’s a non-comedogenic moisturizer specifically designed for sensitive skin. Coconut oil has caused some major breakouts for me in the past, so I was excited to see this moisturizer included Argan, Olive, and Jojoba oil as well as chamomile.

bioclarity review kaleinit

Want to try out Bioclarity for yourself? Use KALE for the 3 step system here.

And if you’d ever like to share your skin story with me, feel free to comment below, email me or reach out via IG!

Have you broken up with makeup, too? Or thinking about it? Let me know!


This post was sponsored by my friends over at Bioclarity, however all opinions are my own. 


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